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Speck CandyShell Grip Nexus 6P Case - White/Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This white and black Speck CandyShell Grip case for the Nexus 6P is made from two different protective layers and rubberised strips for superior grip and extreme protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55921
$39.82 inc VAT
 5 stars from 18 customers

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Nice cover
I wasn't expecting to get this cover initially, but i'm glad I did. Love the grip back (although this does make it a little harder to get in and out of your pocket).
Great grip
Stylish design incredible grip and good quality case
Awesome case
I am very happy with this case. It is sturdy and strong, fits perfectly, nice and grippy, and looks great. I now feel at ease using my Nexus as I'm no longer worried about damaging it.
Amazing product
No need to look for other cases for your Nexus 6P. It's my first time using a Speck product and I'm pleasantly surprised. Not only is it very robust and resistant, it provides a tight fit, a really comfortable grip while not making the phone bulky at all.
Althought it took a month to get in stock, it definitely was worth the wait and the money.
One of the best cases I have ever owned !!! Nuff said! End Off!
The Nexus 6P is a fairly large phone and difficult to weild with one hand.

Before I got this case, I had a generic silicon case and even then was always worried it would slip and fall. Consequently I was not fully enjoying the use of this fantastic phone.

This case fits absolutely snug, has a good lip to protect the glass, stays in place on slippery surfaces due to the grips, stays rock solid in my hands and is a pleasure to hold. I am finally enjoying the phone to its full potential.

Slightly on the expensive side but £30 for a £500 phone is fully justified in my book and well worth it.
Amazing case
This product is amazing I love it. Protects the phone very well and fits tight. Doesn't let too much dust in which is great. Shipping was quite slow but I think only die to stock. Other that a defo must buy.
strongly recommend this case
This is the best case I have ever used so far. It completely protects phone from all sorts of wear and tear. It is exactly the same product as displayed on the website. I strongly recommend this case for any phone for which it is available.
Best case for a decent price
Nexus 6p is a big case and made of aluminium therefore can get slippery. I found this is the best case for this phone as it is very grippy feels solid and protects it completely.

I have tried the official Google one but found it wasn't sturdy wnough.

Best price was mobile fun so highly recommended
Absolutely reliable
I ordered nexus 6p speck case because my friend uses the same one for her iPhone... It's been really great so far. The raised edges protects screen and the hard shell protectes the corners.
Looks stunning and fits perfectly
I have tried 3 cases now for my 6P, however I shall not name manufacturer's or makes.
I ordered this yesterday and it turned up this morning (Great service MobileFun). To be honest I was not really that excited about the previous cases or indeed the arrival of this one.... But then it arrived and I opened the packaging and took a good look at it before fitting it and all I can say is WOW!!!! This is one slick high quality case, the engineering of this case is outstanding, materials are excellent the build quality is second to none, I have to say that I absolutely love this case, it just feels looks and feels premium and the fit...Oh the fit!!! Oh the grip it is just all so perfect. Love this case and highly recommend it.
One of the best ever
There is no denying the nexus 6p is a large phone this makes it very difficult to handle sometimes. I was looking for a case that had both protection grip and was thin. This is the best case I have used for this phone and I have tried a few others. I would highly recommended it. Its built very solid with a very soft rubber feel on the inside and around the border. Overall 10/10 and this is the cheapest place I found it.
I enjoy the product. Case is nice and the service was quick.
Great product, fits perfectly.
Cheaper than directly from Google (for my country at least).

It's really grippy, easy to hold and the lip on the screen side means I can put it down without undue concern.

All functions have holes (external mic, laser-focus, camera, flash) or (for the buttons) rubber covers.
Better than the rest!
This case is so sturdy and grippy, my phone now feels so secure in my hand. Not only that, but the case hugs the phone so tightly, however hard I run my thumb across the edges the case doesn't lift unlike other cases, therefore you can be rest assured if the phone drops the case won't rip off from the shock. Buy this and you'll have no regrets!
The best rugged case for Nexus 6p
Why.. Just why are looking for a review... Buy this case already... It's the most awesome case... I got the black variant and its exceptionally grippy.. The ridges shown are soft rubber which enable me.. With small hands to navigate my way on this phone using 1 hand with confidence....
The ports are awesome... The buttons are Good... Only the FP sensor is a bit on the bigger side but still works....


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