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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Gift Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This gift box includes all of the necessary equipment you'll need to optimise your Galaxy Tab 10.1 in every way.
  • Mobile Fun ID 33406

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 4.2 stars from 30 customers

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Not adequate
I bought this pack for my Samsung galaxy tab 3 10.1 tablet, the screen cover podded bit the actual case was not the right case, you didn't have access to the navigation buttons I roulette not recommend this product as it was no use and I am not able to use it to protect my tablet. I have now had to buy another case.
a little disapointed
The only problem I have with the galaxy tab gift pack is that the enclosed screen guard does not fit my galaxy tab, it is to big and so the edges of the screen guard lift up, otherwise the dock, case, stylus and car charger are just what I needed.
just the job
Perfect gift got exactly what is needed to enhance the pad experience
perfect match
I found this pack has everything needed for my galaxy pad, the cover fits perfectly. I now have all without searching for added accessories.
Initial Disappointment to Great Surprise
I ordered the MobileFun Tablet Pack - should have realised that through popularity it was out of stock but Mobilefun kept me informed kept the order open and received the goods a day after it was finally in stock. What value and good quality. Docking staion to Pad Cover all excellent and worth the wait. Better than any high street offer. John
just what you need
The pack that i got came with all the detail bits and bobs that you need for a tab, every part of the pack was useful and effective.
I would recommend it to anyone.
Great Pack Just what I needed
Contains everything you really require for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet,good quality at reasonable price
Samsung Galaxy tablet 10.1 Gift pack
I bought this gift pack from you, but the tablet is not charging properly. I have to charge my tablet constantly and I am not very happy with the charger. Sometimes when I sit the tablet on the charger it does not charge at all until you shake the tablet. Not satisfied with my purchase at all. The cover and screen protectors are fine. They are what I really wanted.
This accessory pack is brilliant. Fast delivery and good quality for an extremely reasonable price. Very happy. Thanks mobile fun :-)
Galaxy Tab Gift Pack
Case, Charger/Stand, Screen Protectors & Stylus all add up to great value. Problem is these are for the 1st issue of the Galaxy Tab, and the Screen protectors are the wrong size :-( the case fits, and works well, but is probably not optimal for the various outputs (speakers, microphone, ear socket). For the price I paid I am not disappointed, but it would be nice to be able to choose which model I was buying for.
Everything I need in one great gift pack
I love my new Samsung Galaxy tablet, but the accessories are hard to find and pretty expensive, so I was delighted to find this incredible pack with everything I needed for an absolute bargain price. Brilliant high quality case, stylus, 2 screen protectors, a soft screen cloth, a great charger stand and a car charger. Amazing amount of gear for such a low price. Would definitely recommend.
For the price it is an excellent product.
For the price it is an excellent product. The leather style case is very good and exceeds expectations. The 2 screen protectors are very good. The two combined together (leather style case and screen protector) is worth the money. The car charger is nice to have in the car. The rest of the things in the pack (desktop dock and stylus) are nice to have things. To summarize, this product, for £20, exceeds expectations.
You get what you pay for
Got this in the post today. First impressions are mixed. Only got 1 screen protector (but not using it as not a fan of them) and quality of most items is what you'd expect for the price. For the price I paid I'm happy but might end up replacing some bits with better quality at some point but these will allow me to decide exactly what I need.

Case is OK although can't charge in the case as port is on the inside (could leave case open and charge though). Front cover folds back to create a triangular stand which is quite good. Holes for all ports/speakers/cameras in the right places.

Stylus isn't great, a bit hit and miss whether it is detected or not. Only used a little so maybe it's a knack that you need to get.

Not used dock properly but it seems OK. Quality seems pretty good. Has power protection circuit so shouldn't need to worry about over charging.

Car charger has 2 ports, not used yet.
Fantastic item
I wanted a case for my tablet and protective cover for the screen. I looked everywhere, but the prices outside my budget. So when I find this item with what I wanted and more I was very impressed.
The case is hard and fits the tablet very well. The car charger is brilliant bonus as I can charge on the go, so I have a 10` sat nav.
Well worth the money.

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