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Seidio Vitreo Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S3 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Seidio's Vitreo is a tempered glass material that utilizes advanced technology to shield and protect your Samsung Galaxy S III's screen.
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 4 stars from 14 customers

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Temporarily good...
Bought a Seidio Vitreo Glass Screen Protector for my new Galaxy S3 only 2 months ago. Simple to apply and a perfect fit, with no negative effects to sensativity of screen. However, I am not aware of dropping my phone or banging it with anything, but about 2 weeks ago I noticed what seemed like a bubble under the protector. It's got worse so I have removed it tonight to find its badly cracked right accross, totally ruined. So Considering the price, I'm not very impressed with it's durability.
well worth the money
i have been using it for over a week now , so far so good. easy to install and line up , i like the fact it adds a bit of weight to the phone.also it doesnt completly cover the screen as the edges of the screen as rounde down but it comes a lot closer to it as some plastic protector..the only thing i notice , there s is a bit more fingerprint but then its not a big deal. i ve noticed few times no touch registration on the screen a i had a good few miss print too but that could be me trying to get used to touchscreen too.there is a very nice quality feel to this screen protector as ur using it..also a piece of mind that your phone is better protected than a standard plastic.. delivery was qwick too ,it was my first time using this site, i'll be back...
Cover samsung 3 glass
It is a excellent product and the shipping was ok too, but the product are not enough describe, you suuppose that we know the product. In my case i was not sure about it.
Thanks to take note.
Not happy
After having purchased 2 STK glass screen protectors, i decided to go for this product, to see wether it would prove to be a better alternative. STK's are excellent products, with their only downside beeing that they crack quite easily, if you drop your phone accidentally.

Installation with Seidio was also a piece of cake. You actually dont have to do anything else, than to align the glass protector with your phone screen and gently press it down. This is the only thing that is good about it. The Seidio glass constantly misinterprets most actions of the fingers. Even having one finger on screen trying to scroll down an email and Seidio assumes the "zoom in" function (how is this even possible, with one finger on screen)! Even when you try to slide your finger left or right in order to go to other screen 50% of the time, it thinks you want to open an application. Trying to unlock your phone by sliding fingers has also proven to be somewhat difficult now! To cut the story sort, it makes your phone very difficult to operate because 30% of your "gestures" are beeing misinterpreted. I am sorry to say this, but the competitor STK glass screen protector, is way ahead. I regret purchasing this product.
This is absolutely great, so much better than those stick on films, less suceptable to scratches and also to smears. I would highly recommend it.

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