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Speck Pixel Skin HD Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Designed to be slim fitting, the Speck Pixel Skin HD Case provides durable protection and a non-slip comfortable grip for your iPhone 5S / 5.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36753
$24.68 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 25 customers

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Just fit to the size
I bought this case for my new iphone 5s. Its handy and fits perfectly. Only one problem i found is that its not soft. So when you put your iphone you have to push hard to get your phone inside the case.
Need a case that simply does the job and looks good
Very happy with the case. Its not added hardly any weight to the phone and does what I wanted it too. I researched quite a few cases and wanted it to meet a number of criteria. Namely to not be heavy, give me good access to the headphone, charger port, importantly protect the rear and side of the phone and not look to unganely. It has moulded buttons on the case that sit over the actual buttons. The case is made of a durable plastic and looks like it will last. Fitting the phone the case is very simple and a snug fit. To top it off the rear has the shiney shimmery effect too for some cheap bling .
Super sturdy phone case!
An excellent black pixel print phone case. This was bought based on other reviews and I'm so glad I did! The pixels really catch the light and the case does not add too much extra weight to the phone. It gives all round coverage of my phone, without any compromise.
A great product designed to last!
quality not too bad
Had one of these on my old iPhone 4 which seems to be of both better quality and fit, of course the iPhone 5s is larger but it does not fit quite right along the bottom near the mic/speaker and deems more plasticky than the older version I have on the Iphone4, overall though ok for the money
Excellent Service!
I ordered the Speck PixelSkin HD for iPhone 5 on the 16th evening and they delivered it by the 20th morning, which I think is totally awesome for normal shipping! It was in perfect condition and the case is superb too. I had it's predecessor for the iPhone 4S, and this one's equally good, fits perfectly and looks great! Perfectly grippy, but not so much that it becomes an inconvenience while taking it in/out of your pockets. Overall very satisfied with both the website and the product! Highly recommending to others! Much cheers and thanks! :)
These do not fit and clip off easily
Moulding is too loose.
IPhone 5 has bevelled edges and
corners clip off the phone easily. Pretty much every time I put it in my pocket the corner comes off. Case is too flexible in the middle, too deep for the phone, and lip covering the screen of the phone isn't big enough to hold the phone in. They aren't getting better in the later versions either. Early versions had "for new iphone" stickers on boxes. The moulding isn't right. Later examples are no better. I had a warranty replacement from Speck in the USA and this was equally as bad. I now have permanent marks etched into the back of my phone where abrasive grit has been allowed to accumulate. Not good.
Good quality case fits well and nice feel in the hand. Has a quality feel. Much better than others ive tried.
Don't usually do reviews but MobileFun's service was brilliant! As the Apple Store doesn't stock this case, I thought I would buy from here after seeing the reviews. I wasn't disappointed. Ordered it yesterday morning, arrived this morning.

Yes, on any given day a delay might occur with a sale but the fact that the case I ordered yesterday is sitting on the phone today almost 24 hours from purchasing...

Please see Title/Headline!

Many thanks!
Great Service
I was delighted to receive my delivery the very next day after placing my order. The product was excellent & exactly as described & just what I wanted. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mobile Fun.
Great Product
The Speck Pixel Skin HD Case was recommended to me by a friend who has used this product for each phone he has owned. have to say, what a good recommendation. It is sleek, extremely well made and fits the phone like a glove and gives the iPhone some decent protection as well as being able to utilise all the buttons and the jack and socket it has. In addition, the case at the front has a lip of around 1.5mm to protect the screen. My friends case for his previous iPhone still looked like a new product a couple of years on with very little wear, whereas many cases look shabby after several months.
Very very well made case.
Think before buy it.
I bought this case for my new iphone 5 four months ago. I was very happy with it until yesterday when i took my iphone out of the case. The hard plastic which is under the soft coating made pernament marks on the edges of my iphone. The case landed in the bin. Guys,think before you buy it.
Great Skin
Just received my Speck Pixel Skin HD case for my new iphone 5 today with the usual first class service from Mobile Fun. This is a quality product, looks good, feels good, and fits the phone perfectly offering good protection to the phone case should it be accidently dropped. Another small point is the packaging, What a pleasure it was to be able to get into the package without attacking it with a pair of scissors.
Fits perfectly :)
Great service and quickly delivered. The Speck pixelskin fits my iPhone 5 perfectly!
Unexpectedly good
I was going to order a flashy metal bumper and protectors, but I was not sure how long it would take so I bought this one in the mean time. This was a real surprise package. I have never seen a rubber/plastic phone cover that has been this well made. I have an otterbox commuter for my previous iphone and even that was not this slick. Very pleased with the Speck cover, I have returned the metal bumper...
Great product
Really nice case; good feel, good fit. Delivery quick as well. Recommended!
The best iPhone case there is
Having had a similar case on my iPhone 4 there was no hesitation in buying the same style for my iPhone 5. It's rubber-like construction, means that when dropped ( and I have dropped my phone several times) makes it very resilient. No damage to the phone at any point.
The sides of the case extend above the glass surface meaning when dropped face down the glass gets greater protection. The other great feature is the checker-board surface on the rear of the case. This is quite "grippy" so the phone doesn't slide around when you are driving in the car and it's left on a shelf or the dash.
Volume and on/off buttons are easy to use with plenty of "give" in the rubber and there is not issue inserting headphone or charging cables into their respective ports.
All in all this is a great case and I highly recommend it!!!
I had a Speck Pixel Skin HD case on my iPhone 4 and it was just perfect. So, when I upgraded to an iPhone 5, I didn't look anywhere else for a cover - it had to be a Speck case!
Just a great case !
Well this case is just super awesome !Very well build really slim and value for money ! It's a case ideal for people who like light , less bulky and solid feeling case ! It's not rubberized kind at all , it's more of a carbon based material!
Must buy for the price and for the brand Speck.
Just about perfect
Used one of these cases on my iPhone4, bought one for my iPhone5 what a fantastic case, and doesn't cost the earth, very good quality.
The Best Case - Does Everything Needed
Have purchased a few different cases for iPhone 5, however this by far is the best, does exactly what an original iPhone bumper for the 4 & 4s with extra full protection for the back. Took case off after few days to see if any damage or scratches was on the iPhone 5, surprisingly still in shiny perfect order. fits perfectly and doesn't add much thickness to phone, made of quality plastic.
my second case from speck,very happy with purchase,quick service from mobile fun.thanx

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