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Speck CandyShell Grip HTC One M8 Case - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This white and black Speck CandyShell Grip case for the HTC One M8 is made from two different protective layers and rubberised strips for superior grip and extreme protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 45287
$27.80 inc. VAT
 4.3 stars from 8 customers

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Disapointing Service
I have received an invitation to review my experience. I experienced very poor customer service as i had placed my order on 17th Feb and paid for 2 - 4 business day delivery, when the item did not turn up i tried to contact you by email, I received no responses to my queries on 24th & 26th, as i was going on a trip on the 27th and needed the cover for then I had to run to the shops to get one, so i now have no use the the one I order from you on 17th Feb which did not arrive until 29th February. Most disapointing was the total lack of response to any of my emails.
Pactical easy protection
Good product. Well designed with one small flaw it is hard to use the Power button because the case prevents access. In terms of value for money I rate it as excellent
Solif protection for your M9
Theoretically bounce proof, still I don't like to try in real life Case looks great slim and Lite
Very pleased with the product. Stylish with a good grip. The bit around the charging area doesn't look very strong but time will tell.
High quality protective case
I had a Speck candy shell grip on my M7 and loved it, so I got one when I got an M8 too. The extra grip makes it easy to use with one hand without risking it slipping and falling. It is a high quality case with less bulk than the Otterbox I tried. With a Rhino screen protector I think my phone should be protected against most drops without sacrificing too much.
Super product and has made my son happy
I bought this for my son now 20yrs old and has decided he wanted to own his first mobile phone (only person i know that did not have a mobile lol), and of course he went for an expensive case when i offered to buy one for him, but he is so delighted with it, it is robust, elegant and protects his phone well. I'm pleased I bought this case even though it was a lot dearer than other cases for the HTC one M8. It has helped bring my son in to the age of always being contactable now lol. Thank you for a wonderful product. A+
Highly Recommended
Pleased with the product is an understatement. It came swiftly which was great and once used it made the phone feel much more secure. Great grip and sits in your hand with no slip. Keeps my phone protected too so no issues at all. Very happy customer here!
Nothing to improve; perfect.
The delivery time was extremely quick and the process efficient: arriving within a mere couple of days. The case itself is just what I asked for, and ensures an aesthetically pleasing phone as well as improving the longevity of the phone with the durability the case offers. The product in question is made from a flexible yet durable plastic, thus ensuring the case will not crack in light of a strenuous environment. To boot, there are grips on the back, so the phone will not slide out of ones hand; of which, is compounded by the lip at the front, still covered in the rubbery polymer. In doing this protects the screen as the lip gives the phone elevation and reinforces the sleek motif which the case adopts. NO COMPLAINTS!

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