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Samsung Galaxy S5 In Car Mount Cradle Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung S5 in view and fully charged while driving with the car mount cradle that supports in car charging.
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$41.23 inc. VAT
 4 stars from 19 customers

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A good piece of equipment
The item was easy to attach and works well. I particularly liked the inclusion of the circular pad for the dashboard - it can be used either there or on the windscreen - terrific! A good piece of equipment at a low price. It will be interesting to see how well it wears over time.
This an excellent product . I purchased it for my 2011 Toyota Corolla . I mounted it on the dash with the suction cup and it held the phone for 1 .5 hours while driving to Wollongong and never moved off the dash .
I will be buying another one similar when i update my phone to a 6 inch screen .
Example: Excellent features
I was unsure at first until my wife convinced me to buy the product it was excellent. Easy to assemble. I am glad I bought it
Excellent phone holder
I received this mobile holder and it fits my phone perfectly excellent piece of equipment highly recommend it.
Great Product & Service
Mobile Zap delivered my order in a few days and the product is great. It does the job perfectly
Safe and secure
Needed the mount for my road racing car. The mount held my S5 rock-steady through the intense vibrations g-forces and bounces of a racetrack.
In car cradle and charger
This fits the S5 like a glove. It feels quite secure. The window suction pad works well. The angulation for viewing the mobile is unlimited, with screws to make it extra secure. I particularly like the fact that the phone actually gains charge whilst in use as a satellite navigator. My old one gradually lost charge. Also the cigarette lighter adapter illuminates when charging, and is one piece rather than separates. I'm very pleased with it. The make is Kidigi. I've already got some of their kit. I rate it.
Just what I wanted!
I had been looking around for something to replace my Garmin in my car for directions and had bee using my Google maps for most trips since it automatically updates the maps FOR FREE! Just bought a Galaxy S5 and looked for the same setup as the Garmin to put on my windshield. I love that it has a recharge plugin so my battery doesn't die on long trips. Plus I couldn't beat the price. The only drawback for some is that you have to remove any protective voering before you put it on the holder because it fits very snug to phone. Since I don't have a cover on mine it is not a problem.
Samsung Galaxy S5 In Car Mount Cradle
Arrived in timely fashion. Disappointed in that the cradle does not cause the phone to orientate to a horizontal view when in the cradle.
Galaxy s5 car mount
Great concept fits well. good suction cup. there is a bit of play between the phone holder and the base, and that could be a problem with time. Because of the protective ring I have on my phone, I had to take the insert out.where do you find one allen key that small? it would be nice if you could include that key in the package.
Overall good...with 1 downside
The product is good. The charging is quick. For example my phone was 75% charged before setting off, had the phone is high accuracy mode (GPS, WIFI and mobile data on), charged to 100% quickly and stayed fully charged while using navigation.

My phone has no case so used the supplied insert. Only draw back is that the holder (not the insert) has a cut out to allow you to change volume on the phone. Only problem is that the gap does not line up fully with the switch so you can only reduce the volume. Just make sure you set the volume you want before setting off.

There is a bit of side "wobble" but nothing too serious. The holder is well made, and there is a clamp that secures the sucker firmly to the windscreen. Very easy to put on / take off the screen.

So overall good. Not 5 stars due to the changing volume issue.

Hope this helps people...I was unsure on the non Samsung branded product (which I would normally go far - but couldn't find any for the Galaxy S5) but so far a good product.
Samsung s 5 phone holder
This thing fits like.a glove the only thing that I didn't like was that it wouldn't fit with the Otter box on the phone otherwise a good buy
I like this !
As already said - I like this.

It holds my S5 firmly (I don't have a case), and also has an insert that once removed should allow you to use a thin silicone type case as well ?

It fixes rock solid to the windscreen so much so that it can be fiddilly to remove, but this gives peace of mind that my phone is secure.

The included charger kicks out enough current to allow the battery to still charge even in use - I have experienced cheaper chargers that in use, the battery actually loses charge (albeit slowly) when using on long journeys whilst using as a sat nav.

I would definitely recommend this item.
No Happy
Product description did not indicate that a galaxy s5 phone with a samsung cover will not fit, therefore of no use to me so I gave it to a friend.
MobileFun Reply
Hi David.
We're sorry to hear you're not happy. Very slimline cases might fit this cradle but it is form-fitting as was suggested in the description.

As always, we offer a 30 day return policy if you're not satisfied.
Samsung Galaxy S5 In Car Mount Cradle
The construction of this car mount is very sturdy, however, it is unfortunate that the mount is molded for the phone only. So if you have it in any kind of protective case, the phone doesn't fit in securely. I am able to use the mount but I'm always watching it to make sure it doesn't slip out.
This does not work if you have a case
I have tried this car cradle now with 2 cases including the Spigen Ultra Thin case, and neither fit. I am not sure what case they have tested it with but it must be ridiculously thin. It is a nice bit of kit, but speak to the manufacturer and find out what case it supports before purchasing it. PS: It works perfectly without a case on your phone.
Car Phone Cradle
Well made cradle that holds the phone well with out excessive vibration. You do have to push power cable in to phone as it is not built into the case fully. This is probably due to Samsung phone port cover needing to be open rather than by design.

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