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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 USB Connector Kit Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Connect compatible USB accessories to your Galaxy Tab 10.1 with this official adaptor.
  • Mobile Fun ID 30219

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 5 stars from 12 customers

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just what's wanted
Good little device seems quite robust. As others have said insert pen etc into the sd port before attaching to the multi pin socket on your device.
More than I needed
The usb connector is neat with a cover and exactly what I needed,however I also received a connector for an sd card reader which I didn't really need.Maybe this is why this connector kit was more expensive than others.I am still happy with my purchase.
Exactly what I was looking for.
Item was received very quickly and does exactly as advertised.
How did I manage without these?
The connector kit is just what I needed for my Galaxy Note 10.1, but before I found it on mobilefun website, I did not know it existed. I can now expand the memory of my tablet much more than my 32 GB exterernal SD card alone could do. I can also transfer photos from my camera on holiday to my tablet to upload to Facebook and my computer. I can fill external SD cards with photos, music, books etc then quickly and easily access them on my tablet .
It must be easy to use as I am a 60 + female with no background in computing. Buy one and like me, you will not know how you managed without it.
Exactly what I was looking for
First of all, thank you Mobile Fun for super fast delivery. I ordered Tuesday evening and received a well packed item on Thursday. Excellent customer service!
Secondly, the SD card and USB connectors work perfectly and will extend the memory and usefullness of my Note. One word of advice, I thought at first they did not work, but a bit of web research gave advice to restart my Note with the connector and USB/SD inserted. After doing this they worked perfectly. A bit more expensive than some 'Samsung' connectors offered on the internet but these are the genuine article and I am really pleased with my purchase, worth every penny.
Did exactly as it said it would
This has made my Galaxy Tab complete. The USB Connector is as they said it would be in the sense of plug in and play. The SD Card Memory reader is an absolute bonus and was really useful on holiday for loading photo's on the move. Great product, great price.
Works well and includes and SD card reader which isn't in the description.

SD Card reader supports Micro SD card using the SD expander thingerwots-it.

USB reader works with most USB memory devices and USB hard drives which have an external power supply.

Not surprisingly it doesn't work if you hook your phone up to it via usb but thats just silly.
£20 well spent
Simple and easy. In true plug and play fashion, my product arrived within two days, out of the packet and i was using my adaptors instantaneously.

The adaptors are very good, simply slot in the keyboard via my usb adaptor and away presto! I have a keyboard with an additional touchpad, the cursor comes in very handy when using some fiddly dropdown menus on certain websites.

My samsung galaxy is the standard wifi 16gb. However, I already have a HTC phone so when I am out generally I wouldn't always use my tablet to connect to the web. Earlier this year though I also bought a pay & go dongle but now with my adaptor i can hook that up too. Having a usb adaptor is so important with this product, as the galaxy doesn't come with built in us connectivity. The adaptor is just what is needed to make galaxy complete.

Also in pack is the sd card adaptor too, and this is just as handy as it allows you too transfer, add and copy all the data much quicker and easier than connecting your tablet up to a computer.

Very good tool, well worth £20.
Excellent Value for money
The item arrived, much to my surprise as I live in Northern Ireland - thank you Royal Mail, the day after I ordered it. As usual from MobileFun the item was extremely well packed and was easy to open. Again much to my surprise I found, on opening the package, that along with the USB connector there was an SD Card connector. There was no mention of this anywhere in the product describtion so happy surprise.
Both connectors worked fine on my Tab and were very quick copying some photos and MP3's across. As the connectors, especially thr USB connector, stick out quite a bit from the Tab, I decided to use a USB extension cable for safety and ease of use reasons and I would stronly advise everyone who buys this to do the same. I am extremely pleased with this product and would recommend it to my family and friends.
Works fine
Can connect usb devices to the galaxy tab 10.1 so product is great, unfortunately Android doesn't recognize the format NTFS on my external Hard Drive, could read from my Memory stick which is formatted with a FAT file system (Maybe android will support NTFS at a later date). Also tried a wired 360 controller on the device which did not work (though didn't expect it to work) have seen vids of connecting 360 usb to wireless receiver so might try that next

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