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Shumuri The Slim Extra iPhone 6S / 6 Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 6S / 6 with this ultra thin and lightweight case from Shumuri. The Slim Extra Case in black is only 0.35mm thick, giving the impression as if it was not there.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57519
$21.22 inc VAT
 3.3 stars from 4 customers

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Amazingly thin - Amazingly un-protective
They case looks great, isn't silicone based so slides nicely out of your pocket and feels nice to hold. Unfortunately I didn't realise quite out thin it was going to be based on pictures alone. It's so flimsy it doesn't protect the phone at all. I've dropped mine now once from a short height and the case split on the corner and has torn away as well as the minor fall still scuffing my phone despite the case. Sadly disappointing protection, but I guess I should have paid attention to the name more closely really.
I would like to add though that the service from MobileFun has been exceptional, one of my items was out of stock and I was updated continuously and offered swaps throughout the transaction from very pleasant staff - thanks for that! Will definitely shop for a new cover from the same site again.
Super Slim case
first of all great customer service from mobilefun.co.uk. I was looking for a slim case that didn't add much to the phones size as I like it as thin and sleek as possible and mainly to hide the scratches on the back of my phone. This case fulfils this purpose and looks great I chose the black option which make my phone look great. Not the most protective case on the market but that is not what I was looking for. Overall stylish slim fulfils a its purpose. Thumbs up!!
Very thin, feels cheap, slippy!
I was very disappointed with this case. Yes, it's thin, but it feels very cheap, and not rubbery and grippy as I was expecting. It made the phone so slippy to hold that I've gone back to my broken case as I don't feel I'm going to drop it every time.
Very very skinny
Really like this case. its more peachy than the photo suggests but a nice colour and looks well on a rose gold phone. It is a very slim case adding no weight or bulk to the phone. It fits beautifully and stops scratches and scuffs in your handbag. Very pleased with it

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