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Speck Presidio iPhone 8 / 7 Tough Case - Clear Reviews

Meet the Speck Presidio - the evolution of the popular CandyShell case. An ultra-rugged clear case made from two different protective layers for the iPhone 8 / 7 from Speck. Features enhanced drop protection, 100% clear finish and reduced bulk.
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 4.8 stars from 23 customers

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This is just what I wanted and all the details were absolutely clear on the web site. I could not establish if the screen protectors you advertise were compatible with the speck. If this information was availablable then I could have bought a tempered glass screen protector at the same time.
Val;ue for money case
This transparent case appears robustly constructed and looks capable of protecting the phone except in the case of extreme falls. Time will tell but so far so good!
Terrifically tough and transparent iphone 7 case
This case is just what it says on the box. It protects your iPhone from being damaged if dropped and also retains the beauty of the iPhone by being transparent. Worth the money if it prevents cracked screens, scratches and other damage
Great case! Sturdy as anything! I quite like the not quite clear effect when people say it looks hazy although wouldn't recommend for black! The only thing with the case being so good at its job is ...... how am I gonna get it off?! Haha but hopefully this means it's not gonna suddenly snap off like cheaper cases!
Does the job!
Fits brilliantly, seems like it will do a great job protecting the phone and looks good at the moment. Unfortunately the back is quite scratched after just a couple of days.
Tough case
The best case I have come across so far, strong, fits snugly, and protects the phone very well. Recommend this case.
I love the case
I love the case and I am pleased that I spent a little extra then going for the cheap option. Worth every penny, quick delivery.
Perfect clear case
This is a typical Speck case, but they have improved it almost to perfection. I wanted a clear case, but also a lot of protection and I think I got both. I have a matte black phone, so you can see that the case is not completely clear a bit more than you would on lighter colours, but I don't mind at all. The case fits really well on the phone, so not a lot of dust particles can get under it. Also the inner layer of the case is not completely hard and is a bit rubbery, which is a good protection from dust particle scratches. It has a nice lay on the table design and the camera will never touch any surfaces, which I really enjoy in a case. I would recommend this case to anyone who actually wants to protect their phone from actual falls, not only scratches, but can still show it off completely.
Good, light weight but dangerously slippery!
A good, light weight protective cover but it has no real grip so will not actually be using it. Sadly, the first time I put the cover on the phone it slipped out of my hand and fell to the ground!!! I shall therefore not be using it - shame. If new versions have better grip around the sides I may consider buying another.
I'm very happy with this cover
Good price good case
Does exactly as it says, it protects the phone well, access to everything an covers the bottom too, a lot of cases don't seem too. It has silicon feel buttons an corners, like others said mayb a lil slippery sometimes but I'm very happy with it.
Good value
Ideal and light weight. Keeps the phone protected and most importantly the front of the phone would definitely recommend
Great case. Feels very well made, and shows of my IPhone 7 in all its jet black loveliness. To me this case is vital for the jet black iPhone which has a tendency to scratch.
Great choice for my iphone ................
Speck protects my applemac. So looked for one for my iphone - I am a Photographer so what else would give let me protect my iphone from falls,knocks, stuffing it into all sorts of bags, pockets, cold weather gear, camera cases, rain gear and the phone still looks great and works all the time. Speck everytime for me! MobileFun were brilliant web site to purchase from and the case arrived in a couple of days. Thanks a lot guys
First Class
Easy company to deal with, love this product, will definitely, will be recommending to friends.
This is a good product to secure and ensure the IPhone isn't broken damaged as result of dropping it, which all often do with our handset, so this has gone further even when dropped in water, but I know Apple has made iPhone 7 waterproof.
Love This Case
I did a "google" search for the best clear iPhone 7 cases and Speck Presidio was in the top 5. The reviews were overall better than the others and it does not have the problem of yellowing over time.
The case itself is tough and a good tight fit.I didn't have any problems fitting the case. I can't see this loosening up over time and you can see the back of the phone really well through it. It makes my jet black phone look even smarter and the grip is good. I'm generally very good with phones, no cracks on my old phone so I don't expect to have any issues with this case.
My husband is impressed and plans to get one for his iPhone 7 Plus. And he's the IT geek not me!
Smashing Case
This case is the best one I have come across. The times it has saved my phone from being smashed are innumerable. I love the clear one best as I can still see my phone through the case. Mobile Fun provide an excellent service letting me know when the case came into stock and also when it was on its way so I knew when to expect delivery.
Good looking and tough case
This is a very durable and smart looking case. I have the IPhone 7 in jet black and after hearing that it can scratch easy, I needed to get a case that will protect from this but still showcase the beautiful black finish, which this case does. As it is clear, I'm able to customise the back by placing a photo there too to make it more personal to me. The case also feels good in hand, it's grippy feel gives you confidence you won't drop it. The only downside, and where it lost a star for me was the installation process. It is very fiddly and you do have to kind of jam it in and work the edges with a card to fully seal. So I would recommend once you place on don't think about taking off. Overall a good case.
Great quality
Great quality item, worth paying more!
Perfect case
It does everything it promises (I haven't tested the 8ft drop yet though). Dropped my phone onto brick road the other day and so far so good, not a scratch.
It's really good quality material and fits the phone really well.
It looks great too and for a case that protects your phone to that extent, it's quite slim and sleek. theres a year's warranty as displayed on the packaging.The clear case shows of the phone really well, it's quite discrete.

So all in all, looks great, has all the functions you'd need a case to have
Ok but some issues
Thought I'd give Speck another go after issues with the candy shell having a bulge in the back. The presidio seems to suffer from the same issue to a slightly lesser extent. The main problem is around the camera cutout. There is a noticeable gap between the case and the phone, less than 1mm, but still there. It will let small particles in and might cause damage to the phone finish. It's also a bit on the slippy side. Apart from that it seems fine. Doesn't add much bulk. And is nice and plain.

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