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Speck CandyShell Grip Nexus 5X Case - Black/Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This black and grey Speck CandyShell Grip case for the Nexus 5X is made from two different protective layers and rubberised strips for superior grip and extreme protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55908
$33.18 inc VAT
 5 stars from 12 customers

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Safely first
My last phone took a tumble and shattered after I took it running at night. I wish it was wearing Speck CandyShell from MobileFun!

I need my cellphone for work. It has to look professional (and not cracked like a spider web).

This product rocks! I needed to buy a highly protective phone cover in a hurry. But there are so many scams out there. How was I supposed to choose real protection?

I was able to avoid the bogus phone accessory merchants by reading blogs and reviews, learning the names of trusted brands (and crash resistance ratings), and watching youtube videos of drop tests.

The choice was easy when all these signs pointed to MobileFun.co.uk and the Speck CandyShell for Nexus5X.
Excellent fits and grip.
Fits great, feels tough and roughed. Able to fit the factory charger cord in without taking case off. Buttons are still surprisingly responsive even though they are covered by rubberised button covers. Definitely not going to be easy to drop my phone with this case. Would recommend to others.
Not too bulky
Really excellent protection without adding too much bulk - a super slim one is lovely but I need a bit more for when my toddler gets a hold of it. Love the gripiness of the rubber.
Protect my phone from the kids Pokémon adventures.
Perfect and stylish, saved the phone a few times.
Brilliant case, highly recommended
Brilliant case, is cheaper here than from the nexus store but it is 100% worth the price, fit is excellent, it is a tight fit, phone feels very secure, the lip over hangs the screen making it feel very sturdy and protected and it is not too bulky and maintains the sleek profile. The grips are really effective and I haven't dropped my phone since having this case but they are not at all intrusive. Really highly recommended case, well designed, effective and attractive.
Thank you very much! Everything went perfectly!
Excellent case for Nexus 5X
I am delighted with the Speck CandyShell Grip case for my Nexus 5X. The build quality of the case is very high, and the design is outstanding. The case fits snugly on the phone. The screen bezel allows the case to sit comfortably screen down, and screen up the case sits flat and stable with the camera lens well off the surface. This case makes it easier to find the fingerprint sensor than when caseless. The rubberised grips are firm yet still quite grippy. No problems putting it in my pocket despite the larger size than my previous phone (which had a thicker case). Buttons and ports all work well. I have not yet dropped it, but I am comfortable that this case will improve my phone's chances of surviving an impact. Great job Speck, and thanks MobileFun/MobileZap.

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