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Seidio Dilex X Case for Google Nexus S - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your phone with this Black Dilex X Case, the case designed with the active person in mind. Designed specifically for the Google Nexus S.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28057

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 5 stars from 10 customers

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Fantastic product from MobileZap
Really happy with the Seidio Dilex X Case for my Nexus S Mobile. I have searched everywhere and been laughed at by some sales people when I show them my mobile which I might add is wonderful. So, I have to say this company is a specialist and once I found them it was easy for them! I can thoroughly recommend Mobile Fun.
Really Good
I've had this phone and case for absolutely ages so I suppose as I'm about to upgrade the phone I should reflect on what a great case this has been.

Suffice to say it's probably one of few out there that I'd have full confidence in actually helping the phone to survive a fall and knocks and bumps are no issue whatsoever with this baby on.

I've never had a screen protector in conjunction with it, but it has to be said I've never needed one either.

The only downside I would say is that it adds a fair bit of bulk to the phone. But that is what you get for it actually being protected.

Highly Recommended.
SShockproof and Smart
The rigid 'exoskeleton' that firmly clips over the silicone cover holds it firmly in place. Unlike many flimsy protective cases, this one is clearly not going to come loose. It also enhances the look of the phone giving it an almost military appearance.
I have partnered mine with an additional "invisible shield" for the screen to provide all around cover for the phone. The Seidio Active cover only protects the back and sides. My previous case was a leather flip-over cover which was way more bulky than this one and had started to break up on the hinge. This cover is half the price and looks like it will last for ages.
Awesome case
Fits my Nexus S (i9023) like a glove, was afraid it won't fit after I ordered it, but it does fit very nicely. Great service and on time delivery from mobilefun.co.uk site, Thank you!
A great compact Robust yet cool cover
I researched many different websites before I found mobilefun. I was very impressed with clarity of description of the cover as I was looking for a substantially robust cover which can withstand my Just William of a 14 year old who bikes, skates and generally is glued to his phone.
It also had to be sufficiently cool for him to like it otherwise it would have been 'somehow' torn off!

Anyway this cover matches all the above criteria as it's comfey rubber outside fits snuggly in his hands making it easier to grip and less likely to fall out of hands. The additional back hard cover keeps the rubber firmly in place as well as extra durability at the back and the corners which protects well. Added benefit is although still waiting for screen cover, this cover gives approx 3mm depth of rubber above the screen around the outside giving it a bit of protection.
So although more expensive than other covers the cool factor combined with fantastic level of durability makes it value for money to protect an expensive phone!
Fabulous Service
Wanted the seidio active x case for google nexus s - black as a present for my son's phone, after reading the reviews about how resiliant and good looking it we ordered it. They are correct, it is all of these and it is also very neat.
Snug and sturdy!
My Nexus S now sits more comfortably in my hand. It was a but slippery before, but now it feels secure. The lip of the case protects the front as well as the rear of the phone. This is a robust, well made case. Very pleased.
very good build and looks good
This is my third case in 3 months but I can say this one won't fail. The case is very solid and and well made. It looks good too. I wish I just spent the money originally and got this one.
This cover is absolute quality and worth every penny!!! The service was great also- less than 24 hours from order to delivery.

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