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SanDisk MicroSDHC Card - 32GB Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This tiny SanDisk 32GB transflash Micro SD memory card is perfect for storing photos, music and video.
  • Mobile Fun ID 20431
$41.70 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 20 customers

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Small but perfectly formed..
Having been given a Sony Xperia phone for my birthday my zest for taking photographs with it, plus increasing the number of apps it was destined to hold, soon dictated that some extra memory would be required.

I searched various websites, with a particular eye on that of 'MobileFun'. I wanted a manufacturer that I could trust as well as the supplier. The combination of SanDisk and MobileFun appeared the best. The 32GB SDHC Micro card offering what I wanted at a competitive price.

The card slid straight into the phone, and no more input was required from me. It worked just as it should with no demands on me for any technical inputs! Perfect.

MobileFun continued to maintain their faultless service, the product arriving on schedule as usual. I would finish by saying my faith in MobileFun was fully secured some while ago when they exchanged a product that proved not to meet my needs with no argument, great speed and friendly service. They get my vote!

Seems fine
Stuck it in, switched phone on, extra storage available as expected.
If you want the best...
choose a "big name" brand. There are other, cheaper, MicroSDHC out there but you always wonder "will it be as good as SanDisk?"
Great product with loads of space for all my media.
SanDisk Quality
I need a better memory card than the one supplied with my new HTC Desire HD. I when for the largest possible as I listen to a great deal of audio books, podcasts and music whilst driving all over the country.

I was a little concerned when it arrive in a poly bag and not a full retail package. You hear about counterfeit memory cards all the time, but to date I haven't had any problems with it.
Loadsa' Memory!
I've bought this card for my Sony Ericsson X10 Xperia for music, movies and pictures from the camera.

Memory card works fine and have only 50% filled it so far!
SanDisk MicroSDHC Card - 32GB.
What can i say. Ordered the item, and received as promise.
I am not a novice but by no means a expert with things like this and had heard of some horror stories.

But I'm afraid to i had no problems at all, the item slipped into my Htc desire HD easily. switched on the phone, and that was it phone found it,formatted and it was honestly as simple as that.

The card has never given me a problem. it holds 3 films and at the moment 29 albums of high quality recorded music.Still have over half the cards memory free. There is no loss of speed in finding items on the card.With the price being reasonable. Anyone looking for a bigger memory can't go far wrong with this card.

Would highly recommend the card and mobilefun. to anyone
got there in the end, fantastic product
After wrong item sent out, and returned it, mobilefun customer service sorted out a correct replacement, now fitted in my n97 mini and loaded with 1200+ tunes and works fine.
Does what it says on the tin
What can you say about a Micro SDHC card? It's original, it works and it's nice to max out the capacity of my new Galaxy S
Plenty of space
Perfectly compatible with my Galaxy S. I can now store plenty of music and movies.
32Gig SDcard
The card works just fine in my HTC desire running Android 2.2. The data speed is adequate allowing me to watch movies with no video pausing. I was very impressed with the card when I inserted it into my Ubuntu desktop, I could access the card at high speed for copying MP3s etc. My phone quotes the total available space at 29.71GB so I wonder where the other 2GB+ went ?
MobileFun Reply
Card manufacturers state the capacity accounting for 1000KB per MB, whereas the computer/phone accounts each MB as 1024KB. With smaller capacity cards this isn't such an issue, but unfortunately when you get up to 32GB and above it does become noticeable.
Brilliant product
It's fast to read and write data. In my case, I have found that the memory card is compatable with INQ Chat 3G, which most online reviews that I had found did not mention.
Quite remarkable
It seems incredible that it is possible to get so much storage - close to 8,000 songs, or 80 days of continuous music at a 256kbps bit rate - onto something the size of a little fingernail, but that is what this 32GB micro SDHC card offers. It means that your BlackBerry, Android or other mobile phone can replace your iPod completely and still leave tons of room for photographs, applications etc. It may seem pricey, but when you think of it as an iPod alternative, the cost seems almost reasonable.

Mobile Fun, as ever, deliver instantly and without any hassle.

Finally, don't be fooled by the apparent availability of 32GB SDHC cards for much less on eBay - these are fake. Only SanDisk makes SDHC cards with this much capacity and this is the best available price.
To be honest I bought this in anticipation of the arrival of my Nokia N8 but, in the meantime, have put it into my Nokia N97.
It worked straight out of the box and obviously holds a lot of music. In fact enough for a 2 week holiday !!!
Downside is it slows the N97 down quite a lot - but it is way outside that phones abilities [as are a lot of things].
I'll update with how N8 performs with this little treasure.
32GB MicroSD card
HTC Desire. Put card in, copy files to card. Nothing to report = 5*
I was in two minds wether to buy this after I noticed that it was not listed as compatable with my phone on mobilefun's website. However on the sandisk website my phone was, so I bought it. It doesnt work very well at all. It took me ages to put music on to it. However now I dont seem to be able to add any more to it or delete any from it, so I only have the music that I first put on it. When I insert it in my card reader on my PC it wont delete any of the files despite my pc saying that it has delted them. I am planning to send it back as it just does not seem worth the money.

I would say approach with caution, and make sure your phone is definately compatable. Mobilefun seem to know better than sandisk!
Does what it says on the tin
Masses of storage space. Works fine in my Nokia 5800.
Also, would like to comment on delivery. Ordered on Friday and it was delivered on Saturday.
No surprises
Works perfectly in my Nokia 5800, no surprises, no glitches. It isn't very fast, seems to be similar in speed to the Nokia MicroSD card that came with the 5800.

Overall, I'm satisfied with this product, it's precisely what I expected it to be.

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