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Seidio DILEX Pro Combo Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Holster Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Galaxy Note 4 with this black Dilex Case from Seidio. This case provides shock absorbing protection with two interlocking layers and includes an integrated kickstand and belt-clip holster.
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 4.9 stars from 6 customers

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Well made and useful - Great Combo!
Both case and holster have a high quality feel to them.

The case feels sturdy and is fairly thin with a soft grip. It fits well on the phone but you may need to fiddle to place it precisely. I found the power button was 'caught' by the case meaning the phone would turn on/off, even though the case looked to be on perfectly. With a drag of a thumb up the right-hand case edge, it shifts a fraction and slips properly around the power button, permanently resolving the issue.

The phone fits the holster face-in and is headphone socket to the top - if you put the phone in with the headphone socket facing down, the holster will press the side buttons; it's not designed for that.

The holster can rotate from vertical to horizontal with two intermediary positions. The headphone socket faces forwards when worn horizontally on your right. It's easy to get the phone in and out, and having knocked the assembly quite hard a number of times, it hasn't fallen out yet!

My phone lives in the case and I use the holster daily - couldn't live without them now!
On the Go ease of use
Having owned a previous Seidio Holster for a Note 3, this combo was no brainer. Offering a good level of protection for your expensive Note 4 and the connivence from holster to use of your phone is awesome.The complete unit fits into my ibolt car dock a treat and can whole heartily recommend this for a very good level of protection and ease of use, couple this with a fast and efficient service from mobilefun and your on to a winner.
Great case
This case is perfect. Strong but not bulky. Fits well, kickstand is sturdy (only works in landscape), all the holes in the right place. The case is grippy to hold on to, but goes easily into pockets. The bevel protrudes about 1mm above the screen FYI - I would have appreciated a little more. The holster is secure and will not damage the phone, you can only dock the phone face down, the headphone jack points out the top when in the holster. The holster is not heavy, but is sturdy. A very good quality case

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