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Sonivo Premium Wallet Stand Case for Nexus 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Sonivo Premium Wallet Stand Case for Nexus 5 is a sophisticated lightweight black leather style case with a magnetic fastener, sleep/wake and stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42597
$6.94 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 25 customers

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Looked good in photos but very plasticky looking in reality makinga new phone look tacky. More than 1 card in pockets and weak magnet latch does not close. Started looking for replacement within 5 minutes of delivery!
Sonivo Nexus 5 Case - Great
Happy with case. Doesn't feel like leather at all & it's obvious it's synthetic.

Opening and closing of the case does turn on and off the Nexus 5, great.

2 slots for credit cards are really tight and only take 1 card each. The large cash pocket really takes minimal amount of cash. It's by no means a wallet replacement unless you plan to only use credit cards when out.

I do not understand why there are 2 SIM card pocket. I wish they were not there, but an identification card window instead.. it would be more useful, given the nexus 5 doesn't house 2 SIM cards, not does it take SD/MicroSD cards.

The Nexus 5 fits snugly as expected, using the phone while in the case is nice.

The first time using as a stand was disappointing with the closing magnetic clasp strap being in the way, because of the newness of the case; folding the strap back a few times loosened the material, now it works just fine.

4 stars due to lack of practical use for, and tightness of the CreditCard & cash pockets, as well as the wasted space of the 2 x SIM slots.
Sonivo Premium Wallet Stand Case for Nexus 5
Hugs the phone beautifully - soft, tactile - feels like leather When it snaps shut the phone shut downs - powers up immediately on opening. Great to use it as a 'stand'. Well designed product.

Love it.
Sonivo Premium Wallet Stand Case for Nexus 5
My phone overheats while using this, and Google Play advised against using a case that covers both front and back. I don't know if it does contribute to overheating. It is a great case apart from this possible problem.
Sonvio Premium Wallet for Nexus 5
I purchased 2 wallets, one for my wife and a similar one for myself a Nexus 4. My wife was disappointed that the wallet came only in one colour but apart from that she was very happy. Both items were as described.
Good wallet case
Well made, comfortable to use.
Found that it is comfortable to hold in the hand in vertical orientation with the cover set up as it is when used as a stand - better than having to fold the cover right back flat.
Case material doesn't cause me sweaty hands, which is always good!
As a wallet, holds a couple of cards and a couple of folded notes well - card slots also handy for train tickets etc.
Nexus 5 Cover/Wallet
I am very pleased with this product, it's exactly what was advertised and what I wanted.
Perfect folio
Love the case. Perfect Folio imo... Wake/Sleep works, propping up works, case feels good in hand, magnets good strength, card slots mean I can finally ditch my wallet. Definitely recommend.
Great protection
Great wallet type cover for my Nexus 5.I chose the Sonivo as it turns my phone on and off when you open and close the cover.would recommend,not too pricey either.
Fantastic case
I've been scouring the net for a while for the perfect wallet case, and was resigned to getting a cheap case that fit.... that is until I came across an ad for this case.

It's brilliant, from the sleep sensors (automatically put phone to sleep when case is closed) to the card holders, to my favourite feature.... the magnets that can pin the case back. Nothing was more annoying than holding the phone with the case flipping about, and with this case, you could pin it back so it was comfortably out of the way.

Many others will speak about the sleep sensors, and I too agree that it is a great feature, and the wallet case itself is quite sturdy and durable.

Could not recommend this highly enough

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