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Scosche StrikeDrive Lightning to AUX Audio Converter & Car Charger Reviews

The Schosche StrikeDrive Converter is a multi-purpose car charger, with the ability of converting audio from your iPhone 7 / 8 Lightning port through to your car's stereo.
  • Mobile Fun ID 61256
$39.82 inc VAT
 5 stars from 3 customers

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Great device!
I tried an alternative cheap splitter device from Amazon that I could attach to my new iPhone 8 but it didn't work so I thought I would try the Scosche StrikeDrive instead. Happy to say it works fine! My aux socket is in the glovebox annoyingly and I have to close it but the wire is thin enough to do so without damaging it which is good. The sound quality is good. A little bit expensive but there aren't many options in the non bluetooth category that I can see and this one is well made and reliable so far.
A great bit of kit
Previous to buying this product, I bought a Bluetooth connection, I had to try and connect it, tune it in, it still didn't work, I put it back to the shop.
I ordered this product, it is great, just plug it in and off you go, so simple yet very effective and does exactly what I needed it to do
StrikeDrive works perfectly
After many months of waiting, the Scosche StrikeDrive works as advertised. I can now charge my iPhone and listen to music in my car with only the USB to lightening cord.

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