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Samsung Galaxy S4 / S4 Active Sports Armband - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Use your Samsung Galaxy S4 / S4 Active to listen to music during your workout routines with this S4 Armband.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38617
$13.74 inc. VAT
 2.9 stars from 14 customers

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Useless for S4 Active
This is useless with s4 active, phone turn off, cannot adjust volume or turn on screen after placing it in cover. Usually phones turns off while placing it in.
Works better than o.k....
Does its job...I'm not a professional runner, just a beginner so I chose this armband as I had no idea.It fulfills its purpose with walking. Jogging it slips a bit. My nexus 4 sits VERY snug in the pocket without its protective bumper. So snug its a bit of a fight to get it out. No chance of doing so if I receive a call that needs to be answered whilst exercising. Saying that, it has no issues with swiping through the plastic protective screen on the band. I'm no great exerciser (yet!) though, and I am very easily pleased...I would think hard core exerciser's would be disappointed with this choice of armband, but then again I may just be getting used to it and haven't had past experiences to compare it with another! Okay for me,on the cusp of great.....I'm an optimist....
Useless for S4 Active
The arm band will press the power and volume buttons making the S4 Active reboot.
Doesn't fit properly
I was disappointed when I found out that Samsung S4 Active restarts. Power button is plaseret on the side so that it is being forced in.
Excellent product & service
I ordered this item and it was dispatched quickly with excellent communication to keep me up to date on how the order was processing. The item itself is excellent and just what I wanted, hence why I bought it.

The only downside was that I requested it to be delivered by a topless Holly Willoughby and this request was not fulfilled. However, this will not deter me from using MobileFun in the future.
great service but lousy product
Fast delivery and good service but the product was so disapointing.
It does not fit my arm....way too wide and I cannot tighten it, and it does not fit my phone very well.
Unfortunately it was a waste of money since I cannot use it
I really Like this Sports armband, it makes exercise a much more entertaining process
Casing for hardstuff
Pretty nice feeling, the "man for the job". Still waiting for my mobile, but casing seems just perfect - although it could be tricky to use with cable earphones (a small pocket for them or anything about the size of a thumb and a half is included). If you have hard time securing the armband in small arm, try securing it the other way in (instead of outwards, inwards). Great product overall, but a hole for the cable should be nice.

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