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Sony Xperia Z3 / Z3 Compact / Z2 Magnetic Car Charger Reviews

Keep your Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 compacy, Z2, Z1 Compact and Z1 fully charged on the road with this magnetic car charger. As an added bonus, you can charge an additional USB device from the built-in USB ports!
  • Mobile Fun ID 47070

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 2.3 stars from 3 customers

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far from satisfactory
for the the price of this item i was hoping for a whole lot more
my two main issues were

1) The charging unit does not seem to work in all cars' 12v sockets. It worked in 1 of my 3 household cars only. However when it does work the blue lit LED around the top of the device is a nice touch

2) The magnetic charging cable - I am a big fan of magnetic charging and have other cables made by different manufacturers. The one supplied with this unit does not give as satisfactory 'snap' on connection to the phone. It will drop off easily if handling the phone but once safely in my screen mounted cradle I was able to drive without it dropping off.
Mobile fun service good - offered returns but that is more hassle to me that I don't need.

I have since purchased a much better [and cheaper] charger.
I would obviously not recommend this product.
Very poor
I oreder the magnetic charger for my Sony experia Z3, it arrived within 2/3 days, very good service as usual.
But the products are very poor. The magnetic charger is useless, the slightest movement of the lead and is disconnects, also you may not be aware. I connected my phone to it, and left for over 5 hours, when rechecked it had only put in 5/10% charge.
The car usb plug, I cant use, as it cause`s major interference in the car radio. I have tried in 2 other cars, with the same result.
I have not got around to sending them back, due to family issues, but will do in the next day or so.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Steve

Sounds like you might have a faulty unit, please return to us.
Perfect! I was a little worried that opening & closing the flap for the standard charging port would eventually see it break & hence lose the waterproofness of my Z3 phone & Z2 tablet. This magnetic charging lead connects very easily to the external charging dock points, thanks to the powerful little magnets, and removes the need to open the flaps covering the charging port. Couldn't be happier.

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