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Samsung Galaxy S9 Case - Olixar MeshTex Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A supremely precision engineered lightweight slimline case in marine blue with a perforated mesh pattern that looks great, adds grip and aids heat dissipation from your Galaxy S9, as well as enhance the high performance beauty of the device.
  • Mobile Fun ID 66158

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 3.2 stars from 10 customers

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Really nice case
Case fits very well and has a nice feel. Doesn't cause any issue with the finger print scanner. Build quality is good. Will protect against scratches but looks like it would only absorb a minimum amount of shock when dropped. Nice colour also 4 stars
Great value service and product
Love the colour and design highly recommend to cover my cracked phone
Good case but ...
Good enough case but I use gel pads to mount phone to truck and the case won't adhere to the pads.
A little disappointed
This case is cute and feels good to touch. I like it but the tab over the lock button broke off, making it a little difficult to press. I've only had it on my phone for a couple of weeks so I was disappointed that it broke already. Otherwise I quite like the case.
Broken within 3 weeks
I initially really liked this case, the textured back offers a bit more grip, and it's very thin and light, so doesn't feel bulky on such a slim phone.
However within 2 weeks, the covering on the lock button has come off, and now the bottom edge, around the charge port, has snapped off as well leaving sharp edges which I've had to file down.
Loved it!
Love the case, stylish and practical.
Initially looks fabulous
Unfortunately the part covering the right sided button snapped off. Had a replacement case sent but within 2 weeks the same has happened again due to no fault of my own. Also the lower parts of the case at the sides has rubbed off and is now not smooth. Have decided to keep as cant be bothered to make a complaint again. Somehow dont think this case will last long.
Poor quality
Plastic power button broke after less than a week of use. Mobilefun sent a replacement as a good will gesture. The same thing happened again in less than a week. I think it will keep happening so have decided to just live with it as the phones power button still works without it.
Great concept, execution could have been better
Excellent look and feel but the needless lip around the fingerprint scanner makes it difficult for the reader to recognise the finger. Also, the button covers are anchored only on one end, so the other end sticks out a little.
Nice case
Was really happy with this product, fits the phone perfectly and is very thin so doesn't take away from the phones looks too much but also not sure if it could take the biggest of drops. Also the holes in the back fill with dirt and dust rubbing it against the back of the phone ( I am a builder so this problem probably won't affect everyone)

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