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SoundWear SD50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Enjoy wireless phone calls and listen to music in crystal clear stereo sound, with the black SoundWear SD50.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35804

RRP $48.11 - you save 43%

$27.48 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 51 customers

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Great value for money
As I already owned several good quality headphones both over and in ear - Sure, Grado and Sennheiser a set without wires was always appealing for travel purposes. I always resisted Bluetooth headphones as I had doubts regarding the sound quality. Seeing these SD50's. at £35 I thought it must be worth a punt just to try a wireless set. The results greatly exceeded my expectations, great sound easy to use , very satisfied customer. Now just looking for a decent case for them !
These headphones seemed like a great deal and the reviews on the Mobile Fun site gave a really good impressions. While the headphones were straightforward to pair with my phone and the controls are simple to use, the quality of the sound lets these headphones down dramatically; it's awful. I'm not a fussy music guy looking for ultra-high quality with great bass or such but these SoundWear ones just gave really bad sound, muffled, unclear. Honestly couldn't recommend them to anyone. I certainly won't be using them.
Fantastic Bluetooth Headphones
loads of volume, stable connection around the gym. You listen to the music not the headphones.Thank you for your good customer service. My SD50s arrived this morning as ordered and well packed. Please thank all the team for an excellent service.
Works perfectly
Simple to charge up and pair with the phone. Good sound. Blue tooth is ideal so you are not tied up in wires. Highly recommend.
Great for the money.
For the money these are unbeatable. The sound is excellent for a budget headphone and they fit perfectly. Only issue I had was trying to pair when the battery was a bit low, easily solved by charging for half hour.
Just what I needed"
good look 10/10
sound 10/10
link in ok by Bluetooth
work ok
Amazing Value
Bluetooth connected straight away. Good sound. Very slight hiss in the background, between tracks.
Very comfortable to wear. Cable-free listening is so nice. It does exactly "what it says on the tin". At this price - amazing value.
Great sound
Got them for my daughter, they're suitable mostly for people with small heads and ears oh yes and fingers as it is a bit hard to change the volume or songs. Great crisp and rich sound and are worth the price.
No Brainer
At £30 you cannot afford to miss these. I used them for a 20 mile walk so they were on for about 6 hours non stop and they performed amazingly. During the walk I also used them to make some calls to both landlines and mobiles. The call quality was great and I could hear them just as clearly as they could hear me. The sound quality is awesome, the battery life is awesome and the price is awesome.
These would have 5 stars if it wasn't for the following three points...
-There seems to be no way of telling when they are fully charged. I had them on charge for 36 hours and the LED remained on. The instructions do not state how long a full charge takes.
-There is a slight delay between pressing a button and the action being taken.
-The shiny finish gets covered in finger prints immediately.
Brilliant service poor quality headset
Have now had the headset for a month. I only use it during lunchtimes at work to listen to my Iphone. Microphone does not work very well therefore nomally have to disconnect it to take calls. Got it out of the drawer today extended the earpierce which came off in my hand. So not very impressed.
Soundwear SD50
Just to let you no if your thinking of getting a pair of these headphones don't think about it just get them at £25 you can't go wrong, i had them up and running quicker than it took me getting them unwraped, i would highly recommened them to all . they do exactly what there supposed to do .
Absolutely perfect
This headset is superbfor listening to music in comfort. Ideal for the gym and the phone cuts in perfecly to take a call. Outstanding value for money
Great sound but pity about it's construction
I have been looking for a pair Bluetooth headphones but they are so expensive, while I was browsing the MobileFun site I found a Bluetooth headset on offer and I was amazed at the very low price so what was there to lose. I bought the SoundWear SD 50 stereo Bluetooth Headset which arrived 48 hours later. It paired easily with the iPad 3 and I listened to music first, which was one of the main reasons I wanted a pair of Bluetooth stereo headphones for, it sounded great, quality of sound at this low price was excellent, couldn't complain even if that was all I used them for! However I had a problem with the headband where the 2 watchmakers screws fit to join the headband piece to the sides with the earpieces on both sides, they need to be larger, but at the moment electrical tape holds the two sides together. I am sure I have some screws & watchmakers driver that will improve it no end. The construction leaves a lot to be desired but if you don't mind a bit of hands on and for the price and sound quality I like it. I haven't tried the microphone yet and as I wasn't looking for a full headset but it is able to cut out if you get a call and resume afterwards, I will try it when I have time and change it to the iPhone but that was not my intended usage. I still can't believe the sound and it's quality for the price.
I was given a pair of Motorola Bluetooth headphones 18 months back which for some reason would never pair with my phone; so I was a bit cagey when buying these. However I need not have been worried as these paired with my phone very easily. Not only that, but the sound and build quality is excellent. Worth every penny!
Perfect, hassle Free
These headphones are just what iv'e been after, no cables, and fast to connect to my device. When I first got them, I was worried that there may be leakage, as I wanted to use them on the train every day to/from work. Absolutely smitten, no leakage at all, and controls are so simple to use.
Bluetooth headset
i was very impressed with them the sound quality is very good
Great sound and comfort
Very easy to connect to may galaxy tab and HTC phone.
The sound is amazing , they are also very comfort on the ears for long films. Build quilty is not as good as first thought as side wire cover snapped out. Very easy and quick to return.(returned Monday and got back Friday). Great service form mobile fun. The sound was so good I thought I'd try another pair. There are some reviews about headphones having sound lag when watching films, but I could not fine any. Also the charge lasts for hours.
For only £20 you can't go wrong, get some.
Works brilliantly with my Samsung netbook - even upstairs the music kept going. Could be louder but then again everyone complains at how loud I like my music so for normal people should not be a problem.why pay more?
These are great, well worth the money
Good value but some niggles
The headphones are very well priced compared to most alternatives. They look good and work as advertised, including an impressive range (I can be in another room). They paired with no problems and the sound quality for speech, which I mainly listen to, is good. Two niggles - one is that they slip off my head too easily, the other is a faint high-pitched whine from the right speaker. I find the whine irritating - hence only 3 stars - but you might not notice it with loud music or with background noise.
bluetooth headphones
The sound is amazing, very comfortable to wear, very easy to set up. You get some sound lagging when watching video on my HTC DesireHD, but no lagging on my galaxy tab 2. Build quality I fine. For £20 you can't go wrong. The only drawback I can see is that you can't use them on airplane.
Great little device
Got this for my wife. She absolutely loves it. Very easy to set up. Item was delivered very quickly. Highly recommended.
so good I bought a second pair
Just loved these I had to buy a second spare pair, what a bargain and they work so well, you will not be disappointed
Your search is over
What's not to like? The sleek all-black discrete design and the twist-and-fold-up earpieces makes for a compact, eminently portable item. The sturdily made set proves surprisingly lightweight comfy headware (or neckwear whenever someone butts in). Controls are logically arranged around the rim of either earpiece and simple to master.

Bluetooth connection to my mobile was straight out of the box, revealing a warm well-balanced soundworld which should please if not delight. The well-padded on-the-ear arrangement effectively insulates the listening experience, but without banishing the outside world completely. Battery life is good for a long long session, and quickly rechargeable from the supplied mains/USB cable.

I bought these primarily for use out and about. The dog is quite put out now when I ignore him on long walks. If forced, I would quibble that they are a mite too slippery on my bonce for anything more vigorous than a brisk walk. But you hyperactive sporting types could always experiment with a Velcro patch inside the headband.

After donning these little beauties for a month I'm dumbfounded why would anyone would shell out 3-5 times more, other than perhaps for brand vanity? For heaven's sake, they're cheaper than many entry level wired 'phones. At £20 they are a complete no-brainer (and, if perchance I should win the MobileFun monthly review prize, a complete no-costa). Form an orderly queue.
Worked straight from box
A good sound. Easy to use. Lightweight. Good promotional price.
The perfect answer
I am very impressed with the SD50 headset, and I should add I am not easily pleased. They are my first experience of wireless headphones and do all I want : long range, quality audio and leak free. Now I can sit and watch football on Sky GO without being rumbled!
Great service
Great sound, good bass, and bluetooth, but the price is amazing,
Great product
Great product,great sound,great price,ordered Thursday and was using it Saturday...
Excellent product
Delivered quickly as usual. Easy to set up despite the one page 'User Manual'
Works well on mp3 and video, slight background hiss but seems to be down to quality of recording not the produce.
Really pleased with headset
Yes very pleased with this headset. Good sound. Good distance. Very good price and very comfortable. Thank you
Really pleased with headset
Yes very pleased with this headset. Good sound. Good distance. Very good price and very comfortable. Thank you
Best £20 spent
I still cant believe that I got the SoundWear SD50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset for £20 Fantastic value and they work so well.
The battery lasts for days and I love how they fold up to put in my bag.
well made and just FANTASTIC Value
You can take mah cables .... but ya canna take mah freedom!
Another day in the office trenches surrounded by hordes determined to talk me to death about the latest reality TV rubbish. My old (cable) Seinheisers were at almost dead as I kept walking away from my desk forgetting that they were connected to my phone and its charger.

I order the SD50's to give me some freedom and boy, they've done that! The headphone sound quality is superb and they're very comfortable to wear for long periods. The only negative is that (according to my dear wife) when i take a call on these she says I sound like metal mickey in a meat grinder. This was the only thing stopping these getting 5 stars.

However, I can now have the freedom to escape my desk and disappear to the coffee machine with whatever podcast / music I'm listening to still playing. Great purchase, great value, great headphones!
Nice bit of kit at an even better price!
Having looked at a number of different bluetooth headset I really did fancy one, but was a bit wary of the cost of soem of the big name ones!

This headset is functional, easy to pair, comfortable to wear and the sound quality is great for the price.

So far the range is good and I can now listen to music from my laptop in every room of the flat, including while soaking in the bath, with no problem.

For the price this headset is well worth the money!
Revolutionise your listening
These have been a great buy a real bargain and have absolutely been a great purchase. Brilliant to be wire free and able to move about without the restrictions of cables. Really clear sound quality, controls easy to use and works well. During phone conversation the sound quality is excellent too. Overall really really pleased with new purchase.
Excellent sound
These Bluetooth headphones give excellent sound for the price. Good clear bass.
SoundWear Sound Good
I needed a set of headphones to use with my Galaxy S2 and Ipad 2 and the SoundWear Sd50 sounded a good idea.The quality on both pieces of kit is fantastic and set up with both was simple. Watching movies on the ipad or listening to music on the S2 on the move is so easy now and comfort is soothing to the ear. The best buy ive made this year.
Good Sound
The sound is very clear and the bass much better than expected for price.
Brilliant wireless cans for the money
Having read the existing reviews (plus the amazingly low price with MobileFun), I bought a pair which arrived one working day later, as promised.

I cannot rate this BT headset highly enough.

Whilst the mid-range cannot match the fidelity of it's expensive, tethered brethren, it is otherwise superb at the higher and bass ends. The battery gives the headphones a decent weight, ensuring they stay put on your head. This solid feel also contributes to the overall feeling that this is a decent, well put together piece of kit. The ear cups fit my lobes perfectly, ensuring that very little sound leaks out to annoy others.

I haven't tried them for the stated 10 hours of playing time but even at half that it wouldn't stop me from buying these.

Thanks for helping me to spend my money once again, MobileFun. As per usual - worth every penny!
Great buy!
You really can't go wrong with these for the price. Quick charging and the sound quality is great including bass. For £20 it's a bargain!
Great Bass
Clear sound & excellent bass, a quick and easy connection via bluetooth to my new iPad. Great buy I will be getting another headset for my wife just in case she wants to use my one again!!
What isn't good about the SD50?....Nothing!
Like I said in the title, what isn't good about the SD50?.....the answer is nothing.
The sound quality is brilliant, its a comfortable headset and best of all, its a bluetooth headset so i dont need to pull out my phone when im on the go even if i need to change track, turn down the volume or even answer a phone call. Its all there on the headset!
Fast delivery...Thanks Mobilefun!
excellent product for what it costs
A nicely made set of bluetooth headphones at a fraction of the price of others on the market.

Sound quality is excellent, good bass reproduction.

A good performer, would highly recommend to anyone looking for a set of bluetooth headphones.

An excellent find mobilefun and great service as always.
Better than most
A lot better than all bluetooth headset twice the price, comfortable and easy to use. They fit nicely, look cool and are very robust. They easily connect via bluetooth and charges up quickly.
Great headphones
Only bought these to use on holiday for my music and now use them all the time for calls too. Loud sounding with no distortion in the ear. Comfortable and you can wear them for a long time without any pain or tightness over your head. Recommended.
SoundWear SD50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset.
fantastic sound at a great price, great battery life, also use as hands free and it works perfectly with Nokia 5800 Xpress Music on t mobile
The sound Is very good, in fact stunning. There also really nice to wear. Controls are easy to use. Unreal delivery time for Mobile fun also. 10 out of 10.
Good value cans
For teh price these are very good working earphones. Paired easy and I was up and running and taking calls as soon as i took them out of teh box really. Battery life is pretty smart without charging every day. Over the ear, but they don't look stupid. They aint Beats but they work perfectly well for the price.

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