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Samsung Galaxy S3 Qi Wireless Charging Plate Kit - Black / White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The sleek, ultra slim design with fully integrated wireless charging kit contains both a black charging plate and a white QI wireless charging cover for Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38282

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$68.75 inc. VAT
 3.8 stars from 11 customers

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Works but at a price
Product works well. But it makes phone too bulky for phone case. You have to choose - conveniently charge your phone or keep your phone protected in the case.
When it works its good ....
I was a little disappointed when this was first received, despite the replacement back fitting nicely to the S3 it didnt want to charge wirelessly. Two things have helped, 1st the two metal contacts in the back cover needed pulling out slightly to make a better contact, and 2nd the placement of the phone on the pad is quite sensitive, if its not in the right place it doesnt charge. This is the same for the Nexus 5 so seems to be related to the pad rather than the phone itself.
Overall quite impressed especially for the price.
Great Product
Love this wireless charging plate, works great! The shipping was very fast and the customer service was great. You just plug the plate in, switch the back of the Galaxy III and put the phone on the plate, done, charges quickly. Well worth the money.
This was a Disappointing £50 spent.

The back plate is chunky adds 3rd to the thickness of the phone.

When the phone is on the charging plate is emits a ticking electronic hum which is annoying enough in my office I couldn't imaging putting it by the bed side where I intended to keep it.

Going to return it
Works great ! I am very pleased with this device ! Worth every penny
What can I say, this charging unit is so easy an convenient to use. There’s no fiddling about trying slot it on to a connection, just lay down onto the pad and pick it up when ever you need it and lay back down again to recharge. It is as simple as that. Great product, Oh and by the way service from MobileFun.co.uk was brilliant, Placed the order and was delivered the very next day. Superb.

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