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Sonivo SW100 Bluetooth Speaker Phone - Gold Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Sonivo SW100 Gold Bluetooth Speaker packs improved sound quality in a contemporary package, which allows you to enjoy your calls or music hands-free.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44730

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 4.7 stars from 14 customers

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Stunning stuff
This is an unbelievable speaker system. So much better than the speakers on our LG TV and the laptop. I was not convinced it would be as good as it is. Excellent for travel as well as day to day use. My phone can reproduce different equalized sound output. You can't go wrong at the price.
I am convinced!
So, I wanted a small bluetooth speaker with long battery life and really good sound to put in my rucksack whilst skiing and general use when out and about. Pretty much impossible I thought.
I am a bass junkie and knew that almost everything bar the expensive kit would disappoint in deliverying low frequency sounds.
Well, this little (and it really is small) speaker is very impressive. No, it does not rival my Onkyo separates but it is really, really good.

No distortion, ever. None.
Loud enough to fill almost any room well. It can go 'too loud for a bathroom'...
Very good bass, ignoring the size. That was my main worry but it's great.
Mid and treble also very good.
Clarity is great.
Battery life is ages. I have not had time to run it down in the last week of evenings.
Range is not amazing. I find with my S4 in my pocket, facing away from the speaker, it can cough and splutter at about 4m. With clear line of sight it can go to at least 10m.

If you are unsure of which BT speaker to buy, spend a few quid on this one (it is very cheap asfter all) and I promise you will not be disappointed. It is good, very good.

I am pleased with my purchase and will not be upgrading any time soon.
Great product
I bought this item because I would like to listen to my playlists louder and with crystal clear sound. And this is what I got! Thanks!
Sceptic proved wrong
These are incredible speakers for the price and size. The aluminium construction and rubber mat ensure that the bass response is excellent. If you have any doubts then don't worry and place an order!
Absolutely great
Superb sound, easy to pair, very impressed
what a fantastic sound, 11/10
what a fantastic speakers, very load and clear for the size,it sound like BOSE , if it was, would cost 10 times that!! setting Bluetooth was straight forward NO Problem ,highly recommended , in fact today I ordered another one for my son. Buy it before it,s gone you would be very very happy with these speakers>>>
I recently purchased this speaker because I'm going away and I needed something to play my music. It is a fantastic speaker sound quality is very clear no problems at all which was suprising considering the bargain price! Easy to use and looks great too as a nice bonus...would recommend to anybody great buy
All I can say, what a fantastic piece of kit.
Does everything it claims, and very well!
Service great, have recommended it to all my friends.
Top job
This is the one
After much comparing of small bluetooth speakers this seemed the best price. It was received very quickly and is a great speaker. The sound for something that small is great!.Battery runs for around 6 hours on a full charge. This is my second speaker order got to have it in white and have three friends who have ordered one after being impressed.
Very disappointed
Music was distorted and intermittent. A big disappointment.
Real sounds
I sometimes listen to the radio on my iPhone but the sound is thin and tinny. So when I saw this Bluetooth speaker I thought it was just what I needed - and it was. When I paired the iPhone (dead simple) I was delighted with the quality of the sound from such a small product. It now travels with me all the time. Great product at a great price. Now if they could make 2 of them into a stereo pair that would be awesome.
Great product for the price
Just what I was looking for at a nice price. Easy to set up via bluetooth, with a bonus of the 3.5mm jack input for my standard ipod classic... Nice sound reproduction.
Great Speaker
Got the speaker today and it is really good, Easy to setup and the sound is really clear with no distortion even with heavy music.
Well worth getting

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