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Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH20 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Sony Bluetooth headset SBH20 enables wireless handsfree calling with amazing sound quality ans beautiful design.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38300

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 4.6 stars from 28 customers

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Very good item. Great customer service!
Item ideal for my needs
The Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH20 is ideal for many of my needs. The earplugs are very good with quality sound, and with rubber sizing options they fit comfortably under my crash helmet when listening to directions from Google Maps sent from my handlebar mounted Smart Phone. The device is also highly effective when working out in the gym listening to music with excellent bluetooth range.
handy bluetooth accessory
I replaced a Samsung device with this one after I wore the other one out! I cycle a lot, and this prevents wires trailing everywhere. I can answer calls without stopping. The buttons are easy to negotiate, and the sound quality is excellent through decent headphones. You can also connect it via aux in to a car stereo or hifi unit and control the music from your phon. I love it and I'll get another one when I've worn this one out.
A great little headset
I was looking for a Bluetooth headset for my iPod and noticed this little beauty. It had everything I was looking for and with the Sony name as well. Instant decision, instant purchase. When I received it and set it up it was perfect!
Great Bluetooth device
if you want a simple, easy to use bluetooth headset this is a must. the headphones that come with this are only average at best, but any decent/good headset will work and work well!!
this is quite frankly a great unit, i got one for my girlfriend and she loves it, iv'e tried it and am very impressed with the music functionality and the voice call quality is great too.
for the money its well worth it imo!!!
Quality two-device headset with brilliant sound
I bought this to replace a generic BT device which accidentally got washed... This is excellent. I needed something to connect to the tablet I use for a Sat-Nav, as the speaker volume on that is too low for use in a truck, but I also needed to connect to the phone as well. This pairs to both easily and simply. Good Bluetooth range. If you move out of range then back (as I sometimes have to on deliveries) it reconnects to the phone immediately as the more important device; the table has to be manually reconnected but that only takes a second. Sound quality is excellent from both devices though occasionally I've had occasional grumbles about the quality from the mic - but that may just be me not speaking clearly. Now discounted, it's excellent value and MobileFun's service was at it's usual first class level.
Fantastic product!
I have purchased a number of bluetooth headsets, and I admit this one is my favorite and easier to use. The product has been received within just 3 days via DHL International after ordering it which is amazing!
After opening the case, it just literally took no more than a minute to pair it with my phone and operate it. Simple, elegant, comfortable on ear and reliable. Very pleased and highly recommended!
I had a sonny mw600 which was brilliant but wouldn't work on my new phone, I couldn't afford the sbh50 so I made do with the sbh20 which has a good sound but the clip and the controls aren't as good as the mw600.
this item is exactly what i was looking, light-weight, good battery life and excellent sound quality,
Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH20 
Brilliant dose every think it say about it
Brilliant dose every think it says
not as expected
I have purchased this in hope the BT3.0 might perform better than 2.0. Yet i happen to find out that it sucks during the call. Listening to music it does a good job. I tried different solution but none of them worked and thus i came to conclusion that this product is not worth $50.
1. I tried to charge it all night. Still drops the call.
2. I tried different bt device with my phone to check phone's hardware stability but it did not happen with other BT devices.
3. The max i can talk with this is 40 minutes. Also as long as the LED is green you are ok. Even with amber LED you should be ok but here you will drop calls left and right.
4. MIC has not noise cancellation, so you hear this "HiSS" all the time.
5. Talk time: 6 hours (up to)... not true.. 40 min..

The product is not as i expected, battery life is biggest CON. The only Pro is that i can listen to music.

i should return the product..
Great device
After my old sony Bluetooth device broke I came across this recently released one and it was a perfect replacement. Unfortunately the black unit was out of stock, but the excellent communication from the site meant I easily switched to the white and I haven't been disappointed.
Sound quality is very good and the controls are a great upgrade from the old version.
Highly recommended for both the product and service from the site.
What I've been looking for, the recommendation was on the ball
I have been looking for headsets for a while some others had fail to functions and I was hesitant in purchasing any more. The Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH20 - White was recommend to me and it lives up to expectation so far no problems works great, nice sound and clear phone calls I'm using it on Galaxy S4 and on home sound system with a jack plugged in for music.
Excellent product
I ordered it on mobilefun.com, and had it delivered couple of days ago. It took me a while to write a review as I was trying out this product.
Excellent design, does goes well with xperia z. grabs attention

good usability

Does hold fair amount of charge

good sound quality


main keys - back and forward are hard to press

holding clip may seem clumsy in some occasions.

Overall .. I liked it - would recommend others.
will complete survey when my order is complete ......
Excellent Sound Quality
The SBH 20 is perfect for todays large screened smart phones; it allows you to connect your favourite earpiece/headphones without the risk of yanking out the wire or worse damaging your precious device. Being Sony it's build quality is first rate, the classy clip rotates allowing positioning at any angle and because the unit is small and lght it can be securely attached to a shirt collar and you forget it's there.
Battery life is very good, easily lasting all day with heavy use. When it needs re-charging this is done through the increasingly common micro USB. Finally the best thing about great little device is the sound quality; with Bluetooth 3.0 (which gives a reliable/ good range as you move around) and A2DP the sound is amazing; my recommendation is not to use the included earpiece which isn't the best, but to substitute your favourite 'high quality' earpiece/headphones and prepare to be amazed when listening to music or on a call (the built in microphone is sensitive and fine for calls). For me this device gives me the best of both worlds; I can have my large screen device without looking naff when holding it to my ear when I make a call.
Perfect if you don't want to be opening the headphone flap all the time!
Usual top notch service from MobileFun, got it next day!

I didn't really like opening the flap to the headphone socket every little time I wanted to listen to music, so looked at what Sony official wireless headphones that were available and not too expensive.

Box comes with short in ear headphones, left wire shorter than right, allows the wrap behind ears, instead of the usual same length left/right option. Earphones have three different size silicon ear buds, middle fit fine for me. Also a Micro USB to USB lead for charging.

Pairing was simple via NFC. Simple controls, play, stop, forward, back, up and down volume, on and off switch.

Can't really fault them, the sound was amazing, got some serious bass if you enable the equalizer with bass boost.

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