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Seidio Galaxy Note 3 OBEX Waterproof Case - Black/Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Designed to provide superior protection, the Seidio OBEX case in black / gray keeps external elements like water, snow, mud, other liquids, dust, and sand from damaging your Note 3.
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 4.1 stars from 27 customers

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5 star great product
5 star great product
Great water proof
I bought two of these for me and my wife, She has dropped it in water at the ocean and it was fine. I do travel a lot to the islands in the caribbean, so it protects the phone when at the beach and great in salt water. Now is snowboard season and i have thrown this and buried it in the snow and my phone is still in great shape. I recommend this to any one that is trying to protect the phone from water or snow.
Best case you can get for note 3
Recently purchased this case from mobile zap and I am very impressed. The build quality and fitment is second to none and it does exactly what it says: keeps the phone safe when submerged in water. There isn't too much hassle in putting the case on or talking off and all parts fit snugly together. If i had to find a fault I could say the buttons are a bit hard to press and don't respond as easily as other full cover cases I've had. But this minor nuisance is easily overlooked in an overall great product. Easily the best case I've owned for my old note 3
Peace of Mind for your Device
I am an outdoor person, so I stop worrying if it is raining or not... I usually forget my phone on the outside table where it gets wet all the time.....I also do a lot of maintenance in my house so climbing up on ladders and dropping my phone with this case is not a big deal.. I have broken a few of my phones when i accidentally drop them.
I fits perfectly on the phone, all the buttons work just find.
I have open the case a few times and the phone looks brand new, like you have never use it.
I haven't use it underwater but as far heavy rain, mud puddles, dropping it once in toilet bowl and is just find.. No Problem at all.. Great buy!
This is the second one i have had the last one
lasted me near on 3 years only reason of getting another
was is lost the power button but hayho
keeps the phone well protected it sill like the day i bought it
when i remove it from the case
if all there other ones are like this get one you wont regret it
Disappointing purchase. Very poor audio quality incoming/outgoing voice calls
feels good
I like how the case feels but I can't hear when on the phone. This actually makes me not like this case at all.
Good but issues
Good quality case for sure but has issues with phone calls, some are very quiet and some can't hear me even though I turned off noise cancellation as suggested.
The head phone adapter is annoying as you will loose it and forget it and if you don't have it you need to make sure the headphone jack on your headphones is very slim.

Getting harder to find good cases for the Note 3 so atleast it is still available unlike the brilliant otterbox defender
Very good.
So far so good. I recently took it to the top of Carrauntoohil, Ireland's highest mountain, in heavy rain, high wet winds and down the "Devil''s Ladder" in muck, loose rock, scree and mini waterfalls. Both my phone and I survived the test.
Is this waterproof phone cover as good as I believe it is ?? Time will tell.
My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note.
Dust free but not fault free
I work as a carpenter so dust is a big issue when it comes to buying phone cases. So when I saw this phone case I was excited, that was however short lived. As I recieved phone calls every caller complained they couldn't hear me. So I checked it was fitted correctly and it was. Still after only 2 days with it on I had to take it off as what is the point of a phone case if you can't hear each other! So it now lies in the glove compartment awaiting it's trip to the rubbish dump when I next have a clear out. Dust free but sadly not fault free.
Works well!
It was a bit difficult separating the case in the first place, but once I figured that out, it was easy! Have noticed that hearing volume is slightly decreased as a result of the case (ie when on a telephone call), but otherwise all other features are working ok. I am very happy with the case so far!
Really good but the little dot on the screen a bit anoying but water proff work perfect i drop it in pool to test work perfect buy it ...
Perfect and I love it
Same as what the seller describe.. Perfect and I love it...
Great Quality
Great quality product
Had it a over a week now. Open and close the case regularly, seems to be holding up well. Tried and tested in water, works great.
The small issue of dots on the screen protective section. I'm not sure what they are for, may be a designed to spread impact force. Once you notice them they become rather annoying.
Otherwise great product.
Had the case for a year and a but protection wise great case repeated drops and one of those from a horse is has done well in that regard.
Sadly the echo that other callers and the fact the ports have broken down over it last time the headphone jack going in less than six month ownership. I have now decided to buy a different case mainly because of the echo factor. Very good protection though.
Protective but bulky and compromises sound
Used for about a month, there's no doubt about its ability to protect the phone and it's the only case I've found that allows access to the S-pen. On the downside: callers hear an echo and, despite following all of Seidio's instructions, it won't go away; the screen cover scratches very easily; it's huge - taking it of has reminded me what a good-looking device the Note 3 is!
Phone Case
Great Case but button on the bottom of my phone wont work when call is finished I can't light the screen to press end. So I rely on other caller to hang up also I can hear calls clearly but they can't hear me unless using ear phone
seidio case
Brill case high price but worth it does not add to much bulk or weight to the device if you need the best this has to be it good luck

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