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Scosche solBAT II Solar Powered Battery Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your USB powered devices conveniently and in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28957
$32.93 inc. VAT
 4.4 stars from 27 customers

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Brilliantly designed item!
I needed a device I could take with me fishing to keep the all important mobile phone charged for family emergencies etc. I have been been using this device in my car , outside and for emergencies charges after charging the device via the pc. I was very impressed with the speed of charge this device was performing at. Excellent buy would highly recommend to anyone especially those who spend time outdoors
free power
I am going on a long coach trip in a few weeks and need to be able to keep in touch, so I require a method of keeping my phone charge up for the whole journey.What set this device apart from the crowd was the ability to use your own leads with it.
I have tested the device it charges itself really well and downloads the power very efficiently.
Quality product
Got this solar charger as a replacement for another brand as that one didn't work. Well designed and compact enough for what it delivers. Easy to use although could maybe have done with a separate power supply for the mains electric for non daylight charging, although its own USB lead should work with most smartphone chargers. Simple LED lights indicate charging and use. Has a little button to check the charge level in the battery pack. Charged my Xperia S quickly enough when needed with the supplied USB cable. Have it stuck on my van window via the carrier and suction cups. Probably wont use the clip but have attached it anyway just in case.

All in all a great piece of kit well worth the money!
left it charging for 5 whole days in the car (at least 4 of those days where bright and sunny) The indicator said it was only 3/4 charged so i thought ah well ill try and see if it gives my nokia lumia 800 a bit of a boost.
After checking on it a few seconds later the scosche was totally drained and my battery level hadnt even moved.
even if this isnt a fault it still says that it will take 4 to 5 days to fully charge so i realy don't see the point in this useless waste of cash.
Great gadget
This item is ideal for those on the move who rely on their phone. I found this the ideal 'back-up' for when my phone runs low.it is nice and compact and can be hung from bag (or whatever) to 'catch' the rays on the move or, it can be put on the car windscreen or any sunny window via the use of the holder. it's SO easy to use. Wish I'd found it sooner!
Scosche solBAT II Solar Powered Battery Pack
As soon as I opened the parcel I knew this was just what I needed for going on my travels. It is very robust and can be charged by both solar or from your computer USB port or a mains USB adapter. It is also supplied with a carrabiner to clip to a rucksack or other place you require. It charges quite quickly from USB altho solar does take longer.
Very Handy
I purchased this item mainly for a backup for my N8 as ive runout of power a few times when out hiking and thats quite serious.,taking lots of pics,vids using gps ect drinks your battery, i really needed this and with the ability to stick it to inside your windscreen with the supplied attachment or hang it on your rucksack with the supplied mini carab its just a bonus which keeps it topped up ready for when needed,as its winter i have only chargred it up by usb sofar but the charge light is illuminate in winter sunshine and flouresent lighting...,,ive sofar charged my nokia n8,nokia 5235,bluetooth keyboard,satnav,dellstreak7..the supplied usb-micro usb lead to charge it via computer usb works out great for my n8 as that also uses microusb and can charge via that... im really glad i purchesed it ,i consider it a musthave infact ive just ordered another as a gift for someone
Great emergancy power pack
This solar powered device is great if you need to carry around a spare source of power. On a full charge which can take more that the time stated aprox 5 -10 days, of course dependent on the sun, it will charge my galixy s 2 up between a third and a half, which gives me about half a days use of the phone. The usb cable supplied will charge the phone despite it telling you not to use it. A great product does what it says.
Just what I needed
Good for charging phone
usb charging good
solar charging takes a long time maybe not enough sun.
Not compatible to IPAD2
The product is perfect for its size, reliability and works as expected. I can charge a large range of devices thanks to its universal USB output and is very easy to charge through its micro USB cable. No need of heavy appliances to carry on. The only "but..." is that it's not for IPAD2 as included in compatibility tab. The output of 500 mA is not enough, it should be 2100 mA. I hope to find a solar charger with an output of 5V and 2100mA, I would buy it immediately.
No Micro?
This product would be perfect if it wasn't for one problem. It doesn't charge via micro usb. This means it is neccessary to carry around the supplied usb charging cable for topping up. There are no spares available in scosche's cable selection on their website either. Shame, it looked like a great product but no micro usb charging is a deal breaker for me.
Scosche solBAT II
This would be a great little product if it wasn't for one problem. I doesn't charge via micro usb. This means needing to carry around a dedicated usb charging cable to top up. Nowhere in scosche's extensive cable selection are spares available either.
Great little item!
This charger is perfect for me. It is smaller than it looks in the pics (about 3 3/4 x 2 inches)which is a bonus. I attach it to my rucksack using a small luggage type lock when on holiday and it is always ready when I need it. Since I don't own a car the additional suction cup attachment is used to attach it to the corner of my bedroom window which keeps it charged without taking up a valued USB port.

Highly recommended!

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