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Speck CandyShell Grip for HTC One M7 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The CandyShell Grip by Speck is an ultra-rugged white case made from two different protective layers and rubberised grips for the HTC One M7.
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$27.80 inc. VAT
 5 stars from 21 customers

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Excellent strong well made case
I was looking for a high quality case to keep my HTC One phone safe after I broke a screen. I was recommended the Speck brand by a friend and was not disappointed. It is well made, fits perfectly, protects the edges of the phone, and has excellent grip so I can use it on the bike and other places with a reduced chance of dropping it. I would happily recommend to anyone else looking for a quality product. Cheers Richard
Excellent simple well made protector
I was looking for a well fitting cover for my HTC and was recommended this brand by a friend at work. I was pleased when it arrived with the good fit, strong construction and good grips incorporated with the design. I would happily recommend to anyone looking for a new cover.
Great stuff
Great stuff
A perfecy fit for my HTC One
I am very pleased with the product. It fits my phone perfectly. The grip helps prevent the phone slipping. A very smart looking case. It only took a few days to get to me even with the snail mail. Very pleased. Thank you for the great service.
Nice Case!!!
The case looks cool on HTC m7 and shipping have be improved a lot compared to past, keep it up.

Thank you.
Good value and rugged cover
After much searching found this case. It's wonderful, protects my phone quite well. Need it due to my toddlers fascination for my phone. The grip at the back is the highlight. And it was delivered very quickly as well.
Great product!
Well-made and good looking protector that fits like it's a part of the phone, yet is easy to remove and replace again. Rubber grips are excellent, providing extra protection in addition to the glossy hard shell. Rubber inner and hardshell outer are a one piece moulding.
Well I have dropped my HTC ONE several times now, not because of grip, just bad placement. The speck grip case has paid for itself several times over, phone is still working and no visible case damage. The case is very slightly scratched on the glossy part on the back, now 9 mths old. Grip is unreal, does not hinder getting in and out of my pocket as I thought it might. All cut outs are precision with volume control firm which is what I like. Phone and case is slim, which is a bonus for me as I hate fat phones in my pocket(i.e. HTC Desire). The one piece design is great, corner protection is excellent and the lip for screen protection is a perfect size.
Mr SPECK, don't change any specifications before I buy my next phone and Speck case.
What more can I say other than I would like to rate the GRIP as 10 stars, but I can only give it 5.!!
Great Case
I've been using this case with my HTC One for about 10 days now and find it to be very good. My phone is the black model which apparently shows up scuffs more readily and the phone is slippery being made of aluminium so you do need this protection. The case is good and snug when on and the grips give complete confidence when handling it on the move. The cutouts give access to the phone where needed although it is more difficult to access the power button with the case on. You quickly adapt to this. The microphone is not obscured at all and I haven"t noticed any adverse effect on signal with case on since it is plastic. It looks good so all in all it"s worth the price.
Speck CandyShell Grip
I received the case this morning and have to say that normally I would go for a dark case or leather but this case in white is superb.It looks great very comfortable in the hand,the grips make a massive difference feels very secure.Double skin(attached) gives it that safe feel too.Obviously not to throw the phone around but those accidental drops it stands a very good chance of surviving.
Excellent service from Mobilefun Highly Recommend
Speck CandyShell Grip for HTC One
The item arrived in almost perfect shape. The packaging was pristine but the case had an open bubble on the inside and the inner coating was peeling. The case fit the phone like a glove and offers excellent protection. The ribs on the outside of the case ensure that it doesn't slip out of the hand. Overall an outstanding case except for the small flaw in the one that I received.
Excellent Case
Bought this case as have had a speck case on my iphone. They are good quality. This one fits the phone well and offers better grip than the phone itself. As the HTC one gets hot when running for a while this reduces the direct heat from the phone. Would recommend. Fast delivery and competitively priced
Nice grip
Overall, does the job. Thin, but protective, and very easy to grip and hold on to. The only issues I have, which is minor, is that it's tricky to click on the upper left button to turn on the phone.
Amazing case
Pretty amazing case , beautiful design , amazing grip .
Great packaging .
Not a bulky case
Great price .
For me the best till now in terms of price .
Excellent protective case great grip and feel !! THANKS
I have been using this case for little over a week.. This case is the best I have ever owned !! Excellent quality Speak have created incredible feel between rubber grip and polished hard shell.
Great Case
Great,quality htc one case.As described on a website.
Having looked at many cases for my new HTC One handset, I decided to plump for this little beauty... The Speck Candyshell Grip in white. I have previously owned the proclaimed Otterbox Commuter case for this phone, but I honestly wasn't that impressed with it. Then I took a very speedy delivery (thankyou Mobilefun!) of this Speck case. Even though initially it was out of stock, I had received the case through my letterbox within a week of ordering, and was kept posted of every detail of my order by email and text. I also found a voucher code online which enabled me to receive a free cleaning cloth worth £3.50!! The case itself was very impressive. Has a great look and feels good in your hand, and a fantastic fit on the phone. The phone slips in with ease yet the fit is tight, secure, but still very responsive to the volume buttons, and the cut-outs for the different ports are perfectly placed. The rubber grips protrude the white gloss shell just enough for it not to slip in your hand or on any surface you may lay your phone on, but not too much to snag on clothing as you slide it in and out of your pocket. The gloss part of the case seems quite hard too and so far after 2 weeks, I have not noticed any signs of scratching at all. The lip on the front of the case protects the screen well is you lay your handset face down, and also feels comfortable against the ear, as so many other cases can be a little uncomfortable. I've not had the misfortune of dropping my phone as yet so can't comment on the overall protection from the case, but the rubberized fused insert would absorb a lot of impact I am sure... All in all I would recommend this case 100% to anyone looking to buy one - The best case out there for the HTC One in my opinion, and I'm sure if your order this, you wont be disappointed with the case, or the fantastic, speedy customer service from Mobilefun.co.uk!!!
Great case,
Doesn't add any bulk, fits in hand and pocket well.
As the title suggests this case is FANTASTIC. It adds only a small ammount of bulk to the phone but it adds a large ammount of protection. It looks good too. I would recommend this case to anyone with an HTC One.

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