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Speck CandyShell Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black & Slate Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Super stylish and ultra-rugged, this black and slate coloured CandyShell for the iPhone 5S / 5 is made from two different protective layers.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36752
$27.48 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 24 customers

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Excellent case
The iphone5 case is excellent. I have 2 iPhone and I am using on my both phone the same case.
Excellent Product
I like this product very good, very nice, nice customer service, fast delivery.
Very good product. Nice and strong and aesthetically pleasing. Product also arrived well on time and was reasonably priced.
solid case
A good solid case this one, with rubber reinforcements within each corner, the case protrudes from the front so if you dropped it then the front sides and corners will be protected, no glass protection though which i prefer but doesn't state this in the spec so if you need this you may want to look at others.
Fits nicely but as durable as a polystyrene garden spade.
I love Speck stuff, i sell it all the time at work and they make some great products, sadly this iPhone case isnt one of them.... When it arrived i thought it looked great, it fits great - nice and snug without being a pain to get the phone in - and the raised rubber edge protects the screen when placed face down brilliantly. Inside of 3 weeks my evaluation completely changed. As i repeatedly removed the phone in and out of my jeans over the course of the days, the rubber seam flexed back and forth till it started to shred, then it tore in several places and started to peel away. At the bottom of the phone where the 3.5mm jack and lightning port is situated there is only the thinnest hoop of plastic ging over the top of the ports. These promptly snapped off and as they are the only thing holding the rubber seam in place at the base of the phone it shredded and fell off here too in short order. Now the phone simply falls out of the case repeatedly and as the edge of the device is exposed it's getting chipped and clogged with dust. Complete waste of money basically - especially after spending 20 quid on it. Oh, final nail in the coffin - the plastic bulges out around the 3.5mm socket and my headphones have quite a large rubber surround on the 3.5mm plug - so they wont fit into the socket and i have to take the phone out of the case whenever i want to listen to personal audio... Bad design flaw. all in all it's a bad case for a helluva lot of cash.
Great Protection!
I bought this cover last week after reading the reviews and it has surpassed expectations already. I have dropped my phone onto concrete twice and there has been no damage whatsoever. Great value for money and looks great!
Definate 5/5! Recommend to anyone with an iPhone 5/5S!
Superbly safe
This case is really good, it fits my 5S perfectly and has raised rubber edges on the front and rubber inserts on the corners. It is not too bulky and the black one looks good on my slate grey iPhone .
If I had one criticism it would be the price, but you get what you pay for.
I bought two of these cases, gave one to my brother, It protects your iPhone but it also looks stylish which is good. It also has a raised front so your phone doesn't get scratched if it's faced down. Only one negative and that's the back gets scratched easily if theirs something else in your pocket, but other than that it's the best case I have seen/bought for my phone.
Superior item best one yet!
I have had various cases and none have quite matched this one.it has a real quality feel about it and fits the iPhone 5 perfectly if your looking for a great fitting and even better looking case this is the one for you.
Great case for the iphone 5
I have tried several different cases for my iphone, but found this one to be the best fit and the most attractive. I have already received several favourable comments and it looks great. The white matches my phone perfectly and the all round protection is perfect.
It's well made and robust, fitting the phone like a glove.
Highly recommended.
Great Case, only one small criticism
This case looks good, is sturdy and protective of the phone. It fits perfectly. Only disappointment to me is the £25 adaptor I bought from Apple to save changing the lead between my I-Pods and I-Phone won't fit in the base of the case. Probably more of an Apple fault.
Great, Quick and easy to order. Perfect size and quality. Dropped it so many times already - so glad I bought it! Worth a buy anytime over all the other cases I have bought in the past.
Great case, but.....
bought this case after doing some research online, it was perfect, however i did start to notice it was scratching very easily. the case is well designed and fits the phone nearly perfectly.. however the bottom lip of the case wasnt actually touching the edge of the glass at the bottom, which is something to consider... overall very good.. if you have any problems with the case, speck offers a year warranty, so you are safe in that aspect. just go for it, you wont regret it.
A great case that not only fits the phone perfectly but also is very stylish looks really smart, and also protects the phone, I got the white version it well worth the price and will last a very long time. the delivery again is second to none...perfect..!
like me you have just got your iPhone 5 excited and want to keep it A1 condition. I am writing this to save you money , no 1 case was a hard trendy designer case looked good but but no protection for my phone if dropped.no2 was again an expensive rubber animal case great to hold but too loose a fit. No 3 expensive leather case with flap , looked great but leather soon got loose and flap moved errrrr. no 4&5 both bumper again expensive .not good to hold made my phone look cheap. Then i brought this fantastic. Fits brilliant,has a raised rubber lip all around the edge so when you put the phone face down it grips . Button convers, looks smart . Don't make the same mistakes as me in. this is a great smart practical protection for you phone that looks good.
I've tried three cases so far for my iPhone 5 and have been disappointed with all of them until i received this one by Speck my fourth!! I am over the moon with it,absolute top quality.The interior of the case is a soft rubberised dimpled finish which will protect the back of your phone from any scratches and the front edges rise above screen level.The outer shell is a gloss finish and feels great in your hand,i bought the white one which gives great contrast to my black iPhone and it looks fantastic.The case is an easy and brilliant snug fit.All in all worth every penny and i totally 100% recommend it to anyone!!
Best I've tried!
I've tried a few of the super-tough cases (Otterbox etc), but (for me) they were just too bulky, and made typing difficult (thumbs get caught on the ridge around the screen).
The Speck case is different, it's as slim and light as a "no protect" case, but it has a full rubber lining (soft-touch), and a hard shell.
In fact, it's so slim and light, it's difficult to imagine that it will offer much protection.....but it does (although I haven't dropped the phone yet).
It's super-easy to fit a screen protector, as the rubber ridge around the screen doesn't actually overlap the screen, so you can put the protector on with the cover in place.
One thing I love is that the volume and on/off buttons have a great soft-touch to them, making them a delight to press (unlike some of the other "tough" cases, where you almost break a finger putting it in sleep mode).
Fit and finish I would say is perfect, with everything aligning as if it were part of the phone (I've had people look at it and think it was part of the phone, and ask what a Speck phone was!)
I love this case so much, I've bought one for my daughters iPhone (pink/purple colourway).
Speck Candy Shell
I have ordered on 16th November and received on 24th November In a good packing, The case is good not adding a bulk to the iphone5 and looking very good.

The only issue is that the new case has scratches on the back of the case.
Great case made better
I had one of these on my iPhone 3GS and loved it but it had some issues with plastic cracking around the charging port. This iPhone 5 version has rectified the previous issues and provides even better protection. Coupled with a Zagg HD Invisible shield-perfection protection! Great service from mobile fun, cheers.
Excellent Cass
Was skepticle on spending so much on a case but glad I did. It feels sturdy and quite protective but doesn't add too much "bulk". I love the raised lip around the screen so if falls it'll save the screen from damage. There are 2 flaws with the case.
1) The phone hard to get in/out of the case.
2) The back is shiny so the case gets scratched easily (not the phone).

Wish they would do matt finish version.
Nice Case but Picture Misleading, Careful!
My first impressions were - "This isn't the case I ordered!?" I expected the sides to be a light grey colour but I believe in the photo thats a reflection of a soft-box on the glossy case!

It doesn't add too much bulk to the phone, but seems to feel like a nice amount of protection. Also has a lip over the front so the screen wont touch anything if put on a flat surface, face down.

Fits the phone well and all buttons responsive.

Thats all i can tell for now!

Oh and it looks good on my white iphone

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