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SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker Phone - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker Phone is a unique and stylish desktop speaker phone which allows you to enjoy your calls or music hands free. In white.
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 4.8 stars from 89 customers

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Soundwave S50 Bluetooth Speaker
Great hands free
Wanted something to sit on the desk to use for confrnce calls and or as a handsfree device for calls so I could write as I listened. This product is fantastic for this purpose the microphone being sensitive enough to enable you to move away from the device and still be heard
As a plus it's an excellent little speaker
A good sound at a reasonable price
The SW50 connected almost immediately. Pressed the switch, turned on Bluetooth on my phone, selected Search and it was connected.
I use n7player on my Galaxy, selected my piece of music and the SW50 almost lept into the room. There are no controls on the device but using the sound and mixing controls on my phone work just fine.

The SW50 also comes with a small plastic sheet, which is sticky on one side. I guess it is to be used as a stand but it looks a bit tacky

A fast and efficient delivery from MobileFun too. Many thanks
Amazing little bit of kit, had to order some for friends as they all love it. Puts big brand names too shame. I love it
A must have!!
Great gadget to compliment my mobile phone. Great quality of sound. I can listen to music wherever i am and will be brilliant for taking to Spain on holiday as it will take up minimum space.
The sound wave sw50 is a great little speaker. It's unbelievable how mush sound you can get from such a small, inexpensive speaker!! A most buy.
Amazing little piece of kit
This little gadget is amazing, snd sound quality is second to none, easy to set up and it just blows you away, in my fifties and didnt know what to expect, idiot proof, would highly recommend, service and delivery were spot on, couldn't ask for more Don't hesitate, I would definitely use mobile fun again
big Sound In A Small Package
This lit5le speqker produces a very nice sound and an amazint volume for such a small d3vic3.
In the words of Simon Cowell - "It blew me away!"
Being in the top 100 of all time technophobes, I'm rather clueless when it comes to all things remotely technical;what with all the jargin and abbreviations and what not,it all sounds a bit like a Christmas lecture on nano science to me! Hence I rely heavily on reviews. So,having read the very learned reviews, I closed my eyes and pointed,and the fickle finger of fate landed on the SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker Phone - Black.The very next day, (super fast dispatch - 10/10 there)a teeny tiny box was delivered,and I thought "Nope,this will end up going back".Upon taking it out of the box,it was so lightweight and petite,I thought my previous suspicion was ever more correct,and I still had the nightmare "bluetooth" episode to go through too. I switched it on,pressed the button on it,it bing-bonged,connected to my phone,and was ready to go! I pressed play,and Wow! - totally filled the room!! It was a little jumpy because I had it top whack,but that's what the silicon mat is for!I have never been more surprised in a long time - it was so easy,and the sound quality and loudness is amazing for the size and money you pay for it! Being able to use the phone to operate it is a big boon too (nothing new fangled to learn)I would urge anyone to buy this - seriously - you won't be disappointed. If you are expecting crystal clear sound quality,then maybe this isn't the one for you,but I have recommended it to all my friends;it's brilliant!! More to the point,my dad thinks it's one of those motion sensor air fresheners (he's 65)and does a silly walk routine when he spots it!! Don't mess about trawling through masses of reviews - just buy it!!
Gadgets supreme
How do you and your fabulous team do it ?????
Supreme gadgets that just keep going up and up and into the stratosphere congratulations my device is fabulous and for its size the sound quality is brilliant once again A + A team very many thanks Mick Hurley
Small is beautiful
This is a fantastic speaker for something so small to give such great sound
Great sounds at great price
The soundwave sw50 is a fantastic little speaker, I bought it for a good bass and a good bass is what I got. The quality for such a small item is second to none. It looks great and has many functions.
It comes with a little handy bag for protection and a mat for it to sit on so the sound quality stays at its best.
I love the fact I can also connect to the Bluetooth in the car so I can answer calls safely and get a good level of sound through the loudspeaker.

If your after a little speaker that will allow you to play your music through it at a high quality then look no further and what a great price too!
Very good sound with this speaker very happy!
Came across this device when I was looking for a Bluetooth speaker. I read the reviews, and didn't believe that a speaker of this size could be as good as the reviews said. However, I bought one and am totally satisfied. Paired immediately to my iPad, and the sound quality is fantastic. Within a week of hearing mine, friends have already purchased 5. Absolutely first class in every respect.
Pocket Rocket
I was looking in the first place for something portable that I could use to play music from my Samsung Galaxy mobile phone; as such it was a doddle to match, pair and set up. It sounds great and belies its diminutive size by producing an excellent sound - good volume and a well defined bass.
The bonus was when I equally easily paired it with my Nexus 7 tablet (notoriously poor built in speakers)! Music, vids and esp satnav spoken directions are hugely enhanced.
An excellent product, reasonably priced and delivered with MfF's traditional speed.
Thoroughly recommended!
Sound Quality is impressive!
On reading other reviews of this product, I decided to give it a go, especially at the sale price.

The product is of good quality, being accompanied by a gel mat, carrying bag and micro-USB cable.

The sound quality for such a small device is excellent and pairing is fast and simple.

As others have said, the speaker emits a sound when turning on/off, which is a little too loud, but does give you an immediate demonstration of the depth of sound this speaker has!
What a mighty atom
I wanted a small speaker that I could link via bluetooth to my smartphone mainly for use when out on trips in the mobile home or when working/relaxing in the garden. I thought the SW50 looked as though it would fit the bill, although I was a little apprehensive for the price.
Glad to say I was not disappointed. Really impressed at the sound quality and volume from so small a speaker. Also loved the design and build quality,and it has a nice solid feel. Even comes with its own bag and a gel mat to avoid risk of sliding on smooth surfaces. Only one small niggle is the sound it makes when turned on or off, not unpleasant, just seems unnecessarily loud. Overall it still deserves full marks.
This is simply great. The sound is better than the speakers on our stereo and of course it is mobile so can take it too any room in the house,in the car, bathroom! You name it!! Connection is so simple. Every time you turn it on connects to your iPad straight away. And I love the fact that he battery metre appears on ur iPad. NO COMPLAINTS and prompt service from Mobile Fun. You'd b a fool not to get one.
right up my street
After reading other folks reviews I thought I would take a punt on this product.And boy am I pleased I purchased it. My friends could not believe the quality of the sound never mind me.now I am thinking thank god for once I have bought something that not going back just fantastic. TIP to you all just buy it.
SW 50 Bluetooth Speaker
I have found the SW 50 simplicity in itself to pair which was one of the reasons, among others, why I purchased
the item. There are no wires to connect and provides high-end music quality and portability. It is a Bluetooth wireless technological speaker with a unique and pleasing design with shapely features. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery which provides multiplicity of hours of high quality music for so little comparitive charging time. Excellent value for money. Highly recommended for the conneseur of good music.
Brilliant!! Please read :)
My teenage daughter purchased the speaker a few months ago and I was so impressed with the sound quality, my husband and I have bought one each too. It is pretty small but I have to say it sounds so much better than the docking station we bought last year. If a call comes through when listening to music you can then press 'answer' on your phone then hold a conversation using the speaker. If a text comes through, a voice comes through the speaker telling you that you have received a text and the name of the sender, you then the voice asks do you want to read it or ignore it. This is such and amazing device at such a low price, I wanted to share this with you all. You will not be disappointed.
Fantastic speaker
The soundwave SW50 I received from you is a fantastic little speaker with a BIG sound can't say anything more than brilliant. P S and the delivery was super fast next day keep it up Mobile Fun
Better than expected!
A surprisingly effective speaker. Great sound. Purchased as a gift for my son, who thinks it's great.
Even with Christmas post, was delivery in two working days.
Very impressed
Great Sound
Not having to link the speaker has been a blessing.

The sound is very good and I look forward to listening to my music wherever I wish to. A great product for all music lovers.
Great little speaker
After reading many reviews I decided this speaker was the one for me-and I'm not disappointed! It's a small speaker with big sound. Very easy to set up. Definitely recommend it.
Brilliant piece of kift
bought this because i have had enough of listening to the same songs repeated on the radio... i created a playlist and wanted a wireless speaker, thats where the sw50 comes in.

East to pair and as soon as its paired its ready to use.. battery indicator visible on the ipod to show battery life of the sw50.

The audio was very impressive, good quality sound and bass is amazing!
you Must use the mat provided to ensure the device doesnt fall off the table (as mine did!)

Battery life is good for a whole 8hour shift, can be charged using a usb port from any computer, range is good, but avoid interferences from walls.

overall a very good bluetooth speaker!!
sound wave speaker
best little sound spearker just wright very happy will buy again from yourselfs
Perfect add to my phone
Wow what a great sound from such a small item.
Talk about value for money and the estimated time for playing music from my iPhone said 3hours in the description but actually lasted for 7 hours play.
Fantastic little speaker.
Soundwave SW50 Bluetooth speaker review
Since making a purchase months ago from MobileFun, i receive regular offers, i had been looking for a good quality sound speaker that i could wirelessly connect my iPhone/ipad to when at home to listen to my music without connecting up wires.
I had read several reviews in Stuff and T3 magazine on different devices but they were all + £100 in price which i felt it didnt warrant spending that much.
THEN, i received my regular MobileFun special offers e-mail, and the 1st thing that caught my eye was the SW50 Bluetooth speaker system selling at £19.99,
Ill be honest prior to reading customer reviews my initial thoughts were "bet that sounds great for that price and at the size it is!"

But after reading 3 or 4 customer reviews all raving just how great this device was, at £19.99 i felt its worth the risk and ordered one.
It arrived the very next day which impressed me as i didnt order it until lunchtime the day before,
On taking it out the box it was smaller than it appeared in the photo and my thoughts were "oh dear this im gonna regret"
It paired with my iphone in seconds, and on choosing 1 of my many hundreds of playlists i was sat speechless, my mum at the time was at my home visiting, she is a complete technophobe, but even she commented it sounded better than their stereo system at home.
It has good Bass tones, mid range and high frequency, full volume is too loud for in the lounge which amazes me because its such a tiny device, with an advertised 2w RMS output.
I love my tech and gadgets, but if i had to say the best quality item for the least money ive bought in the last 2 years it is definitely the SW50 Bluetooth Sound System, further to that it connected instantly with my ipad also, and my mum's Nokia 201 Asha mobile phone via bluetooth.

All i can say is if they have any left, GET ONE BEFORE THEY SELL OUT, because in terms of sound quality you will have to spend up to £100 to equate to this product.

I'm still blown away when i listen to music through it, it comes with a USB to mini USB lead to charge it, and on a full charge ive never yet had the battery run out on me!

It's not often a budget device shines above the competition, and its true you usually get what you pay for, but in this case not so, the SW50 i Guarantee you will not regret buying, even if you are an audio perfectionist.
This item got delivered super quick. It was very cheap. The quality is brilliant and the sound you get out of it is spot on. Perfect speaker for my experia s. Easy to set up with phone. I am more than happy with this and would highly recommend this product to anyone. Can't fault nothing.
Very good sound quality: calls or music. I am surprised, value for money!
So worth the money
After a little trouble connecting ( I need the phone to be discoverable ) I am so pleased. My wife was pretty sceptical when she first saw how big this was but after listening to it she was really impressed. You won't regret spending £20 on this.
Powerfull Speaker
Bought this for my wife to enjoy her music stored on her phone. Although she is not technical she found it easy to use and was very impressed with its power.
You want a portable bluetooth speaker. Look no further.
I just received my SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker Phone - in Black.
It's brilliant. Stunning sound quality for such a small device. Buy one now! Especially from these guys. I ordered at 4pm, and it was waiting for me the next day when home from work.
Many Many thanks.
Steve B
Microphone not reliable
With the iPad this seems okay if you want to play music through a speaker. However, the microphone did not pick up sound with Skype. Instead I had to use the iPad's own microphone.
After initial problem connecting this device found it to be of amazing sound quality for 20 quid. don't know why it didn't connect immediately and took some time, probably 20 to 30 attempts. But once connected it's fantastic. honestly if you not to so sure, it's well worth a punt. you will be pleasantly surprised with the sound quality.
For it's size and price this little box of tricks is simply amazing. A word to the wiser though the sound changes a lot depending on the surface the speaker is placed on ! So experiment and you will be rewarded.
Good item ,very clear and good volume..
Battery life could/should be 8hrs min
Good depth of sound for such a small speaker & very capable for calling
Stunning sound from such a small speaker. The base and treble ranges are particularly well defined. I never thought I would be happy listening to a mono speaker before albeit for casual, occasional use (it for sure will not replace your Hi-Fi). Its also great for making and receiving calls.

One slight niggle is that when recharging the device, unless you own an iPhone, I cannot see that there is anyway to know when the speaker is fully recharged. As far as I can see, there is only a blue flashing led telling you that the speaker is on. This is not really a big issue, as 2 to 3 hours of charging seems to be sufficient.
Totally and utterly brilliant
Is it a lion? No, it's not a lion-sized speaker with discombobulating bass.
Is it a chihuahua? No, it's not irritating and yappy - it can handle the bottom end.
It's a dog - it's a terrier with an enormous roar.

This nifty little speaker packs a punch. With a really small footprint and good looks it can sit on a shelf and be pretty much unnoticeable, yet bung some tunes through it, turn it up and it totally booms it out.

Very quick service (thank you muchos) too.
Easy Listening
I was impressed with the quality and clarity of the SW50, especially compared to the HTC speaker. Having a built in microphone is a bonus since you can use it for calls too. Battery consumption is good. The lack of a built in volume control isn't a problem since the phone's volume control works well. Bluetooth Connection is automatic and painless.
Excellent for Home Office
This device works a treat. Spend many hours a week on conference calls and tho sis like having my very own conferencing unit. Recommended for anyone that wants a handsfree office!
Wired for sound
Product arrived quickly and well packaged, did not take very long at all to test on Galaxy II, iphone4 and Ipad. Have used other speakers, wired, but found the performance supprisingly good. As a speaker phone it works well, but also dead hand for watching film on the ipad without tripping over or being restricted by wires. Just wondering if you could connect two and get stereo!!!! Now that would be something.
I purchased the sound wave SW50 recently, I needed a speaker for my mobile phone so that my family could listen to other members of the family when they rang my mobile phone ,what a fantastic little device this is so clear and loud ,we now don't have to crowd around the phone now to listen it really is that good,and if you have music on your phone ,again when played through the speaker is clear and loud , I have no hesitation in recommending this device
Pocket Rocket!
I purchased this speaker after looking at several portable speakers. I needed something to use in the garden and when in the park on those nice summer days!

This speaker is fantastic - for the compact size of the speaker it produces a sound that punches well above its weight with excellent sound clarity and bass reproduction. I like it so much I am going to buy another one to keep in my garage when I am working.

This speaker would also make a perfect gift! SW50 speakers all round!
Infinitely good...
Got the device on friday, (a couple of days after i ordered it! thanks mobilefun...) but what can i say?
Easy pairing, awesome sound quality for such a small speaker and a cool and funky design.
Admittedly I did look around the net for more info on the speaker and it has really good reviews.
Perfect product for people who want to take their music with them but without killing your phones battery life by using the internal speakers and to top it off for £20...you really cant go wrong.
Astoundingly good
Like so many others who have taken the time to write a review this little speaker literally had my eyebrows raised in shock at the volume and depth of the sound!

I've heard and used another very well known mini speaker and they are good but I wanted something bluetooth, this arrived and again like others was surprised at how small the package was - opened up and the speaker is physically very sleek with a metallic red domed speaker in the piano black housing it had a good weighty feel to it.

Took me a couple of tries for my android ICS phone and tablet to find it for some reason but once connected - WOW, it made me jump with how loud it was.

Superb sound and decent bass for it's size especially if you place it on a glossy surface, our glass coffee table just seems to accentuate the sound!

Buy one now, you really wont be disappointed.
loved it
I ordered this product & within a few days I received it. I found the speaker fairly easy to set up on my galaxy s2, however... when I tried to pair my galaxy s3 to this Bluetooth speaker device I was unable to. So, if anybody can help me & has a solution, I would really appreciate that.good product, was very impressed with the sound quality & bass that came from such a small speaker but feel slightly let down by the fact that I cant sync my new handset with it.
loved it
I ordered this product & within a few days I received it. I found the speaker fairly easy to set up on my galaxy s2, however... when I tried to pair my galaxy s3 to this Bluetooth speaker device I was unable to. So, if anybody can help me & has a solution, I would really appreciate that.good product, was very impressed with the sound quality & bass that came from such a small speaker but feel slightly let down by the fact that I can sync my new handset with it.
Great for home & away
Really useful and powerful little speaker.
Excellent speaker phone
I bought this to use with an HTC Desire HD, which has a rather quiet speaker phone. It fits the bill brilliantly. It's small, rechargeable and clear for phone calls. Connection with my phone over bluetooth was trivial. I see lots of people use it to play music, and it does that well too. Amazing for such a small device.
I can't believe how good this is - have had great fun hiding it and getting people to guess where the sound is coming from (someone actually thought I had a fish tank with speakers! It bluetooths with my iphone so is great for listening to radio/music in the bath!! Can't wait to use it in the garden in summer
Useful gadget
I wanted a device which I could use as a hands free and hear clearly. This does the job perfectly. One drawback is the lack of a volume control on the speaker phone whcih would be useful praticularly when listening to music.
I was very much surprised at the size (much smaller than I thought) and the performance/quality of what turns out to be a little monster and a must have device. It's glossy and of substantial build, pairs effortlessly via Bluetooth and the sound well it has to be experienced to be believed. I have never heard anything so small fill a large room with such quality sound. This device is extremely portable and will get well used by me. If you buy a USB charger and connect the supplied USB lead to it you can run this speaker for as long as you require and not be limited by the inbuilt battery charge, although the battery runs the speaker for a good amount of time. The device comes with a handy gel matt because on some surfaces it can try and dance a little on its own to your music on the higher volumes, it really likes the bass.
It does what is say's on the box
I purchased this because the speaker volume on my netbook was so low that it was really useless.
The soundwave speaker solved all my problems and worked exactly as specified. A very satisfied customer.
Amazing Sound Quality
I cannot believe how good the sound quality is. I easily connected to all my bluetooth enabled devices. The sound is crisp and clear and for the size of the device the bass is amazing. I also used it during a conference call on my Blackberry and everyone at the meeting wanted to know where I got it from because it was so impressive.
great speaker
this is a great little speaker, my i phone and i pad are great with this speaker good sound, handy little size. get one you will be amazed the at the sound
I am hard of hearing but I like to listen to spoken word material on my Iphone - even in the bath!
When in the bath I cannot keep my hearing aids in! They like the water even less than the Iphone! The SW50 is the answer. The phone can be safely placed away from the water AND I can hear everything - as clear as a bell!
Brilliant for it's size!
Im not one for reviewing products really, but in this case i had to make an exception. In all fairness, i was expecting something a little bigger but as soon as i synced it up to my S2....Shocking!! Sound clarity/quality is brilliant and the black gloss finish on the speaker fits in perfectly in any room in my flat.

The added feature of being able to answer phone calls on it is awesome! Highly recommend!
Knockout Sound!
I brought this speaker as a gift for my brother and was absolutely amazed by the quality of this small speaker. I have previously purchased branded bluetooth speakers from the likes of sony and they have been expensive and nowhere near as good as this one. The speaker has a very sleek and modern design in a piano black finish. The amount of bass and sound you get from this speaker really fills up any room. Buy without hesitation if you are looking for compact portable speaker at a budget price which punches well above its weight!
Very Happy
Wow! What a compact little thing the SW50 is but don't be fooled. I have used it all over my flat having a shower, chilling reading a book, cooking in the evenings and getting ready to go out with the girls. It really is brilliant and my mates have already asked me where to get one! It's going to be great when we go to the festivals this year not to mention having unlimited tunes on our beach hols. Buy one you won't regret it. Love it! Love it! Love it!
Size DOESNT matter (in this case)
Shocked to see something so small arrive (btw thanks Mfun for fast delivery) but i cant fault it. I just recently had a poker night with all my mates over and it was perfect to break the tension of high stakes poker game (lol)
Everyone was really impressed with the sound quality from a small sleek device and the fact that they could sync their phones to it with no hassle and listen to a variety of music!! Spot on!
It really is a cutie, so small but perfectly formed. Really enjoy playing my favourite tunes on this speaker and can take it anywhere without aggravating my parents! Really good quality sound and the base is good too considering how small it is. Cant wait for summer to come along now gonna get a lot of use for sure. Thanks
Excellent portable speaker
I brought this because I needed an external speaker to use with my iPhone / iPad. Despite the size being very small and neat, the quality of sound that comes out of it is amazing. It has a good range of sound , and the bass is excellent. It paired up with both devices without any problems. Very pleased with it. I would recommend it to anyone.
Jaw Droppingly Good
I have to be honest I dont how I can praise this speaker enough. I have been looking for a small bluetooth speaker that I can use in my office so anyone can sync their devices to it. I used to use a Sony MBS200 but the sound of the speaker was quite tin-ie. But the thump of the base you get from this device is brilliant. I also love that I can use it as a speaker phone so I dont have to use my rubbish iphone headphones anymore while im working. 5* Star product!
Daughter loves it
I was a bit apprehensive when clicking buy as this was part of my daughters birthday present and I was not sure if she would like it? Now I spend most of my time telling her to turn it down! She uses it with her Ipod touch we got her for Christmas and she really seems to like it. No complaints from a 11 year old going on to 18 year old a good test in itself. For me it is good value and a great add on gift. First time buying with MobileFun too and I will be back - very good. Thanks.
Good bit of kit
Great buy and still finding places to take this great little gadget. Bluetooth as well so no annoying wires to worry about either. Your favourite music wherever you want and at this price you cant grumble. Happy days!
Fantastic Design
I purchased this speaker after falling in love with the fantastic design. There are many bluetooth speakers on the market, but I was drawn to the unique design of this one straight away and a bargain for the price. The sound quality is most impressive and you can also use the speaker as a hands-free when you receive a phone call and I am happy to say the sound clarity of the hands free is brilliant. I am very pleased with my purchase.
After taking delivery of this speaker I was very impressed with the sound that came out of it. This little speaker sounds great and I can't wait to take it on picnics with the family. Not only is it portable and with no wires to connect you cant go wrong. Expect good quality sound and great craftsmanship. A real bargain at this price.
Happy Camper
I go camping a lot and I was looking for a portable and compact speaker to take with me that does not take up a lot of space, so this speaker was the perfect solution. The battery life is excellent considering it is bluetooth and it easily with a mini usb charger if needed. The build quality is excellent so I dont have to worry about damaging the speaker when I am in the great outdoors! This speaker is an excellent travel companion for anyone who is going on a trip or even just grilling a few burgers on the barbecue. You need this speaker in our life!
Loving it like that!
This is a quality piece of kit that is soooo portable it is untrue. Great sound and banging bass what more can you ask for. To be honest I am amazed by this little beauty. Liking the hands free bit too - with auto music stop and start again. One word - quality! Thanks Mobilefun another seamless purchase.
Easy Peasy
It's so simple to use I paired it with my iPhone 4s & in a few seconds I was playing my music instantly!! It came with a handy USB charging cable so I've put it right next to my PC & I would recommend this speaker for good sound quality and stylish retro shape.
No Wires
Brilliant sound and the bass is excellent from such a compact speaker, connects with bluetooth so no wires, take it with you anywhere and listen to music up to 10 metres away!!!
Excellent Sound Quality
Brilliant sound from such a small device, I'm absolutely delighted with it. If you're looking for a speaker phone then this is the one to get.

I ordered it yesterday, delivered today by standard post. Excellent service by MobileFun and Postman.

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