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Sonivo Leather Style Sony Tablet Xperia Z Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Sonivo Leather style Sony Tablet Xperia Z case in black gives great protection with sleek style. It features a multi-viewing stand and additional credit card and sim-card slots. Perfect for an all-purpose case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39469
$26.54 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 4 customers

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good product for its price
Materials used are a good quality, and device sits nicley within the case. There is one latch at the back that keeps the cover in place allowing for your device to stand up, but it is only allows for it to be in one position. If you turn tablet other way around, it will allow it to be more lower down if it say laying on the table forming good angle. But because some apps do not work up side down it could be a bit of a problem on some occasions.
Sony tablet cover
Excellent product in that it does what I purchased it for. Something to protect the tablet when not in use.
However, it also means you have a permanent cover which can also be left on as it suits the purpose of also being able to use your tablet whilst in the cover.
One draw-back, you tend to pick up things at the end of the cover where it meets the face of the tablet so from time to time you have to remove the cover to clean the debris. A small complaint.
Nice, simple case
- Looks nice
- Fits the Xperia tablet Z perfectly
- Elastic handle is nice (if you're holding it portrait).

- No snap to hold case closed. It has internal magnets that hold the cover closed, but I doubt they would keep it shut if it were to take a tumble (Not going to toss my tablet around to find out...).

Other Comments:
- Would be nice if it had a handle for holding it landscape as well.
Excellent case
Fits like a glove, feels solid, good finishing, all slots on the tablet remain accessible. IR for remote control works fine when the tablet is in the case.

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