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Sony Ericsson Sonic Ball Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge and play your Sony Ericsson Walkman phone with the Sonic Ball
Price: £25.97
Charge and play your Sony Ericsson Walkman phone with the Sonic Ball
 4.4 stars from 9 customers

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Well worth it!!!!!!!!!1
This sonic ball is a good buy and comes with everything you need. Charges very quick even when listening to music at the same time.
Cool gadget
This item is good for playing music, not so good with the calls or using the radio as it interfears with the speakers. What you have to do is turn the volume of the phone up to the max and the work off the volume of the device, this gets rid of the hissing, otherway round, you'd get anoyed with it. Good to have.
Class product. I'm a big sony ericsson fan and this is ideal
Yes, it does work with the little Z530i...
Ok, so the ball is orange and the phone isn't. But - and for a reason I can't explain - this Sonic Ball and the Z530i sounds excellent. (Maybe it's because the Z530i and the Walkman W300i share the same hardware). The Z530i sits perfectly in the ball, and the phone's external orange display shows playback info; good enough for a simple MP3 device on anyones desk!
Decent enough
Simple to use, matches the W800i very well and is more compact than other units out there and charges the phone aswell. Just one thing which got me, to put the volume up you have to hold the button down rather than tap it!
Very good
Cool product, sadly doesn't work so well with calls as with mp3 player - and the radio doesn't work very well as there doesn't seem to be an arial on it. Good for mp3 player on desks etc.
Sounds pretty damn good
Its not gonna rival £10000+ Hi-Fi's but it sounds a lot better then you think it would. Very impressed!
Great product
Great product - doesn't work on the radio function though, the phone allows you to select the radio because it thinks it's on handsfree, however the unit does not have an arial so reception is terrible. For MP3, charging and usb connection it's great.
not bad for the price
Don't expect fantastic sound quality but for the price it's adequate and a handy 2nd charger.

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