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Sonivo Sneak Peek Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Ideal for checking the time and viewing incoming calls and messages, this grey Sonivo Sneak Peek case for Samsung Galaxy S4 offers full protection and functionality.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39332
$22.56 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 46 customers

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Very disappointing
I ordered the Navy Sonivo cover for Samsung s4 and for the price I paid, it was a disappointing experience. The cover is cheap looking, flimsy and doesn't close over properly at one corner. the magnet that supposedly keeps the case shut is quite weak. I wouldn't bother with this product.
Very stylish, just the job !!
a modern case of high quality providing good protection for my phone this will increase the life of my device.
Bought it for my Mum for her new white SGS 4. Matching the device perfectly with quick view and stand, so very versatile and nice color combination also much more protection than original Samsung cover.
Bought plenty of items from MobileFun over the years, and as always didn't let me down. Thank You and all the best.
Need to protect my new phone
I searched around to find something to protect my new Galaxy S4. I wanted something more that a silicone cover which I had for my Blackberry. Found the cover and made a comparison to others which are available.
The price seemed good for the flip type cover with a window. Read the reviews and most seemed OK but saw one which marked the product down for having a scratched window. Thought this was unlucky for someone. But the same for me! The window scratched. However I can see the phone OK, it is compatible with the operation of the phone and the rest of it is fine. Not worthy of a return and replacement. So only 4 stars.
it's a nice product
it's a nice product, a nice design and color, but is made from a very poor material and the screen too, is not leather. doesn't worth the money....
Even better then expected
After 1 month of searching for best case for my mobile (and 2 bad choise) i found that this is the best case form my S4.
Case for galaxy S4
great product, protects the phone and able to use the phone without opening case. perfect
Great phone case
This is a great little case/cover for my phone. Solid construction and well fitted. I will be using this one for quite a while.
Very nice colour. I brought the blue one and its a gorgeous colour.

Doesn't fit my phone well at volume button. Difficult to access it. Have to use on screen to adjust.
Best case for me.
I looked at lots of cases for my Galaxy S4 and this one is the best I've found. It gives good, full protection but you can still see who's calling. I don't have to worry about the screen being scratched when it's in my bag. One of my best buys!
Good quality
This is a really gud cover,doesn't look cheap ! The only thing I don't like is that,does not close automatically,a bit hard to open it.
Finally one I can live with...
This is my third cover for my new Samsung Galaxy 4. I thought the last one was good but it wouldn't stay closed. This one, however, does stay closed. I love the bright red colour as it's easy to find in my handbag. The view-windows and other holes are all in the right places and I love it that I can turn it off/on, recharge it, and tell if it's on or off without having to open the cover. The only thing I don't like is that I'd prefer a bit more padding for protection, but it's still one I can live with.
Exactly what I was looking for!
I have had bumper cases in the past but I like to keep the front of my phone and screen protected. I have used a pouch in the past to do this but it becomes massively annoying to actually get your phone out to check the time or answer a call.

With the Sonivo Sneak Peek case you can protect your phone and see the time, accept calls and turn off alarm clocks through the sneak peak window.

The price is insanely good. Pick it up, you won't regret it.
Good Case cover for Galaxy 4s
I like the cover and it is efficient. Not as soft to the touch as I prefer.. but over all, it is a good cover.
i read the details of what it does and it is exactly correct.
Product works great and got it at a great price
Mobile Case
A great item and excellent service from MobileZap.
Poor quality case
This is a poor quality case. The window is a thin plastic that is glued to the inside cover. Mine came unglued within a few days use. Avoid.
Excellent quality product
Needed a case for the new work phone and after searching around found this one which sounded ideal. The case is great quality and sturdy but unlike others, doesn't make the phone bulky. The window area is a brilliant idea as you can see who is calling or what is happening without having to open the case first. Being able to stand the phone to view things is a great touch. Overall this is a great product at a good price.
Better than the Samsung product!
Good quality product which allows you to use the S-view function. Case provides more protection that the Samsung version (having seen a screen cracked by the phone being dropped on it's corner), this version gives a few millimetres absorption around the phone. The stand function works great too, at first I though the weight of the magnet clasp would bring it down in front of the screen but no problems with that. A great addition to a great phone!
Phone Case
TheSonivo Sneak Peak Flip Case fulfilled all the criteria I had for protecting my new phone. It works as advertised and is easy to use.
A really good case but....
Got this case today,does what it says but the plastic in the case was cheap and mine was a bit broken on the bottom and also the plastic window was not transparent and had many scratches on it.
A really nice case
This cases is really well made, material used are of high quality and the case itself looks really nice and premium. The case adds more grip and protection while not adding much bulk or weight, once the flap is closed the whole phone is covered so should you drop it, the phone itself should remain undamaged. The s view function works flawlessly and once the case is flipped open it wakes the phone up instantly. The kickstand is a really neat feature of this case and work brilliantly also. Only con I have with this case is that the volume buttons become harder to press but you get used to it. Overall the case is fantastic, looks nice, offers great protection while maintaining a slim former factor.
Sonivo sneak peak flip case
I ordered the sonivo sneak peak flip case on Saturday night and it was delivered by Monday morning, which i was really impressed with. The case itself is really nice it looks premium yet costs a fraction of the official Samsung s view case while offering much better protection. The phone is kept sturdy and secure in the inner hard plastic casing and once closed the full phone is covered so should you drop it, the phone should remain undamaged and at the same time it manages to keep a thin profile unlike other flip cases which i have been looking at that add a bit of bulk. The s view window lines up perfectly and displays useful info such as the music that is playing, battery percentage, time and date ect. Calls can be taken with the case closed by swiping the s view window, the earpiece cutout lines up perfectly. The material is very nice, adds a lot of grip and looks high quality, i have the blue one which is a really nice dark blue colour. The case also acts as a kickstand which is really useful and angle can be adjusted unlike other kickstand cases. The only con i found with this case is the volume button becomes harder to press, but you get used to it after a while. Overall this case has it all a kickstand, s view window, good protection while it remains slip and attractive.
excellent stand function
Fantasic delivery time from mobilefun. I ordered this on sunday at recieved it this morning. The case is very well made and the sleep sensor works well. I like the fact that you can close the case properly unlike the origional one by samsung where the front cover just flaps around.The stand function is a very welcome feature which I think I will use quite a lot because I do use my s4 in tv mode quite a lot. Im going to try and return my origional samsung case this weekend so I can also buy this case is in navy blue.

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