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Solar Power Portable Battery Charger 1800mAh for Apple Devices - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Apple lightning device topped up with juice through the power of the sun. This solar powered portable battery charger draws power from the sun or the plug in order to charge your device.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41857
$41.23 inc. VAT
 5 stars from 1 customers

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Brilliant, fast, solar-charging device.
When we had terrible gales the other week, the power went off for a few hours. Because of this, I couldn't charge my iPhone or iPad which were very low, and actually my biggest worry was not being able to make any calls. For this reason, I decided to buy the solar powered charger for my I phone and iPad. To be quite honest, I couldn't believe it would actually work! So I tried it the other day, and it charged my Iphone to 100% very fast - I thought it was wonderful. It makes me feel very relieved to know that I have a way of charging my phone and iPad if there should be no power, wherever I go or wherever I am. Excellent product. Also, it arrived very quickly even though I plumped for second class post. I think Mobilefun are an extremely well run company and I love buying from them - they offer brilliant service. I have always had a good experience when I bought things from them.

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