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Samsung Galaxy S5 / S4 / Note 4 / 3 MHL 2.0 HDTV HDMI Adapter Reviews

Display video content or mirror what you see on your smartphone including the Galaxy S5, S4, Note 4 & 3 to your far larger HDTV with this official Samsung MHL 2.0 HDTV HDMI Adapter supporting 1080p/60Hz and 7.1 surround sound output.
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 4.8 stars from 200 customers

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It worked straight out of the box, that simple
No problems
Works Perfectly!
Have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked Verizon G900V.

The Samsung HDMI adapter works perfectly with it. The manual tells how much AC Adapter voltage is required to use with the HDMI Adapter. I believe it is 2mha or more.

Just make sure you find an AC Adapter that supplies enough voltage for the phone to charge while in use. Don't worry, the phone will let you know . . . just find one that doesn't give you the "not enough to charge" warning on the phone.

Hook it up correctly and it works great! Phone doesn't get hot either . . . my HTC Rezound battery would sometimes overheat when hooked to a MHL HDMI adapter.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5, purchase without fear and enjoy!
Great service
Over the moon brill bit of kit
Excellent lead.
Well worth the money, so easy to set up now I can play music from my phone through my Bluetooth speaker linked to the T.V
excellent item
Received item in adequate time for normal ship. Item received in good shape. Hooked up item very easily without any problems. Item works great. I tried it with a Samsung TV and a Visio TV with out any difficulties. Glad I ordered this item. I researched this before I bought and found that off brands didn't work well or at all or broke quickly. Don't was list money with off brand.
It works beautifully
I spend a lot of time on the move and heard about a gadget which would project my phone onto a regular TV. After research I found the very thing and purchased from Mobile Fun. I was attracted by the fact that it is a Samsung product, and am not disappointed. It works beautifully, I recommend this little piece of magic.
it works Great and I love that I can charge my phone when in use.
Brought cheeper version from supermarket it worked for a time but gave conection problems, as never worked without giving problems ,brought samsung galaxy s5 HDTV HDMI Adaptor worked right away from the start gave no problems at all brill bit of kit.
Until I saw this adaptor I was perplexed as to how to connect my Samsung tablet to my TV. Thankfully, this did the job perfectly.
Arrived in timely manner. Itemy as described. Works well. No issues.
As per Short Review text.
Great Device
This product will not work on a Sony television but works great on everything else pity Sony have blocked this device and it's a pity our large TV is a Sony
Excellent product.
It was important to me that this was the genuine product. Considered buying it on other websites but could not be sure they were the real deal. With mobilefun i had no reservations and the price was great too.
Works well but ...
I purchased this to get Google Maps from my Android phone via HDMI to the central display screen in my new car. It worked fine. That is until I turned on the ignition upon when the map disappeared. My deduction is that this is a safety "feature" built in my car's entertainment system to prevent video from distracting the driver whilst mobile!
Great product
It's a great product! I bought a cheaper off brand of this and had nothing but problems with it, it had broken contacts or something because the picture would constantly cut out. I haven't experienced anything like that with this samsung branded MHL to HDMI connecter. The only negative complaint I have, and I'm not sure if it's the connector or the phone, but the picture quality is constantly changing. It gets blurred for a minute or so then clears up for a minute before becoming blurred again. This is slightly problematic if there are fine details in images or video you are displaying. But again not sure if it's this connecter or the galaxy S5 I'm using the connector with.
Excellent product
Best little electronic gadget on the market,watch all of your home movie's from your phone on to the big tv screen or just watch a movie or anything really from your phone or tablet onto your larger screen tv..worth every cent,don't buy cheaper products,eg generic brands as like i found out they don't work properly, but THIS ONE DOES...
Good Value
Item as described. Fast shipping. Good Value.
Awesome device
So I have been looking around for a while for a device like this and luckily I found one here. This hdmi adaptor works brilliantly, capturing very high quality imagery and audio straight from your phone to your HD TV. I am able to stream youtube video's in high definition on a full 42" TV with no issues with the audio or visuals. I also flipped the screen and scrolled through my emails and various social media apps, and due to the large screen size, the results were spectacular. Gaming on your phone is easy and it allows other people to sit comfortably around you to view the content you want them to see without multiple people crowding around an otherwise small phone.

The adaptor is incredibly easy to set up with a simple port for your hdmi lead and a wire with a Samsung compatible attachment. The device is relatively small with not a lot of length to comfortably sit, unless the hdmi cable is quite long so this is a downside to the product. It is handy however if you are sat at a desk with a computer or laptop, or if you have a long hdmi cable as previously mentioned.

The cost is great, at an average price for an adaptor of this sort. I like using Mobile fun however because they always deliver their products either on time or early, and always deliver top quality branded products. The delivery time for this device was only a couple of days which worked out perfectly for me.

Overall, I am happy with this purchase and would recommend to anyone looking to connect their phone to a HDTV. Mobile fun have yet again impressed me and for that I rate this 5 stars.
Does a very good job.
This works brilliantly for my Galaxy S5. It overcomes the S5's bluetooth weakness with Smart Tv's. I would definately recommend this to other S5 users.
genuine item
works perfectly fine. it is the genuine product. no complaints or faults. fast delivery aswel. thank you mobile fun. will purchase from you again.
Even an old Grannie can use it
This is so easy to connect and use. An illiterate electronics Granny got it going so if I can do it anyone can
Excellent device to connect to your TV.
Makes taking movies and music from your phone to the big screen easy.
Excellent device to connect to your TV.
Makes taking movies and music from your phone to the big screen easy.
Proper stuff for S5
I wanted a link so I could see my mobile on the telly and this item did exactly what it was supposed to. Brilliant. I got it in the post within 3 working days so that was good too.
Mirroring Android screen on HD TV
I e-mailed Samsung support who said this was the item that I needed but it was not in stock. The MHL official web site does not list my tablet as being compatible! However, the mobile fun website did have it listed on their extended compatibility list. IT WORKED FIRST TIME STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX.
I am very pleased to be able to have a wired rather than wireless route for achieving this task.
Samsung Glaxy S5/S4 adapter MHL
It does work on my old phone S5 and does an amazing job. I was hoping however that it would work with my new phone S7 but sadly it doesn't as it seems to have slightly different port. In any case I am very happy with the product. The main thing is that its authentic product, none of these Chinese rubbish which I tried and it didn't work.
Good purchase
This item is very good and does the job
Works As Expected
Plugged one end into the phone, the other end into a HDMI cable, and charger cable into the power socket on the adapter. Mirrored the phone screen straight away to my TV. Checked using Ampere app that phone was getting a charge from the adapter, which it was. Initial problem with sound out of sync with picture, but discovered that starting whatever media app on phone, before plugging adapter in, sorted that out. Good picture quality, and had the impression the phone would just about charge as fast as it was expending power. Obviously this is because the phone screen is simply being mirrored, so is always on.
Great service
I bought this for my Samsung galaxy tab3 to replace the one I've had for a cpl of years now.. item as described and genuine samsung product.. fast and prompt delivery.. thankyou
Ideal connection to phone and smart TV easy to use. Shame had to buy another HDMI cable as does not come with adapter
Great item
After purchasing one of these from an auction site that turned out to be fake, I purchased this one from Mobile Fun. Worked perfectly and streamed movies from my Samsung Galaxy S5 and my Samsung Tab Pro to my HD TV. Easy to use, plug and play. Would highly recommend.
Great buy
After buying a fake and nearly ruining my tablet.. I discovered MobileFun found what I was looking for very quickly and ordered it. Within days it arrived and it all fitted easily into the tablet. The whole transaction was super smooth, no fuss or bother.. at the age of 67 it was a bit of a scare, but you soon put it right well done, I will stick with the best and leave the rest. Thanks.
working beautifully
Works well for galaxy s5!!!!
Spend more but recieve quality!!!
After buying cheap Chinese accessories that last for no more than two wks not to say damage the original product it was time to move away and try original accessories, I can happily confidently say original accessories are the best for the device and the quality craftsmanship is superb, will always be buying original accessories @mobile fun, excellent service, happy customer for life

I first bought an adapter from a different company which did not work.
I then looked at the official adapter from Samsung which cost £40.
After searching the net I found a company called MobileFun selling the same one for less. I wanted it to link to my projector to give presentations.
It works perfectly, arrived quickly and at a bargain price. I would certainly buy from this company again.
Top product
This mhl connector works spot on, just like all Samsung accessories do.Great picture/sound and build quality. Don't buy fake/cheap products off popular auction websites, trust mobilefun with their amazing knowledge and superior delivery service.Samsung and Mobilefun just get it right
Works great
Super fast delivery excellent quality genuine Samsung product.
Well satisfied
I checked the internet and selected the above item on price. Although these units are on sale for ridiculously low prices, I felt that these may not have been Samsung products. Priced from Samsung at £39+, I feel I have purchased at a good price. The unit was well packed on arrival, in Samsung packaging and worked well when initially installed. Well satisfied.
The unit works vary well and I can look at everything on the TV
I checked with your customer help line that this would work with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 P600, yes came back the answer. Bought it, the unit works vary well and I can look at everything on the TV apart from SKY GO which was the main reason for buying the adaptor. On checking Sky blocks the use of HDMI cables something about losing money as if they have not got enough. Anyone got any tips to get round the Sky block please.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ron

Unfortunately this is a restriction within the app itself to protect their content.
Product is acceptable
Product is acceptable and the service is apriciatable.
Tablet Not Compatible
Received in mail approx in 12 working days. Product as stated. However it appears that my Samsung Tab 3 10.1 is not MHL compatible. So basically gave Mobilefun a donation.
Sorry I can't comment on whether it works or not as I don't know, I have no other compatible devices to try it with.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Luci

The Samsung Tab 3 10.1 is MHL compatible, please ensure you have all the latest software updates for your device and then the HDMI cable connected is working correctly.

If you are still having problems, please contact our Customer Services t
This will change your life.
I used standard mail (took 17 days) but soooooo worth the wait! I have zero cable since I just moved in and have been looking at my giant black tv screens for many days. UNTIL, I got this amazing converter. I have unlimited internet on my phone (Samsung Note 4), so now I can watch endless movie/sitcom marathons and entertain people with my big screen!! Netflix and chill time!!! Thank you Mobile Fun, I love you.
Works on Galaxy S4 and S5
Plugged this into Galaxy S4 and S5, it works perfect!
No power adapter needed, but you can use one to charge the phone while watching.
Very Pleased !!
Official samsumg product as the site states
Bought this as was recommended by a friend, i had a slight issue receiving my first order but after contacting customer support this was sorted immediately with no fuss.
Official samsumg product as the site states excellent customer support through my purchase overall would buy again from this site and recommend this to any one wanting to buy accesories
Great but do research
I previously bought a cheap MHL adapter elsewhere which didn't work, so gave in and bought an official one.

One of my TVs has an HDMI port for MHL, on this TV I can mirror my phone (s4) without external power, although I still use my charger as what I use it for can drain the battery. It mirrors all my emulated games perfectly. There is only a bit of lag on GTA SA but that is partly due to the phone anyway.

However, no matter what configuration of inputs I use I can't get it to work on my older HDTV (which has a regular HDMI port). It worked for a second but now the whole screen just stays black and flickers a bit.

So if you make sure your phone and TV works with MHL this product is great!
As expected
I bought a cheaper version that failed to work. This worked flawlessly and delivery time was also speedier than advertised.
My adapter does not work
My samsung adapter just work 5 or 6 hours.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jorge

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. Please contact us.
Great product
Great product worked extremely well on my S5, highly recommended, bought a cheaper one that did not work, so worth the extra money to avoid disappointment. Mobile fun were also great and it was delivered on time no hassle whatsoever. Will use again.
Great product
Great service and great product. Don't waste your time with the cheap fake ones on a popular auction website as I experienced issues with these cheap versions. Product is solid and does what it says
Working Perfectly fine with my Samsung S6 and 10.5 Tab S.
The kind of device i was looking for.
Works perfect with Note 4
Very good product regards harry
samsung mhl
Awesome product. I have try many similar product that didn't work . I am so excited to find this one and to my amazement it work like it said it does.
Brilliant device! !!
Definitely a device to have,it offers you plenty opportunities to use it for. It lets you enjoy the entertainment from your phone on the TV .
Would definitely recommend buying it as it is worth it.
Great Product
This product is so easy to use.As soon as you plug it in the picture on your phone shows up on the tv. The picture is clear. Great product
works great
No problems w/ galaxy 5s and 25 ' hdmi cord . Good price !
great gadget
very good product and good service
samsung galaxy s5 hdtv hdmi adapter
excellent product thank you
My first impression is quality, very good product from Samsung, works perfectly and Mobile Fun service was perfect as always... Thanks
hdmi adapter.
I must say the service u give is first class would recommend it to my friends! & the quality of the products is very good.
Sadly the Sky Sports for Android app does not work via the cable but that's nothing to do with Samsung. THE WWE network and Virgin TV anywhere apps work superbly - as does YouTube. Great discreet item, so handy with added mini-usb charger port. HDTV HDMI LOVE IT
samsung hdmi adapter
On time delivery, very reasonable price. Unit works perfectly for what it was purchased for.
Samsung galaxy adapter
This was just what I needed to enable me to use my tablet to allow me to watch films .
hdmi adapter.
This is one of the best things a have bought for my phone just plug it into the TV & away it gos it is that ezey.
All the products I bought from mobilefun have been good
Samsung mhl
Excellent quality. Excellent product.
Great customer service
Delivery times and communication excellent I've just moved house so not had chance to test the product but I'm sure it's in good Working Order
Best thing I've brought for a long time live it
thank you
Well Connected
This adapter casts my S5 phone and Tab S tablet sound and vision to the TV with exact mirroring. This can, of course, be done with Chromecast, EZcast etc, but these wireless methods can sometimes be unreliable. If you don't mind a cable between the phone and the TV, this is a great solution. It has the added bonus of charging the phone at the same time, so you don't have to worry about depleting the battery. Works a treat!
A good device easy to use
A good device easy to use only snag is even when charging your phone battery still drains.
Brilliant bit of kit
Brilliant bit of kit for my Samsung a 5. We can now watch movies from our phone onto the big screen
superb service
Works brilliantly on Galaxy S 10.5 tablet. Ordered late Friday afternoon arrived Saturday morning. Very impressive service.
It simply works.
It works without issues with my Tab S 10.5 and Note 2. When using with the Note 2, the adapter requires a normal phone/tablet micro usb charge cable (not supplied).
Excellent product does everthing on the tib
samsung galaxy s4 mhl 2.0 hdtv hdmi adapter
delivery prompt, great item,very easy to use, picture quality really good,
does just what it says on the box
would recommend item and shop
Very happy with purchase
I was pleasantly suprised when I received my parcel as I was worried it may not work properly. However delivery was quick and efficient plus it works brilliantly.
Quality product at a good price
I have previoulsy bought another adapter through another company and it was of poor quality so had to go through the painful process of returning it . This adapter was of great quality and fitted the device perfectly, so spot on
Great Gadget
I purchased this item for my son, great little gadget, he is thrilled with it, no problems setting up just plugged in and played. Great
Good Service
Very prompt and efficient service, product was as expected
fast delivery and genuine products
bought this item on Monday arrived on Tuesday morning fantastic product working properly I definitely recommend it to anyone it's genuine we love it
very good well satisfied
Just what I wanted
Genuine Samsung Item - Works as it should
Trusted seller who supplies genuine products. Device works with and without charger connected and I use it for work to test displays and cables. Great product, fast delivery and a good price. Who could want more.
Works perfectly. Very high quality product. Excellent viewing experience. Highly recommend. Thanks again Mobile fun for highest quality products.
Makes My Note 3 Even More Versatile
This HDMI adapter is a genuine Samsung product and provides and HDMI port allowing you to connect a compatible device to an HDMI enabled TV or computer monitor. The product is high quality and feels like it will last.

Combined with a Bluetooth keyboard this has enabled me to use the Note 3 for longer typing tasks as well as watch films on a large screen when at home. It requires a separate power supply but any micro usb phone charger or a micro usb cable connected to a convenient usb port will work.

I would recommend this product wholeheartedly.
Excellent product.
The adapter itself works perfect mirroring everything, I've not had one problem with it. For the price I paid it was a bargain. I would definitely use mobilefun again.
Works better than the cheaper MHL adapter that I bought elsewhere, the mini usb that fits into my phone, actually fits in without me having to take the case off. The picture quality is very good as you would expect. Can't fault it.
hdmi i usb
mam pytanie czy przez ten adapter bede mógł przesylac obraz przez hdmi i jednoczesnie drugim wejsciem podlaczyc pada i grac normalnie ?????
Great product
Great product for transferring from my phone to my tv can't fault it in anyway , great sound and picture quality.
samsung mhl adapter
Your service was exellent and the product is very good it does what it should do ,and my brother ordered one from holland and you could not wish for a better service.We will deal with your company again and we will tell other people about your products and service.Thank you very much.
Regards ,Gerard Stam.
samsung mhl adapter
Your service was exellent and the product is very good it does what it should do ,and my brother ordered one from holland and you could not wish for a better service.We will deal with your company again and we will tell other people about your products and service.Thank you very much.
Regards ,Gerard Stam.
Samsung Hamilton Adapter
Excellent product received very quickly. Works great very easy to set up just plug and play.
tv hd conector
Just purchased the hd tv conector .tried first time and it worked.excellent quality and screen miŕrowing.
Works to perfection
Have no complaints. Works great with my galaxys4. Can watch movies and stuff. If you need it get it I recommend this product...!!!
Fantastic product
This is a fantastic product it was at a good price for what it is. Works really well with both components I would and have recommended this product to friends. Not only is the product good but the delivery time was fast and I was kept in the loop at all times. Now if I need items I find my self looking here before anywhere else as I know the products get delivered and they work and are at a very high standard.

This is from a very happy customer.

Many thanks
hdmi adapter does wgat it says it will
This hdmi adapter is excellent for viewing content from my galaxy s5 on my hd tv.Very responsive and no lag,photos,videos,youtube etc.buy this.
Fun little gadget: Great gift
I bought this for my husband as a surprise and to be honest didn't really know what the gadget was. The website described it brilliantly though and it worked as expected. The only down side is not its fault but that I didn't realise that mobile Sky Sports which I had hoped would be projected on to the TV screen has intelligent software on it that prevents this being possible. Never mind its great for videos and photographs.
Genuine seller
Great service.great item, great seller, many thanks
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