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Sonic Boom Portable Vibration Speaker - Purple Reviews

Take your tunes anywhere, turning anything from a cup to a window into a speaker, with the pocket-sized Sonic Boom Portable Vibration Speaker in purple.
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 4.1 stars from 96 customers

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Excellent, but the DC is uncomfortable, chargeable speaker is better or good
Great Speaker
Great Speaker, Easy to use in office. good sound.
Great item!
This little item made my cell phone a much improved asset, particularly in the car. Now I can have any type of music whenever I'm driving, without having to search for CDs or radio stations.
Sounds great
For the small size it give plenty of sound on tin cans,Windows,pizza boxes. The postal service was amazingly fast,great job.
Would recommend
Really good product! Worth every cent. Came almost a week early than I had expected. Sound is great but can sound distorted if played to loud on certain objects. I found that it is best on plastic bins. Can be very loud if put on the right objects.

Overall i would recommend this product to a friend!
Great happy with product
Happy with product, once i got it working with my Tablet,
I had to go to settings,sound, adapt sound and then turn on sound alive, . I feel this information should have come with the instructions, as i am sure there are many who like me ,felt frustrated at first when it appeared speakers were not working. Sound comes through small cardboard box best. Thanks.
Amazing and genius invention
I've had something like this before and it broke easily, so I HAD to buy this one.. I'm over the moon excited to have this speaker again. I stick it to my locker, the coffee can, a to-go box at work (the best!) EVERYONE LOVES IT! It sticks to just about everything and I love seeing what makes for a louder sound. It's simple and easy to use, and if you don't have betteries just use the USB cord.. my kids even love to stick it to the bathtub and listen to their favorite songs while they get ready for school....

It comes with extra sticky pads and easy to follow directions, you basically just plug it in, stick it on, and BAM music amplified through your locker/water bottle/ Togo box/ cooler .. it's portable and small enough to fit in your pocket.. the fact that it didn't cost an arm and a leg is a big upside for my new favorite little speaker!
great gadget
On certain objects it sounds crappy but I was very surprised when I tried it on the side of my toaster.It sounded li8ke a real speaker nut the best sound of all was when spplied to an old milk jug.It sounded like a good quality speaker.The larger the container is the better the soumd.I am Very satisfied
Cracking little gizmo
Really pleased with this little gizmo, so much so that just ordered another to keep in the car! Alright, we're not talking high end sound quality but for this price, it's brilliant! Well pleased,many thanks!
Fun Toy! Concert sound it's not
A fun little gadget. Does what it says on the tin but.. the sound you get depends a great deal on what you put the little speaker thingy on...metal loaf pan=very tinny, cardboard box=ok but sort of muffled, wooden wine box=better--clear sound but volume seems lacking no matter what surface it's put on. So far the mirror in my bathroom seems to work the best. Half the fun is sticking it to all kinds of stuff around the house to see which sounds best!
Sound bit of kit
This isn't original - I had a similar speaker about 15 years ago. However, this version is just as good as the original at a small fraction of the price I paid back then.
How do you use it ? Simply unwind the cables carefully , remove the protective cover from the sticky pad on the rear of the speaker, plug in the mini jack, switch on and enjoy super sound ! The fun is experimenting with different surfaces - a flat surface ( table top, window pane or a plastic tub ) the list is endless.
Great sound from a great bit of kit at a bargain price. Enjoy !
One warning - don't lose the clear plastic tab which protects the sticky pad when not in use.
Massive quality and tiny packages
This is aimed at my Daughter 12 years old! She took it to school and at break she could play it in her locker using it as a amplifier for this magical speaker! Well packaged minimum however most effective, I used the second one and I stuck it to my wheelchairs headrest so no need to have really loud but sounds where there for the listening! Thanks MF! A repeat/return Happy customer again so far 100%
This speaker is a waste of money. It's absolutely rubbish and not loud enough. Phone speakers sound better than this. I do not recommend it
Save your money "honestly"
When you want to turn your music up but the speakers ruin that love of your favourite tracks just kills the moment. Looks great but sounds in a polite way poor. Save your money
This speaker is alot of rubbish
This speaker is alot of rubbish its very quietand not what i expected at all
Useless. Sent back for refund. Pointless, can't hear anything even with the volume on tablet/phone on high
Liked the idea, liked the colour, liked the size of the device, liked the price, sort of! but absolutely —c.r.a.p!!! No other word for it tbh imo.
I tried this with various of devices n attached this to various different objects but hardly a whisper I got out of it, n that was with the volume of my tablet/phone turned right up. Originally I bought two n my sons was exactly the same, so I sent them both back for a refund.

Stay with Olixar, they make much better products than this
not what i thought
i thought this item would make music sound different and louder. it hasn't . ive tried it on cardboard,plastic all sorts of things and the music is quieter than the phone. so not really happy with it.
not what i thought
I don't know if I got the wrong impression of what the sonic boom was supposed to do , but it made my mobile quieter than when the boom was connected. I thought it would make my mobile louder, but as I said perhaps I misread what exactly the boom was. and did. also to be honest I didn't even notice a vibration. I did try on a box and on plastic .
novelty item
i saw this item and i was interested. in a world where bluetooth speakers are already out and about, you would think, why would you buy a speaker that you will need to connect to a device. this is more of a novelty item. how often can you tell people that hey, my book can be turned into a speaker, or grab a box or cup to hear music loudly. the initial reaction would be, hey thats cool, and that was my reaction, but then, i actually sampled the goods. i was over the item in 2 minutes. the sound it makes was not as loud as i hope, and the quality is not i would expect, the vibration over powers the quality of the music where you would just decide, maybe i should just keep this music to myself and not share to people as they might think of it as noise. like those loud cars passing by with their volumes blasting the car speakers. people would look and shake their heads and say, what is that noise that person is listening too. this device has a wow factor, for the first few seconds only.
Sonic, but not much boom
This is a very portable device - easily pocketable and good fun. The name Sonic Boom suggests that the sound is loud, but this is not the case (with mine at least). Of course being a vibrating speaker, the sound will depend on what you attach it to, a cardboard box works well, but it is still not as loud, or as high quality as my normal portable bluetooth speaker - which is not much larger in size and is wireless.
It is a fun item though and good for the price.
Good Stuff
Brought this item for my draughter and she love it. And good value for money.
Thank you
Bought one of these as a birthday present for my son. After a furious argument (about completely other things) we had a lot of fun trying this device on all sorts of surfaces. Solid window was best, but underneath a wooden table top gave very good results too.
Very fast delivery, and it worked good. But I thought it was too weak sound from it.
It was what i expected, but it was much weaker in the sound then I thought it should be. Had I been told there was a stronger model, I would liked to be told that, and bought the strongest.!
Not what I expected
Excellent service not as big as it looked
Portable but not too useful
Good looking, doesnt store power has to be connected to power source to use it. Portable, loud enough as a desk speaker, not really worth the money
suprisingly good
I bought this as a bit of a gimmick not expecting much. I then went on holiday without my speaker radio. I plugged this into my personal radio and stuck it onto a cupboard in our camper. It worked very well and I had to turn the volume down especially as the cupboard emptied. The bass vibration was really good. It aint Hi Fi but it does it's job very well. I didn't find it very good on double glazing at home, but I don't need it there. It sticks fairly well but the surface must be dry as it did fall off a couple of times in damp conditions
WOW... the best portable speaker i've heard!
As usual, MobileFun sent the item the very next day and I was really impressed when I connected it to my iPod... I put the small adhesive pad on the speaker onto a cardboard box and it was amazing! Even the base response was terrific! I showed to some friends at work and they ordered straight away... it is almost too good to be true but believe it - it's GREAT (and sooo inexpensive).
Pleasantly surprised
I read the reviews and I watched the video and the Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker seemed to be too good to be true.
My Samsung Galaxy S Mp3 is quite loud without an external speaker but had no depth in tone even with changing the sound settings.I didn't require loud sounds just better quality and a bit more volume.I have this and more with this device.Its an amazing Gadget.It works well any a variety of items including a book,a tin container.The cost of it is very reasonable and wont break the bank.I am quite a perfectionist with gadgets and like to find the fault with anything,however I am struggling with this.The Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker is small and compact an is easy to set up.I would honestly say that I am happy with this product and would reccomend it.Thank you
Fantastic bass sound , neat little device
This little gem was exactly what I was looking for .. So portable and versitile.. It's great attached to my car window as Im motoring, since most of my good tunes are on my mobile . The sound is great and has a good base sound to it. I would recommend this to any of my friends as it can be used on akmost anything and anywhere.
Thought this wee gadget would be great, unfortunately when I place it on other objects its quite distorted. It's a shame as the sound does come out louder but not clear as I expected.
Handy little speaker
The speaker works as advertised. Sound is of very acceptable quality. Definitely not over-prices. I am satisfied with the purchase!
Wonderfull device
Quite amazing. Does exactly what you see on there video
Good bit of fun to be had.
Great little gadget!!
Ok, can't do a full review yet as I haven't been able to prise it out of my son's grubby little mitts!! But so far I've found it on the fridge door, a shoebox, the dog's biscuit barrel and the front wing of my car!.....It's no Marshall amp, but the quality is quite good and the output is OK, unlike my son's taste in music...but that's just me being a grumpy old man!! Great for when there are more people than available earphone buds, a nice little extra birthday present or stocking filler at Christmas.......I might have to buy a second one if I don't get this one back!!
This is exactly what I needed - truly portable scalable sound. If I said Dancing in the Street works best with a shoe box, but John Butler Trio shine on a desk mounted Barrel of Monkeys, those aren't phrases occurring natural in English, but are weirdly appropriate to the joy of this device.
Works fantastic on empty cardboard box, but not as well on cups, glasses or small metalic objects. Good fun to move around and test on different surfaces. Listened to Christmas carols on medium sized cardboard box, just as though plugged into a big speaker.
Good Vibrations!
Oh boy! Does what it says on the tin...and more, it will play through the tin. How good is that?

I sit out in my solar dome and listen to radio or my own playlists through an old plastic light. Wonderful.

Certainly different. I love it!

First tried it on the box it came in. Plastic bottles. Plastic flowerpots. Sorry Bill and Ben...

Overall, great technology. Useful, handy device.

Tnx Mobile Fun.
Useful for travelling
This works surprisingly well ejpecial(y on hollow objects such as an empty box. Small enough to fit in a pocket it is excellent for the traveller.
Just like it says on the tin
Brilliant gadget, advertised on 360 Tech months ago, now it is out, I recommend you buy one, does exactly what it says on the tin. No more additional speakers required, any solid object is your new speaker.
Who would believe it??!!
This is an amazing little gadget. I wouldn't have believed that it could make any hollow item into a speaker but it does!!!!!! Sound is air vibrating I suppose. Where ever it is, in a bottle or under a table!!!! Or in a wardrobe!!!!!!!
Less 'boom' than I'd hoped, but a fun little package
I've come to the conclusion that I had unrealistic expectations of this product, as its actually really well designed, well built and pretty good fun. What it's not, is a serious speaker to amplify music and movies.

I had visions of being able to find something cool and innovative, beyond what I'd seen on YouTube videos, to stick this too which would create a sound so loud and clear that the neighbours would complain as I enjoyed my iTunes... This simply isn't going to happen.

The reality is that if you find something really good to stick the pocket boom too, you'd be lucky if the volume is much louder than the standard iPad or iPhone speaker. Whilst is is possible to get a louder sound, the quality simply isn't good enough to really enjoy it.

Where the pocket boom will come in handy for me, will be for visiting hotels etc. The small size makes it ideal for traveling and whilst the sound really isn't amazing, sometimes movies and TV shows I download to play on my ipad are pretty quiet, and this does seem to have enough juice to make them audible from across the room.

If you do choose to buy one then please be aware that it really is more of a novelty item, if you're looking for something you'll use every day then there are much better options for around the same price. However you will have an hour or so of fun walking around every room in the house trying different objects to stick the speaker too! The best result I had was actually sticking it to the outside of a full box of beer bottles, however it wasn't quite good enough to stop me from opening the box and drinking my new speaker.

Overall the product is well designed, the cables are plenty long enough and the package does include a USB cable for power, which I don't think was mentioned in the blurb.
Pocket Boom Speaker
recieved day after I ordered it, its really good, my Mum always told me good things come in small packages
Too weak for practical purposes
Item is good from a flaunting perspective but my initial impression of extensive usability is belied. I seems to work with good effect if there is a hollow box but otherwise the sound emitted without placing against any object is not too different from placing against most common objects.
It Booms
What a fantastic gadget. Brought as a present and has gone down a storm!
My son uses this everywhere and his mates are loving it too.
Put it against a door and you have some fantastic sounds, cardboard, cartons, walls, boxes and you can have your own little party right there. Even use it on glass(windows) but might not produce as much power as we found didnt hit it quite so well.
This is worth every penny as it tells you it is portable so no matter where you go you can get some head turning and impressive with teenagers!
My son takes it to the skate park, mates houses, everywhere and anywhere.
Usually gadgets in this house become boring after a couple of weeks but this has lasted a while and still going strong.
Personally I think using it on thick wooden doors produce some brilliant sound but my son and his friends have demonstrated the power it has wit just your average empty box. Take note the bigger the box the bigger the sound!
Highly recommended especially for gadget lovers andfor teens, any age will love it but if you want to get that something that makes your kiddies or nethews/neices smile and makes you ver popular and them very happy then this is defo the right thing to buy :-)
Baby boom
Wow what a gadget!!! Great extension speaker for my mobile, and saves me plugging headphones into my MP3 player. I ordered two,one for my daughter in Italy who loves it. Gadgets? keep them coming...........
Slight Disaapointment
It's a decent novelty gift, however not worth the £20 when i realised that my actual phone speakers are louder than any surface I tested this product on. Also the sound quality is poor. However I did wow a few of my friends when I put it under a cup and they thought the cup was a speaker.
position on my request
I have not received my order 2660633

Qty. Product 32135 1 Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker – Black

I bought this product on the 18th of the month of May, your term was a maximum of 8 days. I would like to have a position on my request.

best regards

Geraldo Pinheiro
Makes ANYTHING into a speaker
Well, not your dog, or a ham sandwich, but anything which can act as a sounding board for this great pocket device. Just add 2 x AAA batteries and attach the pod to your chosen 'speaker surface' (I tested it on my empty waste paper bin) and the sound quality is perfectly acceptable. It's not HiFi, and (obviously) not stereo, but it's a lot better than listening to MP3s via your device's miniscule on-board speakers. The 'pod' is attached to your chosen receptacle with a small, double-sided sticky pad and there are some spares supplied in the package. You have to remove them carefully so as not to damage the vibrating surface of the pod. I don't know how long they will last - or what you do when you've used up the spares - but a bit of ingenuity will serve, I'm sure. Don't know about battery life yet as I haven't used the thing for long enough. Very cleverly put together bit of kit and easily slipped into a pocket - ideal for holidays etc. If you're the sort who likes to impress with nifty kit, this will float your boat.
Very Good but minor problems
it was a very good product overall and am very happy with it but the two main problems i had with was the sticky pads they did'nt last long enough but you did give five extra ones for that reason which is good but the second problem which you will need to look at is when the music gets slightly too loud the music/sound distorts and sound awfull but when you turn it down it is to quite to be hard unless you have a super large box but other then them it is a fantastic product for its size and what else is on the market
Great little Gadget
Works really well on car windscreens (tried it one three different ones). In the houseon a wooden desk is good but the best is something that acts like an echo chamber (desk drawer, shoe box, even the packing carton it came in). Wires store so no damage when not in use. Can't wait until they bring a stereo version out.
Was looking to amplify my iphone so I can listen to music with a speaker at work.
A brilliant idea pocket boom portable vibration speaker to be taken every where you go.
It really works and sounds great. hence the headline boombastic.
Pocket Boom portable vibration speaker
Brilliant piece of kit, truly pocket sized and does just what it says on the tin. Delivered in very good time, well packaged and in excellent condition. Operating instructions simple and easy to use.
overall very peaed. Now in use with my mariner son who needs to keep his luggage to a minimum for shipboard use and travel. (attaches to any reaonant surface for a clear sound)
It works
The Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker works but not as well as I expected. However it is worth the price as a novelty and talking point
Size isnt everything
Brilliant little speaker, very small and fits in pocket. ive been showing it off to everyone and theyve all been really impressed. great sound (the best is a cardboard box) but attach it to almost anything and youre cooking on gas!!
A bit of fun
I expected this to be a novelty item, but soon changed my mind after having a "play" with it. It really works and the sound is pretty decent as well - depending on what you connect it to. I didn't think I'd be using it on a regular basis, but I am because it is so compact and handy. Definitely value for my money.
Great novelty value, works OK
The item arrived with Mobiile Fun's usual speedy and efficient service. I have waited for a few days before writing this review just too see how much use I actually get out of this device; it has undoubted novelty value but is it really any good for long term use?

After it arrived I then proceeded to spend the next couple of days going around sticking the vibration speaker to various items seeing which gives the best sound. Great fun and you can get it to sound pretty good. I found doors to give a good sound!

In practical terms however I hesitate to recommend it. Predictably, the sticker looses its stickiness quite quickly. (approx 6 spares are included) . Although it can have a better "bass" quality, the sound isn't that much louder than my iphone's own speaker.

Great novelty gadget, but once that's worn off, of limited practical use.
How you can get sound from anything that small is just incredible. Just stick it on anything. I found wood worked best. This tech will replace the speaker in the future. The bass is just great.
Pocket Boom! Boom!
First the service from Mobile Fun was excellent, my order came the next day and it was well packed.
The Pocket Boom is a great little gadget, and one that really does works. You unwind the cables each end, which are nice and long, you switch on the Pocket Boom and connect it to your music device via the 3.5 headphone socket, then attach the vibration speaker to any old box, using it's sticky pad, then that box becomes a speaker. You will need to experiment a bit with different boxes to find the best sound quality, with some big boxes the sound can be very loud and good bass. I use it in the bathroom, as our bathroom door is hollow I stuck it on the door, and Wow! I got a really great sound from it. But be careful as the sticky pad is pretty strong and it can pull the varnish or paint off wooden surfaces.
But the Pocket Boom is great fun and well worth the money.
great technology
the item was delivered very quick,this item is very innovative,i have purchased a few items but this has to be the best
Much better than expected
When I ordered this item I thought it would just be your average plug in speaker but I was genuinely surprised.

The pocket boom was not only good it was excellent.

It works pretty good on my desk but the best output was resting it on a small cardboard box. It was as good as a normal speaker but with the added benefit of being able to put it in your pocket and take it anywhere.

It's not cheap but not too expensive either.

A tad fiddly to wind up the lead but I am being picky just to find something wrong with it.

Have no hesitation in reccomending this. Does what it says on the tin and then some.
Highly recommend
I was unsure when I ordered the Pockect Boom Vibration Speaker to how it would perform. Boy was I surprised, I needed something for the kitchen while cooking. I attached to the cooker hood and WOW very inpressed with the sound. The unit feels good to hold its soild and robust. I would highly recommend to anyone
Just what the doctor ordered
Neat little gadget that does what it says on the box.
For the money this is a super buy, thumbs up!!
Great sound and very compact!
Had to wait for this item to be delivered as out of stock when ordered, which demonstrated how popular it was, but worth the wait! Small and compact, but great sound. I attached it to a tissue box and was amazed at the sound quality. Would recommend this product to everyone.....
Astounding noise practical bit o kit
I bought the Pocket Boom for my nephew, he's 13 and I felt this would be a great pressie for him to use with his smartfone. I gave it to him in the company of his elder brother, a 20 year old Med student, who'd been given a Bose bluetooth speaker costing £300. When the younger started experimenting with playng surfaces for the boom we were all surprised by the sound quality. Although the elder brother was more surprised than the rest of us. So much so I ordered another for him too. Not just a surprisingly good noise but a very practical novel and true pocket device. Buy one and be impressed.
pocket boom boom boom
I purchased 1 each for my son and daughter. Volume from such a small thing is incredable and with 2 at once. I was bloody glad when they went home.
1 Word....Awesome!
In all fairness, i wasnt planning to spend any money, i was just 'browsing' (excuse the pun) the Mobile Fun site, when i stumbled upon the PocketBoom. It arrived a couple of days ago and since then i have used it everywhere and anywhere. Something completely different from the norm. Im a bit of a gadget geek and this was right up my alley and well worth its money.
I went to a friends new flat get together, he had just moved in and he wanted to listen to music off his ipad and it wasnt loud enough over everyone talking. After looking at the Mobile Fun video, i attached it to a empty box he had laying around, and the sound was incredible. I highly recommend that if you buy product, attach it to a large empty box. We had a little laugh with this because the larger the box you attach the speaker to, the louder the sound. Lots of fun and proper conversation starter.
This product really works and is beautifully desig
The sound from this device is quite astonishing, producing a particularly rich effect when attached to the underside of a heavy wooden coffee table. That, and the very practical but hi-tec, no-slip finish of the module makes this product a true must-have. Get one.
Worse than useless.
I am utterly disappointed with this product. It loses against the infinitely superior X-Mini II in two important respects:

1) The XM2 is rechargeable, meaning you don't need to worry about batteries. No idea what the battery life on this is yet, but the XM2 lasts phenomenally well.

2) The sound is wholly reliant on what you attach it to, and if there's nothing suitable around, you have a quiet tinny mess to deal with.

On another note, cables frequently aren't long enough to reach between your source and your "speaker", and if you need to suspend anything, forget it as the weight of the main unit pulls the stick pad off (and that's without batteries in!)
Brilliant bit of kit
Ordered on thursday evening, delivered on saturday morning even though I was told it was out of stock - very impressed!! love the speaker - does exactly what it does. My 6 year old daughter had great fun finding different surfaces to try out.
I have to say I was quite disappointed with this item, having read the other positive reviews. First, the instructions included in the box say it should be used with a hollow object. This is not mentioned in the item description. As a result, using it on a glass table, it worked ok but the volume, when connected to my samsung galaxy s2, was actually less than when I just used the speaker in the phone!.
pocket boom portable vibration speaker - good &
Good portable, well made

bad the input lead is way too short, you will need an extension lead
only one (1) watt output, so not enough volume

i will not be sending it back it's
useful for the convenience.
Brilliant piece of kit
Just received mine, absolutely brilliant. Makes a cardboard box sound like an expensive Hi-Fi. Tried it with HTC Desire S, Blackberry Torch 9800 and a cheap mp3 player. all produced clear, loud, expensive sounding results.
Excellent portable device
What a great little speaker device this is - it works great on a cardboard box, and tupperware containers. Perfect for picnics in the country. I am taking it camping with me, and on my canoe when I am on the river. Great price too!
Such a laugh
I bought this for a present for my wife and she loves it. I play with it more than she does though, as I listen to the iPod in my workshop and I have the sticky pad attached to a paint tin. The sound is surprisingly loud and it is a real conversation starter with my customers. er.... will have to buy another for the wife now.
Completely surprised just how good this is. Can't be bothered with my dock now as can take this anywhere. Just don't attach to a warm bbq.
So cool
When I first got mine I spent about 3 hours trying it out on different things! So much fun, boxes are best but you get crazy effects from baking trays or lampshades. So easy to use and take everywhere with you. Get one now, you wont regret it!

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