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Samsung Galaxy S3 Smart Stand Case Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy S3 with a case that doubles as a multi-angle stand, letting you watch movies, surf the web and more in comfort.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35165

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 5 stars from 3 customers

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Very good value for money
Fine colour, nice grip, not much bulk added, no problems with the buttons, all sides and corners protected and the "stand mechanism" is very, very clever.
Absolutely Worth It!
Very snug fit!
- does not over-bulk the phone
- gives the phone a more solid feel
- still fits into trouser pockets very easily

The material is great!
- does not stretch over time as softer materials will inevitably do if you take in and out of pockets.
- a hard plastic material with a soft surface feel

Great Kickstand!
- Perfect for having breakfast whilst watching News etc.
- easily operated
- great idea

Can access buttons very easily!
- position for phone buttons are obviously cut very well as it is very easy to operate volume+power.

Watch out!
- if you have placed a screen protector ontop of your screen the case edges may cause lifting. My Invisible Shield protector is just a fraction off centre which means as you press the power button the shield lift slightly at the edge. This is entirely my fault as the case actually over laps the screen shield in all other sides and does not lift. A small imperfection on my shield application.

Buy it!
Nothing Else!
Ingenious case
This is a great case for the SG3 once you know how to operate the kick stand. It is quite an ingenious design. Best to watch some YouTube videos to see how to use it. Protects the phone very well with adequate cut outs for maximum functionality. Does not add much bulk or weight to the phone. Highly recommended.

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