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Skross Travel Worldwide Adapter with USB Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Swiss-made Skross Travel Worldwide Adapter with USB. Make sure that your phone is always fully charged.
  • Mobile Fun ID 9025

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 4.7 stars from 10 customers

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Clever design, truely a worldwide adapter.
This is a versatile and compact device, the USB charger seemed faster than the charger supplied with the phone.
Truly worldwide
2 English and 3 Australians in one apartment in Mauritius - with a laptop, three phones and a camera. The adapter got very well used, something was plugged into it most days. Such a good idea, much better than having to have separate ones for "from" and "to" UK!
Good Service
Ordering was very easy with friendly assistant. Item looks good and received in good time and well packaged. Looking forward to using it when I next travel abroad.
Well worth the money
What a great item. Better than the all the other makes put together.
Just what I needed!
Great item! Works perfect in Western Europe and Cuba. Worth the money!
Bigger than I expected.
I wanted a USB travel adaptor to cope with the increasing number of gadgets that can be charged via USB, and thought this one was worth the extra £7 to also get an adaptor to use with standard appliances that use a 3 pin plug.
Whilst the adaptor does all of this, it is necessary to connect the USB charging cap, which then has to be removed to connect a 3 pin appliance. Also, there is a label that says don't use it with a hairdryer. As a simple travel adaptor for UK appliances can be a few cm deep, this adaptor seems bulky by comparison. However, it looks flexible (supports 4 different types of socket)
aka Kensington
Also available as a Kensington product from the Apple Store for lots more money!
Brilliant except in Italy, where it falls out of the socket too easily and needs propping up...
Otherwise excellent, and USB gives a good strong output that charges my Blackberry, HTC phone and iPod Touch.
Could be a bit smaller!
I love this item. While its made from plastic, it feels quite sturdy and solid. The nicest feature is the way the individual "blades" slide in and out, but locks out the other blades until you slide it shut again. I tend to travel a lot and have been through several different adapters, but I've been using this one now for over 6 months, an while its a bit battered, it works just fine.
The blade lock feature is great, stops you breaking it accidently. The USB socket even powers my XDA Exec (most chargers don't charge it!).
Only downer, it could be a tiny bit smaller, but for everything it does I can't really complain.
I'd buy another if this one wasn't so tough!
Absolutely Brilliant
Great bit of kit, takes up no room in your bag, and ill never need to buy another adapter in the airport again, as long as i remember to take this when i go!
awesome bit of kit, really compact so it fits in a travel bag easily and it has all the travel adapters i'd ever need. With the Swiss branding making me know its a quality product that will last, it has to be 5 stars.

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