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Samsung Galaxy S4 Long Range Telescope Photo Lens Case Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
See the world differently with this long range telescope for the Samsung Galaxy S4 featuring an 8x magnification lens for high quality images.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39305
$26.54 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 16 customers

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Fun gadget
Great concept, however keeping the phone/lens combo steady enough for a great image, is challenging!
My Extension Lens for Samsung Galaxy S4
The Extension Lens I bought for my mobile phone is great. I can sit in my living room and take pictures of all the birds that come to my feeders. I showed it to my son and he is going to order one. Many thanks Mobile Fun.
Brilliant Telescopic lens for Samsung Galaxy
What a brilliant little gadget for your phone. Really does do what it says ie focus in 8 times closer than normal. You do have to keep the lens very steady as any little movement will blur the photo. It comes with a handy lanyard so you can easily pop the lens on and off when needed. Shame is that you can't just pop the plastic backing over your existing phone protective cover.
Lovely piece of accessory for my Samsung S4 and am really impressed with the results.
just amazing
I just received this lens. ...and believe its perfectly fine. ..it works as mentioned. ..I also like the mail delivery service. .it takes some time but absolutely reliable. ..5 out of 5.....
Just amazing
I just received it...and believe its amazing. ..very useful....works perfectly. ...somewhat delay in service. ..but its ok....
pretty good for the money
ok when first impressions on the box it was pretty cheap cardboard and when I opened it everything fell out its not very secure, In the box you get 1x lens, 1x case, 1x clip "to carry the lens round your neck" 2x different micro fiber cloths to clean the lenses 1x instruction manual. beware you do not receive the same item as shown in the picture but in my opinion better. The lens was correct and in fact the add-on case provides protection to the phone rather than no case at all as shown in the picture. for the money the lens is actually great it is possible to create great looking pictures if you have a steady hand for it. The quality distorts slightly at the edges but not enough to bother the average shooter but what can you expect for such a great price. with this lens you have a better camera than most of those silly digital cameras well worth the money in my opinion. look for my video review online it should pop up through a search engine. I will be showing what you get in the box a few videos and pictures.
It works but
I didn't realize when I purchased it, that you had to take off the back each time you want to use the lens because it screws into the provided back. Too much of a pain in the butt to use. If it could be used without having to switch backs, now that would be something.

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