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Sony Ericsson BST-33 Battery Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Replacement Sony Ericsson BST-33 Battery. Stay fully charged and never run out of power again.
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 4.8 stars from 26 customers

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Just the job
The battery in my four-year-old Sony Ericsson k800i used to last a good week on standby with occasional use, but recently started to run flat within a day of charging. Okay, it's an old phone by today's standards but I like it and it does what I need, so I was really hoping it wasn't the phone itself that was at fault.

I ordered one of these BST-33 batteries, hoping for the best, and it's fantastic. I'm really happy to say that my phone's original performance is now fully restored.

I was a bit concerned that the phone might be too old and that brand new batteries might no longer be available, so I did some searching around before I landed here. One thing I noticed was that there are some very cheap alternatives being advertised elsewhere online, often described as 'extended life' and some even claiming to be Sony Ericsson originals; but from reading the buyers' reviews it's clear that these may not be what they seem, so shop with care.

In contrast, these available from MobileFun are undoubtedly the genuine article, and they perform as you would expect them to. So as always, it's worth remembering that if something sounds far too cheap to be true, it probably isn't what it appears to be - you inevitably get what you pay for.

I'm very happy, both with my purchase and with MobileFun whose service was flawless from ordering through to delivery. I'll definitely shop here again for quality and peace of mind.
Excellent, top quality battery.

This battery has bought a new lease of life back to my phone. One overnight charge keeps me going for days, and I'm a heavy user.

I think it's better than the battery that came with my phone originally.

What swung my choice to buy from MobileFun were the other customer reviews. I would also like to add my "satisfied customer" stamp here too.

Brand New Battery
I saw a brand new battery for my phone so I ordered it. This time I can charge it up and it will last a lot longer than my current battery which I will throw out once I get it. It was quickly received so it didn't take that long to get it either. Would recommend buying from this sight again.
The Real McCoy
The ageing batery in my phone only lasted a couple of days when it used to last a week or so. This battery arrived packed, completely discharged (indicating it had never been used before) and easily lasts a week. I paid extra for it and I am glad I did. The last "cheap" original BST 33 I bought was worse than my original battery and went straight in the bin. You get what you pay for.
Very pleased
My Sony Ericsson Battery collasped on the 23rd of December; My phone was about to die over Christmas, I had purchased a, what they call 'compatable' battery from Amazon, it only lasted 2 months, so I searched the web for a proper Sony Ericsson Battery, I found your site, the battery was a good price and promised delivery,at no extra cost, on Christmas Eve! My family all said 'No Way, what is this dodgy website?' I said it had good reviews and I thought it sounded ok! To their amazment the little battery dropped onto the front door mat, as promised,on Dec 24th. I charged the new battery up for 16 hours and then let it run right down, it lasted 4 days before I had to re-charge and is now working as new! I highly recomend this Website. Thank you Mobile Fun I shall use you again Sue
Good as new
Having seen some product reviews warning of the deficiencies of counterfeit replacement batteries for mobile phones, I am pleased to say that this product performs to specification and is as good as the original battery supplied with the phone
The Genuine Article
This battery is the genuine article. Last's longer and no more "Alien Battery" message when you charge the phone up.
badly needed replacement part
I was looking for a replacement battery for my sony ericsson satio phone as the original battery has never held a charge for more than 36 hours, I purchase one from this site and am absolutely delighted with it, also delivery was very quick. Would recommend to friends and family.
I received the baterry as ordered and received within 3 days time which is very good considering having to search in the shops and extra mileage for fuels and time and shop price no doubt. The price is very competitive and I am more than happy to choose doing the same again and highly recommend this venue to anyone.
Sony Ericsson BST 33 Battery
Battery arrived super quick at a good price; holds its charge well. Very pleased. Thanks.
Despite all the great reviews, I was a little nervous that this would not be a genuine BST-33 battery.

However, once it arrived (within a very short space of time) I was happy to open and find the real thing.

A long lasting and reliable battery. Perfect.
Proper battery
Excellent product - this one holds its charge properly unlike others sold on (well known) sites.
Sony Ericsson BST-33 Battery
Quick delivery, genuine product - highly recommended. Battery holds its charge.
Replacement Sony battery
The replacement works very well and is an improvement over the original which was getting "tired"
Fair price and good service
Worth Money
This battery holds it's charge about 3 times longer than the cheap generic one I had before. Definately worth the extra money.
good genuine product
I was always sceptical about named products when not bought from the manufacturer but I was really pleased and had decided that my phone was no longer any good. I purchased both the charger and battery for a fraction of cost and now I am able to use my phone no problems I will certainly use again thanks so much?.
Sony Ericsson BST-33 Battery
I can well recommend MobileFun, I ordered a Sony Ericsson BST-33 Battery for my phone which is getting on now, so didn't know if anyone would have one in stock. I received the new battery two days later, it was in a pre-packaged plastic case and Was an Original Sony Ericsson BST-33 Battery. :-)
Great Service
I would just like to say how pleased i was with your price and delivery time well done i will recomend to friends
Mobile phone battery
This replaced an ailing battery that had had been erratic in losing its charge altogether suddenly. The new battery still seems to become flat rather quickly, but predictably so at the end of its period of powering the phone.
Better than so called extended life batteries
I bought on extended life battery from this website, which turned out to be pants. If the phone was left on, but not on charge over night, it would be nearly dead by the morning. Even when screensaver was on, and no software running.

So I have had to buy another battery, this time I went for an original. Much better, lasts far longer on standby.

Given the current prducts on the market, I would stick with buying this (original) battery as a backup battery - as the others are a waste of money.
Fast delivery, great product
Correct battery came in quick time, perfect transaction
Sony Ericsson BST-33 battery
Finally a genuine sony battery at a good price. Ordered 5 'genuine' batteries from else where and what turned up was completely different to what was advertised. Also very fast delivery, received within 24 hours. Would defiantly use mobile fun again. Thank you.
Sony Ericson BST-33 Battery
Excellent product, competitive price, fast delivery. Thank you.
Great Service
The product I ordered at 4PM was in my hand at 7AM the next day. That's what I call providing a great service. Highly recommended.

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