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Samsung Galaxy S5 USB 3.0 Desktop Dual Charging Cradle Reviews

Synchronise and charge your Samsung Galaxy S5, even with a case on with this stylish desktop cradle with dual connection feature to charge a spare battery simultaneously.
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 3.8 stars from 11 customers

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Great price, fast shipping
The company was easy to order from and delivered as expected. Love the cradle and charges super fast...
Great charging stand
This is the best charging/sync stand I have purchased for my Galaxy S5. It had the full connector for charge/sync and holds the phone securely. It is made of a robust material and feels like a much more expensive product. Definitely recommended.
always have a spare battery handy
great way to charge your phone plus a spare battery at the same time. love that you can charge it on your laptop or just plugs into the mains.
Good Product though I would not say excellent
I like this product and have rated it as a good product but I wouldn't rate it as an excellent or fantastic product. This is because it take some time to line the phone up exactly to get the mini USB socket into the charging port.

What I can say about the service is it was great.
Very hard to plug in
It's a well made unit but it's very difficult to get the usb3 plug into the phone when you try to dock. There is room for the port cover which keeps the phone waterproof but the big usb3 plug makes it much harder than using a normal usb plug. It does take my phone which has quite a thick quadlock cover.
I was going to send it back but I couldn't find an equivalent which uses a normal usb plug. After a weeks it got easier to dock but it's still a bit of a faff.
Not suitable for phone
Unable to dock due to seal on galaxy s 5
Power Dock
Great power dock
Very good product. Poor accessories
The Galaxy S5 USB 3.0 Desktop Dual Charging Cradle works almost exactly as you would expect. It is a bit fiddly to insert the plug into the S5 socket but it neatly accommodates the USB socket cover and works well with a bit of practice. The spare battery charging light is slightly mysterious because it is green with less than full charge and if no battery is inserted.

An excellent feature of the cradle is that it has USB 3.0 input and output. I haven't tested it but I assume that means it can provide a USB 3.0 connection to a computer. Why did they ship it with a USB 2.0 cable instead of a USB 3.0 one? It also came with a UK charger but no Australian adapter.
Very frustrating to connect, now broken
I have used this manufacturer's docks before on other devices and have been very satisfied but this one .. and the S5 are unbearable.

I just have a plain S5 with no case. In order to connect it in under 20 seconds I have to bring it up to eye level and like threading a needle try several times. The plug is too wobbly.

Even after much practice it's no better. I blame the S5 as much as the dock itself.

But now anyway the phone is not connecting when docked. The plug connections must be broken.

I've had it about a month.
Decent product
A good looking design and good build quality. The product came with one USB cable and a type G (United Kingdom) A/C adapter (which is not helpful for someone living in North America). The Samsung Galaxy S5 fit perfectly into the holder, however (even after removing the extra cradle) the phone would not fit with my case one. This is unfortunate because I normally wouldn't use my phone without a case. Some cases (apparently do fit, just not mine).
At Last ...
I now have this dual dock and it is excellent. It has space to accommodate the S5s silly little port cover and will even accommodate a decent sized phone case too. I bought a spare battery and I like to keep these charged up. Now I don't have to swap it out as often to charge it in the phone, with all the fiddling that entails. If you don't have a spare battery, the single dock unit will be fine for you, but this dual dock is essential for phone + spare battery. Highly recommended.

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