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Samsung Stylus for Capacitive Screens Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Control your devices screen with greater accuracy with this official Samsung stylus
  • Mobile Fun ID 30225
$20.61 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 44 customers

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Perfect ePen
Although it has its large end, it is pressure sensitive. So, I can write small strokes.
Samsung Stylus for Capacitive Screens
Absolutely love my pen. It's stylish, neat, attaches easily to a pocket and it was delivered next day! I have arthritis in my fingers, so it was just perfect for my new Galaxy phone.
great stylus
Does exactly what it should. Perfect size for me. Nice weight to hold. No cap which would be useful to protect tip, but then nine do so this is an observation not a complaint
Samsung Stylus
Excellent Product, very smooth across the screen, well done MobileFun for superfast delivery, full marks 100%, thank you.
This stylus is so much better than the previous stylus I had which was a different make.
Perfect S3 stylus
This is the second stylus from mobile fun since I lost the first one.
Another order delivered promptly and works perfectly.
Well done Mobile Fun!
Works perfectly!
It works perfectly. I have very dry skin, and my finger tips have no effect on a swipe screen. This stylus does it all for me, and it also works on the buttons and pad below the screen. It's not the Note 3 stylus, which is super-slim with a metal tip. It is a little rounder, with a soft, flexible pad which touches the screen. Perfect for typing, as for everything else. Highly recommended!
Gadget works well with Galaxy S3 mini
Brilliant gadget for those who struggle with small smartphone keyboards and who have either big fingers or long finger nails.Bought one for my wife and will now get one for myself.
Excellent service from MobileFun.
Awesome little tool.
This Samsung Stylus works really well with both my Apple and Samsung products. I'm glad I ordered it and will likely purchase a second one.
Good old Samsung!
An essential item that makes living with my S3 mini so much better! A must have!
Mix of good and bad
Samsung has always been one of my favorite brand. I just ordered a capacitive stylus for my galaxy tab. The quality of this product is pretty good as expected. You could feel the class of the product when you use it. It is quire responsive and elegant.
The only disappointing part was that this pen had a little more thick tip than expected. So my primary goal of using it for sketching was not fulfilled(Hence 4 stars).
I would recommend this product as it works great for normal use(except for sketching).
Samsung Stylus pen
Excellent product just what I needed. Thank you
Quality Stylus
This is the best Stylus I have seen. It has a weighty solid feel to it and nicely finished as well.
Best Stylus Ever By Far.
I have tried many different makes and priced stylus in the past but this one from Samsung beats them all hands down. The weight is perfect and best of all you don't get any drag across the screen which you seem to do with the cheaper versions, you only get what you pay for i guess. I use it for my Galaxy S3 LTE and also my iPad.The soft rubber end is a tad large but you get used to it very quickly making texting and playing games etc a lot easier.Well done Samsung for a fine product and top marks to mobile fun for the excellent next day delivery service.
Very useful at certain times!
Most of the time I don't need this on my tablet, but if a website has really dinky linkys then this is invaluable to me!! I wouldn't be without it now!! :-) It has also proved really useful on my Samsung mobile/cell phone to for the same reasons!!! :-) xx
Works well.
I bought this as I had mislaid my Samsung C-Pen which is designed specifically for the S3. I later found the. C-Pen again, but find myself far happier with this stylus, although the tip is clunkier it still works well with drawing apps and is great for keyboard use. Also works with the two softkeys which for some reason the C-Pen has been designed not to do. Nice finish though the C-Pen is slightly classier!
time saver
can now use phone without hitting two keys makes life easier delivery very speedy have use this company again very impressed
Samsung Stylus for capacitive screen
This is a very good stylus from samsung for capacitive screens, As many users of this stylus and myself will agree that the point of this stylus is chubby but it emulates the finger touch so perfectly, especially when uisng Swype for text messaging. The A+ feature of this stylus is that it has a superbly designed press button pocket clip that clasps any shirt or T-shirt pocket. Press the top end of the clip and clasping grip of the stylus releases hold of the pocket. The stylus is about the diameter of a marker and the feel is very executive and official especially when used with the Galaxy Note N7000. Screen contact is very accurate even for a smaller font size. The thickness of the rubber tip is not an issue to me because i get the accuracy i demand from this stylus. Thank you Samsung and & Thank You Mobile Fun
no more greasy screen
This item is a superb quality product. It feels right in you hand and makes anyone ( like me) with big fingers able to operate a touch screen with ease.
It works with my phone
This item works very well with the Samsung Galaxt Ace. I had tried a cheaper "capacitive screen" stylus but it wouldn't work and was sceptical about this item. But it does work really well.
A little larger than I expected (overall length 12.3cms) it comes with a pocket clip and although the main picture on the website shows two views of the item you do only get one for the money!
This is just what I needed
This allows me to text more speedily as my fingers were too big for the characters on my screen.A very handy clip allows me to keep it with me at all times.
Makes texting a pleasure
This is just what I needed. Only those with the nimblest of fingers can text effortlessly. For the rest of us it is an arduous task and not only does this piece of kit make life so much easier, it looks good too.
Makes texting a pleasure
This is just what I needed. Unless you have the nimblest of fingers texting can be an arduous task. This piece of kit both looks good and makes life so much easier.
The best ever
at last no more greasy fingerprints on my screen eases my OCD works like a dream no more fat finger syndrome when typing I now get the letter I actually wanted not the letters either side as well. This was without a doubt the best buy ever it just works if your thinking about it just get it you won't regret it i wouldn't be without it.
Easy to use
The rubber tip of the stylus is a little thick and partially obscures the keyboard image. None the less the device works well with the Nokia L 800 screen and is much easier to use for extended data entry than finger tips.
Brilliant bit of kit,as it's actually shorter than an ordinary biro , so fits perfectly into shirt pocket.
Works a treat!
As a disabled smartphone user, a stylus for a smartphone is just what the doctor ordered and as far as they go, this is the best Stylus I have used.
Smooth & very responsive!!
Spot on
Fingers are for yesterday's gadgets, this is for the future.
Great help to huge bulky finguers vs Galaxy S2
Tried some other stylus, but this one rocks with my Samsung Galaxy S2, it gives great precision and rapid use for those that have big hands and bulky fingers like me.
Very usefull
A very usefull accessory for those of us who have trouble hitting the right points with our chubby digits! I haven't a clue how it actually works, but do they need to be that expensive?
Useful piece of kit - thanks!.

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