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Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 Case Compatible Dock - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your Galaxy S4 / S3 with this stylish white dock which works with and without a case attached.
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 4 stars from 57 customers

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Failed to charge phone after just a couple of weeks' use
Bought to charge S3 phone with thin cover on, so used with dock insert removed. After just a couple of weeks' use, the phone failed to charge unless it was held at a particular angle in the dock. The socket in the phone proved to be still ok (charger plugged directly in) so suspect the contacts in the dock's micro usb plug hadn't stood the test of time.
Galaxy s4 Charging Dock
Got one for Christmas. Works great with or without the slim case I have on my phone. Like it so much I ordered another one for my desk at work!
Good charger
Good product but doesn't come with electric plug, only usb cable.
Well designed item!
This item is a great little piece of kit! Constructed of strong plastic it sits neatly on a desk or shelf and holds the device rigidly in place.
I'm one of those who rarely takes their phone out of its case for fear of dropping it and liked the idea that this cradle accommodates the phone perfectly either with or without.
Very pleased - does exactly what it says on the tin as they say :-)
Works with or without a flip case
Good desktop charger with a removable insert in case you have a case!
Excellent kit.
Great Product, Poor Quality Control
This charger does fit a Samsung Galaxy S4, even with the soft case on. However, I was a bit disappointed with Quality Control. I gave this charger as a gift, and as the recipient opened the package she asked if I had already taken it out and looked at it - the packaging inside the plastic box had been ripped and taped back together. This had been a return item, should have been stated on website or discounted as such. Slightly embarrassed. Item took two weeks for arrival.
Definitely just what I needed
This charging dock is amazing, compact , sturdy, I never expected it would be of such a high standard . Am so pleased with my purchase, highly recommend this product & website
s4 dock station
I got this station two weeks ago to charge my Samsung galaxy s4 and to synk with my window 8 computer and I found it really use full and easy to access my phone

thank you to mobile fun best pest of equipment I got in ages
Well made, sturdy and does exactly what it's designed to do. Also, as with all Cover-Mate/kidigi products, it's case compatible so no fiddling about removing your phones protective cover before docking. Excellent value for money.
tight fit
The dock is great and is just what I wanted. Only complaint is that it is a bit tight when my phone had the SVIEW cover on. It's just a little hard to engage the charger. Excellent service from mobilzap. No trouble receiving the goods.
Not too impressed.
Firstly it doesnt fit a galaxy s4 with a slim armor case on. Secondly and more importantly even when plugged in to an original samsung mains to USB adapter it cant provide the correct current to charge it properly. When connected directly to the samsung charger it gets 1.9amps but only gets 0.46amps when using this dock. Shame really because the service from mobilefun was fast.
Great docking station!
This fits my Galaxy S4 and my low profile Casemate case. Connecting it to the computer allows me to charge and transfer data with no issues.
just the job
great for desk and also travel business and pleusure
This device looks good and works well. The phone WITH its plastic protection skin fits easily.
Just right
This works well with my flip case, nice fit, charges from my laptop and keeps my phone safe on my desk and let's me listen to music whilst working. You can answer calls without taking it out. Good value and looks slick. It would be brilliant if it had a speaker / sound amplifier option for holidays.
Tight fit with S View case
The dock looks good and certainly charges the phone. If I dint have a flip style case you would certainly be able to use the phone while in the dock.
However, it is a very tight fit with the S View case on it which is supposed to be one of the thinnest on the market. So I doubt that it would work very well with other more sturdy cases that add more than a mm or so to the depth of the device.
works well
Shame it doesn't have the audio out ability, but works well snug fit had option of using with a case which is good.
I bought this for my lady to use beside the bed and it works great for that, she has an official slim Samsung cover on her phone and it works absolutely fine with that on.
The colour matches very well to the phone too, much better than I thought it would. Great service, fast delivery and very happy with the product.
Cradle and Dock
Perfect dock and charger for my S3, it even work's with my 2 mm thick wrap around case.
A nice match with my Nexus 7 cradle and dock too.
Delivery and packaging spot on, going to recommend Mobilefun to friend's and family...
compatbile phone case/ charger.
BRILLIANT ! Could not of bought a better case for my phone .fitts perfectly and very stylish.

The charger is great , works directly of a USB . I hate chargers with plus ........ They're so yesterday.
A very useful device at a great price, enabling charging and Syncing of my phone. The only concern is the connexion which doesn't feel very robust and needs careful handling.
Phone chair
I got a Kidigi dock for my S2 and was pleased with it at the time. The negatives on it were that the slot to charge the spare battery only fitted the rubbish battery that came with it which I had replaced with the bigger one and it had a charging light that was right in your face!

This one has no light and no slot for another battery but I don't feel like I'm missing it as a result of above. The removable part allows me to charge with a rubber bumper on which is nice.

Overall solid build and exactly what I wanted.
Does what it says on the tin
Nothing really to say about this thing: it is white and (just about) matches my white Sammy. It sits on the desk at an ideal viewing angle and the supplied white cable lets you charge and sync at the same time. If I wanted to be really critical, I might want the fit to be a little tighter, but then if it were tighter, I might want it a little looser. At this price point, it's a no-brainer if you have got a Galaxy S3.
Great bit of kit
I have always had a desktop charger with all my phones for the last 15 years. I like them, but have had a mixed bag over the years. The worst were some of the earlier Nokia, the best up till now was for my previous BlackBerry Bold 9700. This one is just great. Excellently packaged. Easy to install and does the job perfectly. Viweing angle is spot on. Highly recommended and the price and service were excellent.
Excellent bit of kit
I have tried the Seidio charge/docking station which charges fine, but doesn't link to my PC as expected, also the phone seems a bit wobbly and unstable however, the Kidigi is perfect, it charges, links to my PC and is absolutely stable. I have a flip case on my phone, which flips from the top and the phone slips in perfectly, once the supplementary panel has been removed. Great design, suitable for phones with or without cases.
Fantastic dock / stand
Perfect for me, not to expensive, supplied with a matching white USB cable and sync's / charges fine.

There is a pop out "sleeve" in the dock, pop that out and you can dock it with a case fitted, I have a Casemate barely there and it docks just fine and fit's like a glove.

Can't think of anything that's not to like, and very fast service from mobile fun, next day delivery.
Excellent product
Before I bought my S3, I was looking at what accessories were available for it, and had my heart set on a dock so the phone could be used as an alarm clock and night stand.
This seemed to be the best compromise on price and quality, and I have not been disappointed with it.
The phone fits very well without a cover fitted, but you can also remove an insert so the phone will fit with a slime cover on (like mine has), which saves the hassle of removing it before charging.
The charger is solid, light weight and easy on the eye, and the price is right!
If you are considering it, then take the chance, you won't regret it.
I love it its so easy to use and its such cheaper and better than the others. Well worth it!!
Good Quality
Great product. Well built. This would have been a 5 star review if the dock had activated the "dock mode" of the device.
S3 with case on will not work with this charger
I have a very slimline case on my S3 which only just grabs the sides and a few mm's of the front screen. Despite this the S3 would not fit into the charger with the case on. I'm not prepared to pull the case off every time I want to charge the phone so I've returned the charger and hope for a full refund.
If you have no case on your phone this is a good charger. Actual charger has a logo on the front of it but seems good quality.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Compatible Charging Dock
Works great, as stated already there is no LED on the charging station but the phone LED still lights as it's charging so no big deal.

Shipping was right at the 10 day mark for me, so that was as described.
Magic little dock
This desk top dock is great. You can use it with or without a case on your phone. Although i would be dubious if a thick case would go in. The dock has a removable insert to use when you want to dock your phone fully clothed and then replace the insert when you want to dock the phone naked. Simple. The only thing is that when i read the spec on the dock it says it has a "Status LED indicator", it does not have this. But other than that it is well made, looks great and the phone fits well with or without a case, and is easy to insert and remove. Very pleased with it and definitely recommended. If you have a spare battery then there is also a dual charging dock (http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/samsung-galaxy-s3-case-compatible-dual-charging-dock-p35464.htm) so you can fit both your phone and a spare battery. Magic.
No AC Adaptor was included!
I bought this for my Galaxy S3. I like to have a proper AC adaptor plugged in as it charges faster than just using a USB cable connected to a PC. This, however, doesn't come with an AC adaptor - even the instructions provided with the dock say "Connect to the AC adaptor which is provided in the packing." but sadly there is only a very short USB cable.
Another downside is that the actual product isn't the product that the website shows. The actual dock is very shiny black (slightly cheap looking) and not matt black as it looks on the site. It also has "KiDiGi" written accross the front in white. PLUS there is no LED. I would have sent this back if I didn't desperately need a charger for work. Pretty dissappointing as everything else I've ordered from MobileFun has been spot-on!
Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Compatible Charging Dock
Product works very well with the Samsung Galaxy S3. charges fast and is very user friendly. I recommend this to my friends
No LED's
This is a good dock but there ar no LED's on it, description is wrong. Also the makers name is on the front but not shown in the picture.
Perfect high quality item
Very high quality and sturdy item. My Galaxy S3 fits snugly, with or without it's Tech21 Impactology case! Amazing, would definitely recommend!

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