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Reviews for Satechi 5 Port USB-C Charging Hub W/ SD Card Slot For MacBook - Silver

Using the USB-C (USB Type-C) port on your MacBook 12 inch, add 2 full-sized USB ports, an SD card slot and a micro SD card slot to your computer using this Satechi hub in silver. Plug in USB devices such as a keyboard, mouse or printer to your MacBook.
Using the USB-C (USB Type-C) port on your MacBook 12 inch, add 2 full-sized USB ports, an SD card slot and a micro SD card slot to your computer using this Satechi hub in silver. Plug in USB devices such as a keyboard, mouse or printer to your MacBook.
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Satechi usb C
Product works okay but the way it sits in the computer isn’t very practical, it is literally only supported by the charging port so the far end of the device is free to move and wobbly around loosely, doesn’t feel very solid.
Good stuff. Recommend
Used to upload maps to my Garmin. Product became too hot to touch then shut down. Not much use!
Good all in one Hub!
This is a really well built desk hub that works great for the MacBook that only have one USB-C port. The only thing I would suggest is to put some feeds on this device as it "droops" slightly(not the same height as the MacBook when on a flat desk) and can overtime bend the one and only USB-C port on the MacBook.

Looks great
Very pleased with this. Quick delivery too. Space grey matches laptop perfectly.
Excellent Product
Smaller than I thought it was going to be but an excellent product
Very nice design
The USB-C hub is very nice looking and matches my 12" MacBook perfectly. One of the few I have found that both features SD card reader and power through loop for the MacBook. It is extremely good value for the money in Hong Kong but overpriced in China and Europe.
Does the job
It does the job and it matches the colour of my MacBook perfectly. Gets dirty easily though and sags down slightly when in the laptop. Other than that it's great.
Very high quality
Very quick delivery, good product
Will not stay in if you have a cover on macbook
Good idea. Will not stay in usb c slot if like me you have a cover on the back of your macbook
Super fast delivery
I love this item. Its goes well with my mack and helps to keep it decluttered. Would recommend
Very prompt delivery and items as stated
Very useful dock, makes the Mac Air usable with a dock and other USB devices.
Good - but a little impractical
Certainly versatile and a great concept. My only issue with it is that I had to remove my protective case on my MacBook Pro as I wanted to have the logo facing down (but that’s obviously just a personal choice - it would fit the other way around) ..... It also has a tendency to ‘angle’ downwards when using both USB ports - purely due to the weight at one end and the ‘C’ port being very narrow at the other (hence the 4 star rating)
All good thanks.
All good thanks.
Good, if a little loose.
Overall the adapter is functionally good, with nice looks, a good range of ports and fast upload time. If there is one drawback it is that does not fit as tightly as I would have liked to the side of the laptop.
Does exactly what I need it to. Perfect.
It's easy to use and does what it says on the box. Much cheaper than other options.
It’s great!
I bought two of these so far for me and my friend and we both use it every single day.
Works A Treat!
The item arrived swiftly just in time before Uni started off, it's light and compact and easy to use. It goes nicely with my laptop and almost blends in as if its a part of it. A necessity for my MacBook Pro as I found it to be one of the best USB-C adaptors on the market. The pass through charging is also a great feature that comes to use in the best of times. However it is a little costly which for a student isn't so good but apart from that I cant't fault it.
It's A very smart idea
It's a really smart idea the only thing is it's not as stable as it could be but I guess that's down to how small the laptop is & if you have a case on the bottom it won't really fit well so make sure you take the case off but other than that it's great and I love that its great & i love that's they have colours to match your device
Not that impressed unfortunately. Doesn't seem to stay in the port / laptop keeps popping out which is super annoying. Even worse when you have something other than one port full. Dissapointed.
Setachi hub USB -C
We bought this to use with ad memory sticks and it does what it is for. My thoughts on this are that the USB-c socket could do with being slightly longer to accommodate the protective case we have on our MacBook,as it is we have to jiggle it to make connections with the MacBook . The other thing I would say is that the socket is having to support the whole weight of everything that's plugged into it and I wonder if it's designed to stand this usage. I feel that if there was some form of supportive mechanism at the other end of the hub that could either clip into or clamp onto the device it's connected to then this might help to support the USB connector.
All that said, as long as you are aware of these issues then you have a great piece of kit that does exactly what it's there to do. The other refinement I like is that you can choose the colour of it to match your unit, small thing I know but it makes it look as though it belongs rather than an add on
A bit flimsy but still good value for money
Feels a little bit delicate at times but over all, it's good value for money. Would recommend.
Very pleased with it
I purchased this device to enable me use existing items with my new MacBook Pro - very pleased with it - but it threw me that my camera SD card wouldn't fit, then realised it goes in upside down.
not working.
I bought this item on the 212 of June. for the past weeks it has been giving me problems and its not working. the usb c adapter blue light turns on but the USB ports are not. please can this be resolved?
MobileFun Reply
Hi Moses

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Good Price/Quality
For the price I am really satisfied of the quality of this gadget. If you look what the Apple Store offer when you need SD cards and USB adapter and the price, this little adapter is genius, the only thing is that its really sensitive so ... be kind with it. I would love it more if it would be related to the computer by a cable maybe.... anyways. Overall Good pricing, fast shipping!
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