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Slimline Carbon Fibre-Style iPhone 5S / 5 Flip Case - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your iPhone 5S / 5 safe from harm with the slim and stylish white carbon fibre-style flip case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36465
$17.86 inc. VAT
 4.2 stars from 104 customers

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don't buy this ... its over priced and chips very easy
Started to fall apart after just one day. Terrible quality. Don't waste your money
MobileFun Reply
Hi Nicola

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this case. Please contact our Customer Services team.
Very bad quality
Very poor material, does not even worth 5 dollars
Terrible quality
After two days of use, this case looked like I'd had it for two years! The outer covering started flaking off immediately and it looked old and shabby - I returned it as it was certainly not worth what I paid for it - it wasn't worth anything, in fact.
Iphone 5 case
Absolute rubbish phone case, showing signs of wear after 2 days use (material delamination) falling apart after 4 days use.....sending back for refund.....do not buy!!!
Love it
This is a great case if you want to have the front of your phone covered. It's easy to put on, fits well, and protects the phone.
Fits well but not great quality of finish
The case fits the phone really snuggly and provides good protection. The outer covering however damages very easily. Any slight scrape removes a layer of the black finish - mine is looking really shabby after just a few weeks use.
Ad hoc purchase
Bought this on the off chance it'd be OK. Turned out to be very nice. Fit and quality are right up there! Looks the mutts nutts too! Not found anything to detract from the super fast delivery experience, great looks and feel or sheer functionality! 10/10
Bought from Mobile Fun a similar case for a iphone 4 and have been very pleased with that purchase. This item for a iphone 5 is disappointing in that due to its construction the so called hinges ( for want of a better description) obstructs the phones speakers and also prevents the case lid from folding back completley onto the back of the case.
Flip phone case carbon fibre style
Product okay but as not leather the plastic coating soon rubs off and the plastic insert does not fully surround the top of the phone so it can sometimes slide out by mistake
Dreadful Quality, falling apart
Have this cover less than a week, it is falling apart, I have never seen anything like it and at this price you would get something much better quality in your local phone store. Very disappointing.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Tony

Sorry to hear you have had issues with this case, please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
iPhone 5S Flip Case
Disappointed with this case. Only had a couple of weeks, already show wear and scuff marks.
Attractive design, but
The product was very disappointing as, although attractive when new, it very quickly, within 2 weeks, started to wear off and was discarded.
Could be better
Although initially impressed and looked good as well as protecting phone, the cover is beginning to fray on the 'hinge' part of the cover and not likely to last very long.
Fantastic Case
Was everything I expected
poor preformance
Fell apart materials used very poor
MobileFun Reply
Hi James

Sorry to hear you are not happy with your case, please contact our Customer Services team.
poor preformance
the cover is breaking down with use rapidly
the hinge has split on both sides
6 weeks use only
Exposed corners
Not as strong as the cover onl my4s the corners on the new phone are very exposed let's hope it dose not cause me problems regards Paddy
Looks the business, let's hope it does the business
looks smart, sturdy and professional with protection in all the right places. Let's hope it lasts too.
Excellent accessory
Very smart case to protect the phone
Looks very professional
fliping good flip case
Well its a fliping good case and it protects the phone from knocks and scratching and also protects the vunerable glass from breakage if dropped.
Superb, products and service
I bought the same case a couple of years ago for I phone 4. Just upgraded to I phone 5 so bought the same case again. The old one now belongs to my wife and still going strong. What more can I say. " I will be back"
Very Good Quality Case
Over the years I have bought numerous cases for numerous phones and as usual they have been of good quality, baring in mind you only get the quality that you pay for. This is a mid range cost but fits the phone like a glove and protects both back & front and most of the sides. In review - very impressed
Fast delivery
Love this cover. Its neat and not bulky but protects my phone. Ive dropped it twice alteady and no damage!!!! Only thing I would advise is when the cover is open not to tip the phone forward as it will slip out of the base. Its not very secure when its open but otherwise its sleek and looks well. Also delivery turn around after ordering was great. Had it within four days. Very happy.
Solid but slim protection
Good choice for a wrap over protective shield for an iPhone5S. Well described, fast delivery and excellent service from MobileFun.
Recommend to buy from Mobile Fun
I bought Slimline Carbon Fibre-Style iPhone 5 Wallet Case for my Wife and she is very happy and found very easy to use phone with case, i will recommend to buy products from Mobile Fun, very good customer service. That's why i give 5*.
it looks great
does what its says on the tin, really please with it.
Very reliable case
This is a great case! Has a great feel and looks very professional, one down side is that it can be quite difficult to remove the phone from the case! But that means its a tight fit and its not going to fall out. Also a great way to carry small amounts of money and little cards instead of carrying a wallet as an Extra!
Falling apart after 3 months
After 3 months use the covering has already become detached from the plastic case at all of the corners so it looks a mess. The clip on the cover never really worked (not magnetic) as it's just not tight enough. Need to get a new case but not easy to find good flip (not folding) cases.
Excellent Product
I am delighted with this new protective case for my iPhone 5S.
It's Stylish, a perfect fit and really excellent quality.
I would recommend to anyone looking for protection with style.
Carbon fibre style case
Impressive ! I nearly bought the apple lifetime case but saw this and since my son for whom I purchased the case,uses carbon fibre products to assist with mobility for a limb amputation, we decided it ought to be as tough as the products he uses every day and ought to be tough enough for him in his job as a herdsman. Well so far do good! Really pleased as it is tough but looks and feels light, smooth and aesthetically pleading! Vey good and would recommend!:)
Very happy at first - nice slimline form factor that fit the phone well. At four months old however all four corners have started to deteriorate, the outer layers peeling away leaving the whole case looking shabby. Now replacing with a different case.
I previously bought this style case for my old iphone 4 and found that it lasted very well with it's protection of my old iphone that it was my first choice when i finally upgraded to the new iphone5s. I would thoroughly recommend this to anybody looking for a new case for their iphone. It allows easy acccess to all functions and flips open nicely to answer calls etc.
Quite neat
A beautifully case made of some kind of plastic which adds virtually nothing to the phone's dimensions but offers good protection, especially from scratching. How well it protects the phone it it were to fall on to a hard surface remains to be seen but I do not intend to experiment to find out. The case is no barrier to using any of the functions of the phone and I would recommend it.
Fills the brief 100%
This little slim liner does exactly what it says on the label. Slim, stylish, protective and stylish all at the same time. Love the carbon look and feel. As easy in the pocket as it was on the pocket. Definitely excellent value and the perfect choice for me. I'd thoroughly recommend this cover to anyone after a quality phone cover.
Better Than I Thought
Was concerned the flip which covers the screen would not secure to the Iphone 5s because there is no magnet or snap. It secures by friction with a tab slightly less wide than the width of your finger against the top of the phone. Used it about a month and seems to be holding up well even when I slide the Iphone with the flip case on - constantly in and out of a holster I wear at work (tight fit). Exterior of case is hard on the backside and slightly plush on the screenside. It looks better than I thought it would. Note: Was charged a little extra by my credit card company (about 60 cents) for this product because it was considered a foreign transaction even though I made the purchase in the USA. It depends on your credit card company's policy.
This flip case is well constructed and provides easy access to all buttons as well as charging slot and camera. Soft covering protects screen from scratches. It is light and robust and provides all round protection. The clip lets it down as it clips to the phone instead of the case. However, for the price a good buy.
invaluable cover
If you own an iPhone you will know that if you don't protect it, it will get damaged. glass scratches quite easily and spoils the look of the phone. but you knew that right?
This case does protect the glass part of the phone from being damaged. The phone fits quite snugly into the case and leaves complete accessibility to all the buttons that you would normally need to access.
(one little point however. when the case is open, don't grab the phone by the open flap. it will drop the phone. the case i had before, had a flap that opened upwards, this case opens downwards)
The case is so designed to let you take photos/videos so you wont be needing to take the phone out of the case to do so.
The case itself has a fairly hard backing and the front is slightly padded adding that little bit more protection.
all in all, a good product that will help to protect your phone.
Great case, shame about the closing mechanism.
The case had a great feel to it and didn't add much bulk to the phone. It also had amazing screen protection which is why I bought it. The downsides are the closing mechanism - rather than closing onto the actual case it clips onto the edge of the phone and is rather tough, so over time I'd fear it may scratch or mark the phone. Also when the case is open it feels as though the phone could quite easily slip out. Would've been given a 5 if it weren't for these issues.
Very pleased
Fits iphone perfectly, looks good and classy . Well made nice design, and protects phone well.
Iphone cover
Excellent product quick delivery
Good product
Product excellent quality and received on time
Nice Little Case
Case is light but gives the phone all round protection. Holds the phone tightly.All controls are accessible but flap needs to be open to charge. Carbon fibre appearance looks good. Case is good value for money. Recommended.
Ab Fab
Used Mobile Fun many of time for other items which is why I chose them again. This cover is perfect, it's really light so it's not bulky in your bag/pocket and it looks good too. It certainly doesn't have that cheap fake leather appearance either it looks what it is, carbon fibre. It's a lovely snug fit for the phone and Iv dropped the phone few times with the cover on and the cover hasn't even scratched let alone the phone. Defo recommend this product to both men and woman. Plus sensible price too!!!!
Excellent product, good quality and excellent price. Definitely spend a bit more and go for this product than for a cheaper version. Doesn't weigh anything so you don't notice any weight difference of the new Iphone.
Protects screen and back.
Definitely recommend so buy this product!
Happy with my purchase
I like this, flip case for my iphone 5s which keeps everything safe and protected. Has holes for all the leads etc including headphones. Has to be open to charge but this doesnt matter.
Looks good and hopefully should last a while.
Glad I bought this.
Protective cover
This cover is a replacement to one that my labradoodle puppy got hold of and had a go at chewing! May I add there was no damage to my phone!
Wd recommend to anyone with either animals or small children!
Cool flip.
Great flip case, carbon fibre look and fits like a glove. Solid feel too.
just what my son wanted
my son was so pleased with this product fitted iphone5s exactly. bit skeptical at first but proved a good buy.
Finished off the look of the phone
A good fit, smart and light weight. Protects the phone and looks smart.
The perfect phone cover!!
This cover is brilliant, I don't need a screen protector for my phone, the interior is soft. Also is really handy when you are listening to music as the headphones hole is uncovered :) I highly recommend it!
Exactly right!
Great case. Slim, excellent fit and pretty secure fastening. Much improved on other cases I have used with various phones over the years.
Good quality and trendy
This phone cover fits perfectly. The smooth texture on the outside is nice. The inside cover is strong and the colour black matches perfectly with the phone. This came with a wrist string which atachehes to the cover and is also very handy. The phone cover has a small flap which has a crome finish. This makes the cover look very stylish. Overall a brilliant phone cover for the price. Great value for money and stylish.
Excellent case for the iPhone 5
Really pleased with this case. Perfect fit and and protection. Just what I needed for my iPhone.
Slimline & a good fit
The case fits well & has no magnet clip to interfere with certain apps
very flimsy case
this case had great reviews but I was really dissapointed with the qaulity, very flimsy and delivered with a huge score across the front. wasn't impressed with the item for the amount it cost.
The colour is true to the image, and the case is nice and light, however I found the catch awkward and fiddle to use. I bought another case, and am keeping this one as spare.
Excellent buy
I already had this case in black as I didn't want to scratch my screen. I tried to convince my daughters to get one but they declined. That was until my eldest daughter dropped her iphone5 and cracked the screen. After getting a new phone from Apple we ordered a case at 5pm. The next morning at 10am my daughter rang me to say the case had arrived. She is delighted with the colour which looks better than in the picture.
Again the product and delivery haven't disappointed.
Perfect Fit
Arrived next day - couldn't have been quicker - and fitted like the proverbial glove. Simple design, with cut outs for access to the main controls and good protection against dust and other hazards such as keys in your pocket and even the occasional effects of gravity. The only quibble is that the cover has to be open to insert the charger, but for the price it does the job and looks good too.
I wanted a slim, trim, protection for my new iPhone 5. I got exactly what I was hoping for. It's also light, almost weightless, and the exact color (purple) I was looking for.
I was anxious about getting it, because I had no protection for my phone, got it within 4 bus. days, and it was shipping was free! What a deal!! Thanks.
caveat emptor not required
Great website, package arrived as promised and phone covers exactly as per the pics and descriptions. Quality as promised and email updates as to despatch etc. all very clear. Really pleased. Thanks.
Just right for the job
Case arrived promptly , fits my iphone5 very neatly, have dropped phone twice since buying the cover and it survived.
Needed a case to protect my new iPhone 5. This is a case for an iPhone 5. Not much more to say about it really. Arrived quickly.
Needed it, found it, bought it, got it. Job done!
Great product
Just received the case, easy slip on, just fits perfect with the iPhone no problems, great design on the case, sophisticated look, reliable material, definitely will be purchasing again.
Birthday Pressie!
Excellent case for the Iphone 5.
Fits perfectly. Keeps phone nice and slim. Only negative you can't charge phone while in the case but this is not a problem.
Good case
Simple but effective case, just the job for when I go on holiday to keep the phone out of the sun whilst I play music, keeps phone free from sun cream and sand!! Good quality materials for the money too!
Excellent product.
Excellent iPhone 5 case. Phone fits like a glove. It is well made and good value for money. Highly recommended.
Slimline Carbon Fibre Style iPhone 5 Flip Case - Black
Great cover, fits perfect, and has already saved my iPhone :)Ordered the cover Friday lunchtime and had it Saturday morning. Great product and service.
Its OK - just
Its overpriced,doesn't look like it will last long. The clip is flimsy. Guess I'm gonna get another one at a shop where I can touch and feel it first before I buy.
Just what I needed
Excellent value for money, just as decribed. Very pleased with product. Had previously purchased a cover for my iPhone 4 and pleased with both items
It makes all the difference when a website advertises their products honestly. This case is what I needed and ticks all the boxes.
I have a habit of dropping my phone and so having broken my last iPhone screen I needed something simple and effective and that is what this product provides me with, the security and practality I require.
In all honesty I normally love getting flamboyant loud cases that I am happy to spend almost whatever money on but bottom line I find they just do not secure my phone when dropped and they break easy. This case doesn't mark up, is easily keep clean and for the price is a worth while investment.
really good product
does a great job,perfect fit,faultless
As described
I wanted good protection for my new phone, front and back. The case fits the phone snugly protecting the corners while leaving controls and camera clear and the cover fastens securely over the screen with a clip. The case is rigid and the cover is padded for extra protection. Case is neat and not bulky. One (minor) point, case has to be open to recharge as hinge conceals jack point, then again jack point is protected when case is closed so not really a criticism. Finish is excellent.
Extremely pleased
I wanted a case to protect my iPhone 5, particularly the screen, but I didn't want anything bulky. This case is perfect as it barely increases the phones size. The part covering the screen is soft and slightly padded so protects from scratches in your pocket/bag. This case is ideal for someone who takes care of their phone anyway but just wants added protection. I've dropped it once, onto a hard floor and no marks. Very happy with purchase and good value for money in my opinion.
Very pleased! Would definitely but another.
Wanted something to give my new iPhone 5 a bit more protection than the usual rubber bumper round the edge type.
Has a handy flip over cover that gives plenty of protection to the screen.
Fits very well and doesn't bulk up the phone like some covers do.
Easily opened for quick access to answer calls, no more listening to voicemails and calling people back!
Seems to be very well made, hasn't fallen apart yet (2 weeks). Good colour too.
Perfect Fit
I got this case as i wanted one that covered the whole phone for full protection, i just flip the front down and use it.
I love the carbon look its great as i also got one of these for a samsung galaxy S2 a while ago never had any problems with it and the wife is still useing it :).
And for the price its a bargain, fits like a glove great job Mobile fun :)
I received the phone case for my new iPhone 5 for Christmas and it is brilliant perfect fit and just looks so good
Perfect Fit
Funky colour and really practical I wasn't too sure what quality would be like but is fab would definitely recommend!
Superb once again guys.
Must be my third or fourth time I've bought this style case for different phones. With so many different ones on the market it's hard to make a decision. Fits the phone brilliantly and the quality is great. Highly recommended :)
Perfect fit.
Fits perfectly, trendy looks and gives protection to my phone.The flip front of case folds back nicely when the phone is in use making it comfortable to hold.
Just what I needed
At first impressions, I wasn't too sure if this case was right for the iPhone 5. But for the price, I decided to give it a go, and boy was I wrong. This case really compliments the iPhone 5's classy design, and does not add much bulk at all. The case is light itself, as well as protective. Overall a great product.
Exactly what I wanted !!
Great value for money with this purple case, fits perfectly onto the phone protecting the sides back and front when the case is closed. I have dropped my phone a few times now and the case has saved it from damage!! Brilliant buy
Slimline carbon fibre style iPhone case
Bought this as I was concerned about scratching my phone. I was incredibly happy with how well this case fit my phone and how well it protects my phone. It also has a very stylish look about it which is a very good thing.
On the note of delivery I ordered this on a Tuesday before 6pm and it arrived first thing the next day which was excellent service.
just what I needed
it is a great flip case. it covers all the four curves of the iPhone so it will be protected if it has been dropped
very light case and wont add any weight to your handset
it is not a luxury case but amazing one
Practicle protection
A user friendly cover for the iphone 5 hold the phone well and cover for screen is practicle for everyday use.
Fits like a glove
This case is fantastic, It sets off and protects my iPhone 5 like a glove, it's slimline style complements my phone and fits neatly into even my smallest handbag.
The quality of the case is just fab. Perfect buy , also would like to say speedy delivery on this item it came the very next day. Thank you
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