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Scosche StrikeDrive Lightning to AUX Audio Converter & Car Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Schosche StrikeDrive Converter is a multi-purpose car charger, with the ability of converting audio from your iPhone Lightning port through to your car's stereo.
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Works a treat
Great product
Got this as I needed to charge my phone in the car & it works great. Little blue lights show it’s connected & working. Very pleased
Doesn't work for Android phones.
The charger works fine,but cannot hear music from the stereo. What got me on this as I searched for this for an Android phone,it had this product listed on there,but after trying it out,I read the package and it says for iPhones, no Androids. Recommend to a friend,yes if they have an iPhone.
Does the job!
Works well with my iPhone 8 Plus, there is still some slight feedback whine but this does not affect listening pleasure.
Excellent product!
For those of us without internal Bluetooth in the car this baby brings your music to life! Just plug in the cord to the Auxiliary port in your vehicle and voila - iPhone tunes come a’rockin through your stereo. (Insert thumbs-up emoji here) Has been a lifesaver for my friend who does heaps of kms. Having the option to listen to podcasts, audible books and of course her music library through stereo sound rather than the limited phone volume makes all the difference.
Note: You can’t buy this in the store so go to Mobilezap, fast and reliable company.
Exactly what i was after
Very good
It does it's main job - charging the mobile device - very good. Even with a power hungry app like any navigation app running it still keeps charging. The output amperage seems correct. iPhone detects it as a line out (similar in action as the charging dock). What this product is lacking is audio output signal quality and power (is this the right term?). The audio signal is similar to the one from lightning audio adapter. I was hoping for something grater, since this has an independent power source from the phone. The signal quality is lacking if compared to the iPad and nowhere near the one of a Macbook. Don't get me wrong - it does the job of charging the phone and playing music simultaneously done very well, and for most people the audio quality won't be an issue. But it could and should have been a tad bit better.
Does exactly what it's designed to do
This is exactly what I've been after for over a year! I can now charge my iPhone 7 and still use the AUX input on my car (2006 Ford Focus). What's even better, is the phone volume is fixed when connected, so it's the car stereo that controls the sound, as if it was the radio or CD. Worth the money a few times over IMO
works perfectly...easy to use...does exactly as it says and what no other product seems to
Great device!
I tried an alternative cheap splitter device from Amazon that I could attach to my new iPhone 8 but it didn't work so I thought I would try the Scosche StrikeDrive instead. Happy to say it works fine! My aux socket is in the glovebox annoyingly and I have to close it but the wire is thin enough to do so without damaging it which is good. The sound quality is good. A little bit expensive but there aren't many options in the non bluetooth category that I can see and this one is well made and reliable so far.
Works perfectly!
It took me 5 seconds to set up this morning with my iPhone 7 and I'm back to having my music in the car AND charging my phone! It's actually better as there's only one cable connected to the phone, so it's easy to plug and go. Seems good quality and delivery was nice and quick, thanks!
A great bit of kit
Previous to buying this product, I bought a Bluetooth connection, I had to try and connect it, tune it in, it still didn't work, I put it back to the shop.
I ordered this product, it is great, just plug it in and off you go, so simple yet very effective and does exactly what I needed it to do
StrikeDrive works perfectly
After many months of waiting, the Scosche StrikeDrive works as advertised. I can now charge my iPhone and listen to music in my car with only the USB to lightening cord.

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