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Sony Xperia Z3 Desktop Charging Dock Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your Xperia Z3 with this stylish desktop cradle which also acts as a multimedia viewing stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 50547

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 4.6 stars from 13 customers

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Finnicky about charging
Hard to give this a decent score as its very fiddly to actually get the phone in the right spot to charge .
When you do its all well and good but takes some accuracy to position the phone exactly over the magnetic ports and for the charging to kick in .
Sometimes it works first time others time it takes slight adjustments which can become annoying .
everything is fine. I received all i ordered
Rescued my phone!
When the USB charging port stopped working, I panicked - my phone is my alarm clock, my diary, my camera... I can't easily go without it. Luckily the dock arrived in days, and works beautifully. I can charge my phone overnight without a problem, and it's nice to have a stand for my phone to watch videos and read from my bed. It's easily portable and works just as well as I hoped.

The only drawback is that the magnet which should ensure the phone is positioned correctly isn't quite strong enough, so sometimes it takes 4 or 5 goes to line the phone up with the charger. It isn't that big of an issue though, and once it's connected it stays put well. It's a useful charger, and particularly useful as a back-up, in case your USB port ever malfunctions.
Works well, looks nice, worth buying.
It does charge my Sony quickly and easily
Quick and excellent delivery, product very easy to use and extremely useful. It doesn't do dishes but that is not why I bought it. It does charge my Sony quickly and easily.
Works brilliantly
The sony xperiaZ3 compact charging dock works brilliantly and I am very pleased with it. The dash mountable mobile holder took me a while to work out how to install but once I did I am quite pleased with it also.
docking station
Brill it is very easy to use the phone fits in perfectly does not drop over am very pleased with it
Does the job
While this dock does the job, it can be quite fiddly to get the phone to sit in the correct place to charge.
Sleek & Stylish
After picking up my new Z3 I was definitely in the market for my first dock and I was not disappointed. It is sleek, stylish and looks the part. The phone sits in the dock very nicely but as a bonus comes with a removable insert should you wish to keep a case on the phone. Charging from a complete drained battery to 100% took approx 4 hours which is quite good for the magnetic port. The base is suitably lined as well and avoids sliding on the desk is the phone is operated whilst docked. Definitely worth the money and would highly recommend to everyone.
I like the product.

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