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Satechi USB-C Adapter & Hub with USB Charging Ports - Gold Reviews

Using the USB-C (USB Type-C) port on your MacBook with USB-C, add 2 full-sized USB ports, an SD card slot and a micro SD card slot to your computer with this adapter in gold. Plug in USB devices such as a keyboard, mouse or printer to your MacBook.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62178
$53.10 inc VAT
 4 stars from 1 customers

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Setachi hub USB -C
We bought this to use with ad memory sticks and it does what it is for. My thoughts on this are that the USB-c socket could do with being slightly longer to accommodate the protective case we have on our MacBook,as it is we have to jiggle it to make connections with the MacBook . The other thing I would say is that the socket is having to support the whole weight of everything that's plugged into it and I wonder if it's designed to stand this usage. I feel that if there was some form of supportive mechanism at the other end of the hub that could either clip into or clamp onto the device it's connected to then this might help to support the USB connector.
All that said, as long as you are aware of these issues then you have a great piece of kit that does exactly what it's there to do. The other refinement I like is that you can choose the colour of it to match your unit, small thing I know but it makes it look as though it belongs rather than an add on

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