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Schatzii S1 360° Universal Swivel Car Mount Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Featuring a 360 degree swivel mount, the S1 from Schatzii is a secure and stable mount for your phone. Easily attach the mount to either the windshield or dashoard, to keep your phone safe, while driving.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57572
$54.98 inc. VAT
 5 stars from 1 customers

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Works like a charm!
At the very first I tried to stick it to the dashboard. Well, it didn't work, because it sticks only to flat surfaces! I was a bit disappointed, because I hate when I have to reduce the view to attach something to the windscreen!

Fortunately this device really does not require huge territory, so I found out I would put it in the left corner, just beside the roof. It really sticks to its place and to the mobile, like glue!

When it gets dusty, just clean it with a wet anti-static cloth and that's it!

Minimalist looking and awesome to use. Would definitely buy again!

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