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Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S2 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S2 safe from harm with the slim and stylish white carbon fibre style flip case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 31565
$16.49 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 326 customers

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Carbon Fibre Case
The quality of this item seems to vary.
I bought one of these when I first got my now ageing phone. It lasted best part of 4 years but started to get shabby. I therefore bought a new one from Mobile Fun. This new one seemed flimsier. It actually only lasted about 4 months before it fell to pieces.
As the cases are quite cheap I have now bought a 3rd one.
Let's see how this one lasts. At least this one seems to be assembled correctly with the patterned covering material applied squarely to rest of case.
Very pleased and satisfied
I had bought a similar one some years ago and was very pleased with it. It could have been from MobileFun. So, when I decided to keep my S2 for a while more, I looked for another one and came across this one. It is sturdy, protects the phone very well, and is a very good fit. It is good-looking too. One improvement would be helpful. They could have made the link that covers the charging port wider on both sides and created an opening for the charger. With that, this would be a perfect case for S2.
A good fit
Delivered within two days of placing the order, the case fits snugly around my S2 with a satisfying click. Nicely made, good looking, and not at all bulky. As others have suggested, I've cut a small slot to allow charging with the flap closed. Perfect. I didn't think I'd find a good design to replace my original no-longer-available Samsung one, but am very pleased with this, and can highly recommend it.
Good fit
Appears to be well made and substantial. Fits well and looks good.Very pleased. Service excellent, notified at each stage of purchase--will use company again
Really pleased with this case
Fits phone perfectly, Cover flap closes over screen and hold shut firmly with out any bulky clip. Also doubles back folding behind screen completel to leave screen clear. Good strong case that in not at all bulky. My first case was wearing at corners after 3 3 years and was so pleased with it that I wanted the same case again. Was really pleased when I found it as previous company I purchased it from not longer stocks it. Not as cheap as many cases but the case is good.
2 years ago I purchased the self and same case to hold my precious phone, but sadly after continuous but happy service I wore it out. Thankfully for me a replacement was still available. I didn't hesitate to place my order. The case fits snug and I like the clasp that holds the case shut, no magnets.
good product
The case is just right. Holds the phone snuggly, Good, tight, non-magnetic clip holds it shut. Quality stitching. Value for money.
No longer closes
Barely 6 weeks later and the clip doesn't keep the case shut. I had liked it very much until this happened.
Only case of its kind
This is the only case I have found that is held shut in this way, and I find it vastly preferable to magnetic clasps. It is sturdy, specifically designed so that all buttons are accessible, and the narrow hinge makes it feel much less bulky than most cases. Only issue - it is a very tight fit, which makes it secure, but at first I thought it was too narrow for the phone. Persevere and it's great.(Just wish it was available in a greater range of colours!)
Does the job at a good price
Very snug fitting case (unlike other cases I've had - fits phone perfectly. Good price aswell. This is the second time I've bought this case as the last time the white cover got covered in marks (to be expected with a white cover) but it also started to peel off. Not to worry though, still a great cover at a great price, hence why I bought it a second time.
Phone cover
This phone cover for the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a perfect fit. Would have preferred to have had a choice of colour as the white one available is not very practical and will probably discolour quite quickly.
Good Cover
Good Sturdy cover.
Just what I wanted
Excellent quality and best design I have seen. It is lightweight and less bulky than most cases. All ports have openings. I would highly recommend this product.
Not brilliant but decent case
The case seems to be relatively good quality (better than some of the "fall apart in 3 weeks" cases on eBay for instance) and fits the phone as it should (i.e. no wiggles). The only real gripe is that the latch seems a bit small, although it seems to hold the cover on ok, only time will tell.
Very nice looking case.
Ordered case on Saturday and it arrived on Monday morning. Very nice looking case would recommend it.
Excellent product
The case is remarkably compact and neat. It appears well made, though as I have only just received it, I cannot comment on how well it lasts. It is exactly as it was described, and I think it gives adequate protection though I have not put that to the test. Delivery was very quick and I am pleased with the purchase.
Protective Mobile Cover
I love the style of my new cover, it keeps the mobile compact and doesn't bulk out the phone because I like to carry it in my pocket! but please consider,I would like the opportunity to buy it in leather.
S2 Carbon Fibre Flip Case
This is a really good looking case, it feels rugged with good padding for a firm feel.
My only gripe with this case is that the ear phone socket on my phone is partially coverd by the case, so will need a bit of attention to make the terminal fully available.
Otherwise excellent value.
Strong case and slim when fitted to phone, very smart looking also Phone fills safe in the hand And well protected. Would I buy another one the answer has to be yes.
Great product and brilliant service
I've just bought the extended battery pack for the Galaxy S2 and chose to use Mobilefun. I like the easy of finding the right product and being able to get all the specifications to make sure I choose correctly. The reviews ar also great and I think more people should write reviews.

It would be good to see a better interface for mobile users as the text tends to be a bit small on smaller screens.
Must say was a little apprehensive as I opened the packaging but turned out to be just right. Couldn't have asked for more.
Looks good but doesn't last very well.
Service and speed exemplary. This is the second
of these cases I have purchased as the first one only lasted 18 months before the rubber edging split and started peeling off. The case looks good and does a great job of protecting the phone. It is very lightweight and adds little to the dimensions of the phone. Pity it isn't more durable. Price a bit high for the disappointingly short life but still the best looking case which is why I bought another one.
Excellent quality
Bought the exact same cover over 1 year ago ,
Liked it so much I have bought it again ..I have dropped my phone and it has protected it so well ,the case eventually cracked at the side and it was time for a replacement ,my phone still looks new and now with a nice new cover it looks brilliant ,really recommend this cover
good value case
About to buy my second case. After just over 18 months and many a dropped phone,with no damage to the phone, the case is getting tired but stil working ok.Good value.
Two Surprises
First surprise, was that the case arrived the morning after the afternoon that I ordered it. Second surprise, was the great quality of the case. I was expecting a bit better because of paying a bit above average, but this looks to be real value for money. Well done, Mobile Fun.
Slimline Galaxy S2
initially seems a fair bit, but quickly adapts to the phone. what's amazing is that it's the only bag that protects the mobile phone in full, including the sides. This is the second bag I have and just bought the second because with the use the part that protects the screen will releasing fluff that are annoying
Absolutely Fabulous
The Best case ever for this Model
highly recommend!!!!!
so far so good
I do like my Samsung Galaxy 2 so far - although it's not entirely intuitive. I'm still learning how to use it. The camera seems pretty good and the social hub is useful - although I'm surprised it didn't sync facebook etc details with contact numbers/email addresses as the htc does. No obvious glitches to report. Good phone.
it flips and it fits, but...
good product, but maybe wont suit all users. yes it flips and it fits my S2 pretty well, but it also is cumbersome to use. answering calls etc is slower and sometimes feels like i might drop the phone as i re-jig my hand to accommodate the flipped down flap (especially taking pics). but of course it protects the screen 100% when not in use which is why i got it. perhaps this case would suit someone who uses their phone less and kept it in a bag (rather than a pocket).
Great Service Great Kit
Ordered a Slim line Carbon Fibre Effect Phone case fit like a glove looks the business Great Service Great Kit

Fantastic purcahse
It better than expected, it was that good i ordered another one in black. Excellent speedy service and delivery. Thanks
Doesn't Last Long & Ineffective
I bought this in August and it has aready started falling apart with the outer edges splitting it also did not adequately protect my phone when I dropped it so my phone now has a nick out of the top.I would say that this case is not worth the cost.
Very well made
Very simple and elegant design. Has a very nice feel to it and doesn't add too much bulk to the phone. The flap that covers the screen seems to be lightly padded which may add a bit more bulk to the phone but not much. Whether the padding is for comfort or extra protection to the screen I'm not sure, but I suppose it would protect the screen from sharp impacts up to a point.

Some may find closing the flap a little clumsy as the clip uses friction rather than magnets to hold the flap down, making it necessary to apply force onto the clip to close it properly. Its a small thing but worth pointing out to people who care about such details.

Overall very well made and makes an excellent protective case for adding extra protection and style to your Samsung Galaxy S2.
Very good product
Fits perfectly & offers good protection
Excellent present
This item was bought for me for Christmas and was just what I needed.Excellent quality
feel safe now
After my Galaxy s2 screen broke in my coat pocket I feel safe now its in this carbon fibre case
Good protection
This case is smart in appearance and affords a good level of protection to the phone. In the past 6 months it has been used heavily and has looked after the phone well with no damage occurring. Additionally there is no sign of the soft 'hinge' between the case body and the cover flap wearing out, which is positive as I first thought this may have been a weak point.
The only thing that has happened is that the vinyl 'carbon look' covering has come away at 2 corners right on the top edge of the case lip - not drastic but obviously leaves the hard plastic of the case exposed
Case doesn't fit snugly
The case itself is reasonably strong and well made but, in my case, I tried two of these cases and neither fitted hte S2 100% properly. The second one is adequate and I have kept it because I need a case for my phone. Don't let this put you off trying this (I also have one for an AS3 which is OK) but make sure the case is a snug fit for your phone.
Accident Prone!
Hi, your case has been a phone saver! I work for Guide Dogs and train puppies, as a volunteer I don't get paid but I have a track record with mobiles!! The last event before I got this wonderful case was when I managed to drop my phone and someone stood on it and that was the END!! I got this case last week and on the way back from a charity event I managed somehow to slam it in the car door when I was shutting it and amazingly the phone was ok, don't suggest you try this but this phone case saved me from another disaster!! Please note if I am successful I would like the money donated to Guide Dogs. P.S. The description of this case on your website was very accurate.
No other option would do
Having had my last Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case for a year I decided to replace. After much searching I came back to exactly the same model as I had before - why? The original one proected my phone in my pocket, in my laptop bag and through several drops and is only being replaced now as it has started to look a bit scruffy on the corners from some of the more severe impacts. Not only does it protect the phone it looks good, feels good to hold and fits perfectly.
This item is everything I needed..
I wanted some protection for my Phone (as I'd already dropped it a few times..), but I needed a case that allowed easy access, without the need to constantly remove it from a pouch. The screen also needed some protection and I wasn't entirely satisfied with that offered by clear screen protectors..
.. Then after browsing through this site I came across this case. It was perfect. I was concerned about the front flap closing securely, but upon receiving it, the flap fits snugly and tightly against the screen, clasped securely at the top (with magnetic clasp I believe).
Anyway, very happy with this case. Highly recommended, for style and protection.
At last I've found the one that suits me
After receiving my fab phone the best way to look after it was to get a great cover. At last I've found the one, it compliments the phone, looks and feels great. Best of all it protects it, this is a must as i can be a bit clumsy at times
Nice neat case
After reading several reviews on this case and quite a few 'moans'about the stitching I decided to see for myself what all the fuss was about.
So its a little wobbly in one place - its a telephone cover not a evening dress.
Personally speaking I think its good value for money, does the job, its lovely and slim, and as for not
having a 'charging hole' - just cut one in yourself. Its so easy - a nice little rectangular shape and bingo, its perfect and does not spoil the case one little bit.
As Expected
The phone case is a good protective product.
Arrived quickly, Sturdy construction and fits well. As mentioned elswhere,the pattern isnt straight so doesnt look great.
Slim Comfortatable case
Very good product,fits the Samsung Galaxy like a glove.Does not increase the size of the phone too much amd makes it omfortable in the pocket.So good I bought a spare one.
Protects & looks good
fits the phone well and the carbon fibre look is good. Protects the phone without to much bulkiness.
My Galaxy is happy now
I didnt realize my Samsung galaxy S2 would look and feel so fabulous until the moment i introduced it to the cover i bought from mobilefun, it was a perfect fit with a sleek finish. This was the only decent looking cover i could find on the net which gives the phone all over protection with its durable material without adding the bulkiness,hence doesnt feel awkward in your pocket. Ten out of ten for case and ten out of ten for mobilefun for providing an excellent service.
Fits like a glove.
Does exactly what it says on the packed.
Slim, great fit this case adds no bulk to the S2 unlike the case it replace.
Well made durable and smart looking, just like the S2.
Nice customer service
After receiving a case that I had hoped was not askew, and receiving exactly that, I did leave negative feedback on the email survey I received. I then got an email from a staff member, who sent me another case that was perfect. So no need for a refund, because now I have a great case, and a spare. Thanks again.
A pocket-sized gem!
The slimline carbon fibre flip case is ideal for the Galaxy S2. I need to have the phone in my pocket at all times, and was worried about it getting damaged. This product has alleviated my concerns totally - it looks smart, doesn't hamper my use of the phone and offers superb protection. The only concern would be that the pattern is not 100% aligned, but that is nit-picking and doesn't bother me at all - it is only noticeable if you look for it. An excellent product.
A very nice fit
I was looking for a reasonably priced case that would completely protect my phone when put in my bag, but I still wanted the ability to use it quickly. I am very pleased by this model.

It is a good design. The case looks very slim, with no bulk or awkward angles.
The back and sides are rigid and fit very snugly; the front panel is slightly padded for screen protection, and hooks up to the top very neatly and firmly. There are openings for volume, power and camera, as well as the top antenna, but it is unlikely that buttons are pressed by mistake if the phone is carried in a bag.
The overall look is pleasing, if a bit functional. I wish the same identical model was available in colours as well (but you can’t have everything).

I was impressed by the speed of the service, and the good communication provided by the shop.
How many times do you order something online only to find that when it arrives it is faulty or flawed and you have that familiar, sickening experience of having to returning it and wait for a refund?
Here we go again... and wishing I'd paid more attention to the negative reviews. The fabric of this case is sewn at an angle as has been noted here elsewhere several times. It makes it look shoddy and cheap, a market stall job. There's no excuse.- You can see it clearly through the packaging and mobilefun are aware of the problem. I've returned mine and asked for a refund. I won't be shopping here again. ps. If you do have a similar experience beware of downloading the return label from their link. - It's rigged so that McAfee install something whether you want it or not.
Well made, easy to use.
Definitely needed a case for my new S2. After looking through the cheap ones, rubber fitting, built-in screen protectors, etc. I decided that I liked the styling, and rating of this case.

It is very lightweight, fits snug around the phone (no worrying about the phone falling out), and is protective and stylish at the same time. A great all round protective case for the fantastic S2.
Thanks mobile fun for the quick delivery.
"Just like the varnish.........."
........it does what it says on the tin!!" Really pleased with the case, it has really enhanced the look & feel of my S2. Can recommend this product 100%.
Askew pattern
If you are at all worried about the pattern being slightly askew, then don't buy this. After reading one review from May, I did ask via email if I could get this checked before posting way out to Australia. They said they couldn't and I hoped for the best. Nope ... it was askew. Bugger. A bit flimsy as well, so hopefully for the price, compared to EBAY, will last.
Just the thing
After been sold a case with my new phone... bad move, it had a protective screen to put on which proved more than useless, just trying to get it on without dust or bubbles. After reading the reviews and watching the video decided this case would give me better protection and be easier to use. I've had the case for over a week and its proved to be the case I was looking for. I would recommend this case to my friends.
"carbon dated?"
Owning the Samsung galaxy was pleasure enough, but add to it this stylish functional case and i have the perfect combo! Does not detract from the slimness of the phone and covers all vulnerable from points eg.corners and screen.Brill piece of kit!
Overpriced for a pvc cover
I knew this wasn't carbon fibre only a design that looked like carbon fibre, but for the price I still expected something better than a cheap pvc item which I could have got for a fiver down the market. However, it does the job, but not sure how long it will last.
Couldn't be more happier !
Bought this cover after reading all the reviews, and could not be happier. Provides perfect protection for the phone, without being restrictive in any way. Only downside I can see, is that the charging connector is not visible with the cover shut, therefore you need to keep it open in order to charge the phone.
Perfect for the phones protection
The case is perfect for my needs as I required a case that was a flip over but did not have a magnetic clasp.I have a compass in my phone and if you have a magnetic clasp this affects the accuracy of the compass which would not be very helpful when Geo cashing.It is well constructed and provides great protection.
Feed back
Ok case but using it with a Bluetooth headset causes you to hear your voice back through the headphone.
Very useful
Cover was a good fit, however join felt a bit flimsy but seems to be doing a good enough job. Looks quite stylish.
Not as expected
This case looks nice from far, but at close the finition isint that good, but for the price its fine.
In my case, wil not buy again.
Perfect for the phones protection
Perfect for my needs.Most flip cases have magnetic clasp which if you have a compass in your phone for geo cashing etc it affects the bearings.This case just clips together and is ideal.
Not only did I receive my phone cover the very next day, it's absolutely brilliant and better than what I expected.

I see so many people walking around without phone covers and I just don't get it. They not only protect your screen but also, certainly the one I've got, phone covers are funky and cool looking.

Thank you Mobile Fun, I will definitely use your company again for any phone accessories :-)
The case fits perfectly,it adds minimal bulk to the phone.The quality is good,infact it looks better than in the photo.It is reasonably priced, I expect it to last for some time. Would recommend
Light, slim, looks cool
I am very pleased with this phone case. It looks cool wtithout being bulky. I can fold the lower part behind the phone when using it so it doesn't hang down. Just the job!
looks good
Really happy with my case. look smart and holds the phone well. Pleased
just the job
a very nice case to keep my galaxy s2 in.
A little fault
This case is excellent value and does the job well, but my case has a minor fault that the pattern of the carbon fibre weave on the front panel is very skew. That spoils the look. The rear of the case has a well-aligned weave and it looks much better. So if you are a purist ask for a well-aligned weave pattern on both sides
Exactly what I needed
The case was exactly as described. Being carbonfibre 'type'did not detract from my expectations. The lightweight case fitted perfectly and is safe, holding the mobile firmly and protectively. It looks good and for someone like me - being a bit hard my phones - is perfect: stylish, safe, protective and NOT bulky or heavy. 10/10
Good quality and price, recommended.
Very happy with this, wanted some basic protection and something to make phone better to hold as very thin and slippy. Would give it 5 stars if had cutout for usb connection so you could charge when cover closed.
Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S2
Having just got a new phone the last thing I wanted was to damage it! Searched for suitable case and found this one. After watching the video I was convinced it would be a good case and -- IT IS. Rigid and well padded enough to give excellent protection but still slim and easy to open so no fumbling to take calls.
Neat 'n' Handy
Got two of these cases for new Galaxy S2s in the family. Great looking, and they protect from damage (dropped my phone onto concrete within 8 hrs and the case protected it fine) Very fast delivery from Mobile Fun and would recommend anytime.
Good Case and Good Service
The guys at mobilefun are fast I put my order in late on Friday and I got it nextday Saturday.

This case looks smart like the phone. The case fits the phone like a skin.
open and shut case,
The case is of very good quality, fits
like a glove,nice and slim, first class, highly recommended.
Perfect little case
Great -- just what I was looking for. Seems well-designed and I can protect my phone without the need for plastic screen protectors.
Pretty good
I wanted a smart, strong and functional case that protects the phone but doesn't break the bank.

The case meets all these requirements.

Downside: Clip should have been positioned a few mm to the left (not central) so that the headphone socket is not partially covered, and it could have been made a bit longer.

Reserve judgement about longevity, but only time will tell...
Perfect for the job required
Having bought a beautiful white Samsung Galaxy S2 i wanted to protect it yet show it off. This case was the answer for me as looks great in white to match the phone, is strong yet very light-good as the phone is very light so it doesn't make it to clunky. The flip over cover is great for throwing into a bag and not having to worry yet easy to qiuckly answer the phone when you need to.
great product
Great cover,it fit perfectly... obviusly the materials are not the best on the marketplace but considering the price it's more than ok. the carboon look is cool and the leather too the only negative aspect is the locking sistem cause it ruins the plastic-leather junction. it isn't compatible with 2000mah batteries
Slim, lightweight, rugged. The carbon fibre material with wrap-around covering of the phone gives great protection. Probably around the same weight as a soft leather cover but offering much better protection.Main access points still accessible when the cover is in-situ. Great buy !
Protects phone
Cover gives protection to my Samsung Galaxy 2 whilst still being usable.
Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case
Having purchased a monthly contract for a beautifully slim Samsung Galaxy S2, I decided that although I needed it to be protected I also did not want it to bulk out my pocket. So after a little bit of Google-work, I was rewarded by seeing this smart case on sale with a supplier I had actually heard of before. The case has proved to be just what I wanted and is a very snug fit for the phone and for my pocket. The only omission is for a cut-out in the bottom to accept a charging cable in the phone whilst it is done up. Other than that perfect.
This flip case is a perfect fit for my Samsung Galaxy S2 and it looks good!! Just what I needed to keep my phone safe from scratches etc Brilliant!! Very affordable, Oh! and Royal Mail delivered the day after it was ordered. Can't get better!!!
Just what I was looking for.
This product will give a lot more protection to your phone than a soft leather case. Very slim and robust. Covers the whole phone though the rear 8mp camera lens isn't covered,which would be my only criticism. Very good camera on a mobile but not protected by this cover. Happy with my choice though.
I recommend this as good case
I recommend this case. I have the Galaxy R and fitted with no problems, easy to fit with padding on the screen side. A fried saw it when I was having a glass of beer  he liked it and was going to order one for his S2. I pointed him to the MobileFun shop.
Best of the bunch
The only S2 case where you DONT lose the slimness of the phone. Protects the edges and main screen. Nicely clips close. Looks good in black. Would be nice to have a cut-out for the USB connection. Camera Lens is protected when device is flat, however is exposed. I think this is the best one out of all of them. Great for the price, you can't go wrong.
Brilliant case.
I bought this case for my Glaxaxy S2 because it is the same as the one I bought for my i phone 15 months ago, and that has been dropped from height, kicked and walked over with no detriment to the phone, so if it works for one, it will work as well for this one.
It fits really well and holds it quite securely, the cut outs are ideal so you can get to all the buttons but the best thing is that its really slim and does not make the phone into a bulky lump.
I was so impressed that I bought two, and gave one to my wife who had always refused cases but has jumped at this one.
Good design, good price
A robust, smart-looking case. It doesn't prevent the signal reaching my phone - as my last case did. Easy to flip open and it's no bother to use the phone with the case in place.
the cover I bought was perfect just what I have been looking for.
It was received overnight and in excellent condition.
thank you very much for your excellent service.
I wanted a case to protect my Samsung galaxy s and this looks good and does the job
Galaxy S2 Flip Case
Recently purchased a Galaxy S2 phone and after accident with old phone thought I needed a case. Problem is the phone is so nice and slim didn't want to bulk it out. Saw Carbon style flip case and after viewing video thought it looked like the biz. Ordered Sunday got it Tuesday. Exactly what I wanted looks great still and protects the phone. Cost is also very reasonable. Great product, Great company will certainly use again
great buy
Excellent buy, fits the phone perfectly and protects all over.
My phone is happy now
Well made it fits like a glove protecting all the vunerable areas, the case is slim adding very little to the overall size of the phone I find the phone is easier to hold with the case fitted, Top marks for this case.
Does everything needed
Very good product. Fits perfectly around the phone with a solid back and padded flap to cover the screen. Access to all ports when cover is on apart from charger. Good to have it open to charge anyway I think. All in all a very good and recommended cover to protect my phone.
just what i was looking for
Very very pleased with the samsung galaxy phone case its great ! suits my phone and is great quality love it thankyou recived it very quick as well !!
I bought this case for my husband and he described it as "brilliant". He said that the case is so slim that when in your pocket it does not feel like there is a case on your phone, he also said it has perfect protection from any damage.
Good Quality
After much searching and many reviews stating the cases with magnetic clasps affected the GPS I bought this case for my wifes new phone. She is very pleased with it - works well/looks well and GPS unaffected. So much so that her friend (Lisa) has ordered one upon seeing my wifes.
Excellent product
This case fits the phone brilliantly. The S2 is a slim phone and I was pleased to find that this case doesn't add much to it's size. The case leaves the power and volume switches accessible, as well as the camera and headphone socket, but not the power socket, although I haven't found this to be an issue at all. Great purchase overall.
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