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Sony SmartWatch 2 Android Watch - Silver Metal Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Check out Facebook posts, catch up on tweets, texts and email as well as play music using the newly designed, waterproof Sony SmartWatch 2 with a silver metal strap.
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 4.4 stars from 41 customers

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Effortless Style
So easy to set up...Simply download the apps, you want, to your phone and they appear on your watch. Choose a watch face, or create your own with apps displayed on it. At first i wasn't really fussed about the "Brazilian" but it's a very good quality strap (better than the rubber one)and is now my strap of choice. An easy two days on battery, three if not using the bluetooth.
Fantastic boys toy
I have been looking at getting a smartwatch for some time now and after reading some great positive reviews about this one i decided to buy it. Mobilefun was the cheapest place and as a bonus they had the Brazil version that comes with 2 straps so i would have a spare just in case. I bout this to use with my new Sony Xperia Z2 and the unit compliments both its style and functionality really well. Setup was quick with NFC just tap the unit to the back of the phone and bing all done. The apps are great and with the sony phone they sync perfectly, I can also setup custom watch faces to show me what i want and not just generic info that is of no use to me. the unit is a great help as i tend to have my phone on silent a lot due to work and the watch helps me to not miss a txt email tweet or appointment. on top of all of this the unit is so slick and looks great when im in a suit for work or just jeans and a tshirt when i'm out with friends. Hands down best mobile purchase ive made in ages trust me if your on the fence get off it and get this unit now.
Very nice watch.
Sony smart watch 2
Excellent item. Quite easy to charge and workout, only disappointing thing is you can't use it like a beem me up Scotty as you can't speak into it, you can start a call but still need phone to speak to people. Ideal for seeing text messages and emails.
Sony Smartwatch 2
The sony smart watch has been extremely useful device. It is very hard to miss any call or message and it is extremely helpful for professional.
This device woks well with Samsung Galaxy Note3
The perfect gift?
Not being a techie, even though this item was on my son's Christmas list, I carried out some research and decided to purchase from Mobile Fun. Good service, good price and excellent delivery.
Great watch!
It is awesome, easy to use and easy to set up. It automagically updates and you don't even notice.
Its a little bit buggy but it is not a deal breaker and the updates so far have been fixing most of them. The only downside is that the screen scratches easily so you need to be careful with it.
I did quite a bit of research before buying this watch and it was totally worth it. It's a great watch and mobile fun delivery was really quick and good.
Great item
Fast Del great watch
Excellent product no problems thank you for your dedication.
Its good but how good.
The Smartwatch2 has a ton of potential to be awesome but I think its gonna take Sony some time. I was hoping for tons of clock faces and there's only 5 on the device (I assume more will come.. Like one with month day and digital time that I want) you can DL packs of watch faces off the play store, but because they are constantly being pushed from the phone, not running of the device it apparently drains the battery much faster. I didn't personally try it but that's what a lot of reviews are saying and a few days worth of battery was a must have when I purchased it. Too scared 2 test the waterproof-ness. Jusy wanted it to be able to handle rain. The metal band would be sweet if it fit just a little tighter, can't take another link off, then it would be too tight. I like the device, it has a lot of neat uses like changing track or pausing (the spotify extension that I use doesn't have any more features than play pause skip and back but I still think its awesome.) Good buy, but I want a new watchband..
Cool gadget
My son loves his sony sw2. He receives messages on the watch, controls music an other functions. It looks cool.
Very cool gadget with function!
The Sony Smart Watch 2 is a very nice blend of small-form-factor and function. The size is about as big as any smart-watch should ever be. Some competitors have gone waaay passed that limit already. Pairing the watch was super easy if your phone as NFC - without it, you need to hunt for the right software version on the Google Playstore. The "SW2" software that comes up in the search does NOT link up. I could only get it to work with the software that the NFC sent me to.

Sony's SW2 offers the standard features of what most other smart watches are currently offering and the interface is smooth and responsive. I think the valus is excellent - Sony quality at a competitive price. I am generally pleased with the purchase... However, it is lacking in places. Firstly, it is NOT waterproof. It would seem this day-and-age a water-proof watch is a given. Secondly, the text is quite tiny to read on the watch. This is great to show-off the resolution, but not practical when you want to glance at content. I would hope there is a setting for this, but have not as yet found it.
As good as promised
The product performs exactly as promised. It was very easy to setup initially and it works fairly well with my Samsung Galaxy S III phone. There were more apps than I expected available for the SW2. I wish Sony had made more native watch faces to replace the standard one. It is a nice product overall. It met my expectations.
Great toy
This arrived and paired with the phone with no hassle. Apps then need to be added so best to have wifi available, most are free but there are loads for pennies. haven't tried any of these yet.
This is great for driving when you get a text message, the phone stays legally in your pocket and you see the message on the watch after it buzzes.
It does survive being in the shower but I wouldn't recommend it, it is rather scratchy when you are washing.
Takes a little tinkering with
Great little item n easy to connect simple enough to load apps onto the watch itself better doing this either using your mobile phone or your tablet. Be aware though only one device can be connected to the watch at any time

You have to have it connected to Bluetooth earpiece to hear calls but txt etc is viewed instantly and shows calls coming in
Great device I dare say the more apps are made available the more you will get from this device
Pretty watch lacks functionality
A nice looking watch in its own right. I bought this watch mainly so I could see my emails when they arrived. Unfortunately the e-mail application doesn't work with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2). The text alert works fine but that is far less important to me.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Colin,

We're sorry to hear that you are not totally satisfied with your purchase. This flaw was touched upon in the videos on the product page, however we understand that Sony may be looking into providing an update which fixes this issue.
Sony Smartwatch does what says on the tin
Ordered this on the monday arrived on the wednesday,happy with that.
open it up watch was charged already
put bluetooth on both devices within two minutes all done,downloaded apps required and away I went,I couldnt be more happy with it lets me know number or if their in your contacts who it is,any txts, but not emails
only does that with sony xperia phones, but I knew that anyway,
plenty of apps to download from sony smartwatch site,weather app,music app turnsyour music on on your phone.
all in all excelleant piece of kit
Sony Smart watch 2 bug ridden
As owner of a first generation sony smart watch I have been eagerly awaiting the second generation model, I assumed that at least 18 months down the road Sony may have got this one right, oh how disappointed I am.. Yes the screen is bigger and brighter you can now read the time outside... Bit of flaw in the earlier model :( but it is still bugged by software issues, one week in and I have reset it to factory settings twice.. It just freezes and won't even turn off, the watch does not sync correctly on notifications which means even if you read your txt messages, Facebook updates emails etc on your phone, you still have to open the notifications on the watch to remove the counter. I have tried to use it to answer phone calls this only works about 50 percent of the time as the screen becomes unresponsive.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Phil,

We're sorry to hear that you have experienced difficulties with your purchase.

If you would like to organise a refund or a replacement Smartwatch 2, then please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Services team on 0844 249 5060 - they wi
The Good and The Bad..............
So, second review of the watch, after owning it now for nearly 2 weeks, this is what I like and what I don't like so much.


Love the fact you can get nearly all of your information in one place, multiple email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Texts, RSS feeds, music control,contacts, answer the telephone (very useful if your device is paired with a headset, even the weather! Means your phone can stay safe in your pocket and out of sight as well, no more flashing your £500.00 piece of kit to everyone on the train, tube etc.

Not so good........

The watch can be temperamental at times, meaning sometimes it just refuses to connect unless you reset the device, but it then just syncs. I am sure over time this will improve as Sony releases updated firmware.

Change the buckle to a deployment clasp (24mm standard width fits), the last thing you want is this coming off of your wrist, it is very light and I am sure it could come off and you just wouldn't notice it until you realised that the thing that was on your wrist had stopped buzzing!

So, still enjoying it, in fact was on a flight to South Africa recently and the guy sat next to me couldn't stop looking at my wrist, in the end he had to say "I love your watch, does it connect to your phone?".......... and so the sales pitch began!
Good service
I like mobile fun because I can rely on it. Whoever is managing it does a very good job. Good quality stuff and great service. If I need an accessory I'm not going to the shop first in my mind is mobile fun. When I am expecting a delivery I am not worried I know they will do the best for that my parcell gets to me as quick as possible.
It might sound like an advertising but believe me I'm not one of them, I'm just a happy customer who is enjoying his last purchase. Keep up the good work.
What a watch!!
Sony have defiantly out done themselves this time around what a smart-watch they have created its so cool looks like your phone this time around and with the black metal strap it looks amazing.

now down to the watch its-self

1.connection this is so easy like it says one touch on the back of the watch and your good to go (with NFC)you have to download the new app from android play store SW2 but after this sinks with your phone and you get your messages, email, twitter.. ect this watch also has a whatts app application on play store for 99p works well.. all i can say is you will not be disappointed with the new smart watch 2 go buy it...
All-round good smart watch
I have had this watch for about a week now and after reading some poor reviews on the watch was a little worried about it. But so far haven't found any problems with mine. I had the second generation watch which I thought was OK but this new one is a massive step up. The product feels much more high end than the last one and you can new see the time in bright sunlight also it does not stick out on your wrist like the previous version. Sony say that the battery will last up to 7 days for low usage and 3-4 days on normal usage personally I am getting 2 days but I do get around 10-20 email alerts every day through the day and multiple texts and various other alerts that I have set up which is the reason I wanted a smart watch (2 alerts every 15 mins or so).

I have given the SW2 4 stars because the battery only lasts 2 days for my level of usage (1 day more compared to the last generation).

Can read the time without switching the back-light on even in the sun
Battery lasts twice as long as the previous generation
IP57 water proof so you don't need to worry about damaging it when washing your hands
Bigger screen and 3 touch buttons
Sits better on your wrist compared with the last generation
One touch NFC link with phone

Bluetooth 3.0 when Bluetooth 4.0 is available and would help with battery issues.
Limited number of watch faces at the moment.
Sony Smartwatch 2 - Worth the wait?............
Firstly, many thanks to mobilefun.co.uk for getting this to me on the release date. Great service as always.

So, onto the watch. First impressions, it is very light. Some of you might like that but I am a big watch wearer if that makes sense and like to know I have something on my wrist. This is so light you will not know it is there so fitted a deployment strap to the watch so that at least if it comes undone it just sits around my wrist. By the way any strap with a 24mm width will fit the watch. Functionality wise as soon as you switch it on and pair it with your device it will download what you need, no issues with that. However, the stock email app for the device only works with Sony phones so you need to search the app store for an alternative. The alternative I downloaded works fine and was free. After the first pairing I walked away from my phone and it lost connection, the pairing of the device seems to be a little hit and miss at the moment, the instructions state that all you have to do is touch the watch on the back of your phone for the NFS to establish a connection, maybe it is just me but I have found myself trying to connect it for a few minutes sometimes - time will tell on this one.

So, overall a reasonable purchase and in my opinion is a better bet than the Samsung version, which is a bit whacky for my liking.

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