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Samsung Galaxy S3 Qi Wireless Charging Back Cover - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A perfect form-fitting back cover, simply remove the original S3 back cover and replace it with the Qi Wireless Back Cover, enabling wireless charging at any time.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37402

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 4.4 stars from 13 customers

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Scratches too easily
Works fine but is unfortunately made of shiny hard plastic which scratches very easily, looked shabby after a few days of use.
awesome upgrade
This is an awesome upgrade for any S3 phone! If, like me, you have problems with chargers getting broken and having to wiggle it around in the phone before it works, you definitely need one of these! Its modern, stylish and makes charging your phone super easy. There is one drawback of the cover which is the added bulk. It does make the phone a little chunkier and adds a little weight, but it doesn't take long to get used to it. This product is definitely worth the investment.
Fits easily, works well
Not much you can say about this really. Fits easily and very little difference in terms of weight and size through having a different cover. Can still easily take it off to change the battery when I need to if I've been out and about all day and not been able to charge it. Works well with my wireless charger at work - occasionally drops the connection, but not sure if that's due to the charger or this cover. I still have a standard non-wireless charger dock at home and the fit is a bit snug now but still works.
Back cover charger
works perfectly
S3 conductive back cover
cover fits perfectly, no issues ... only a soft cover will stretch over the bump
No problems with product
Ive had this product for a few days now and honestly it functions very well. It makes your phone SLIGHTLY thicker but I have several cases that still fit without a problem (and several cases that just barely fit). I was a little disappointed with the shipping speed and went crazy without a tracking number but I didn't want to spend $12 just to be able to track it. It took a few extra days to get to me (based on the estimated amount of days for delivery). Overall, I have no complaints with the product and would order from this company again (but not if I really needed the product quickly).
Product is exactly what I ordered BUT...
The product I ordered was great and it is exactly what I ordered and I am happy with my product. The price was the best I was able to find which saved me money. This is my first time ordering from mobilefun.com and the product is exactly what I ordered at a great price.


I ordered the product with the tracked mail service and it was supposed to be delivered to me between 4-6 business days. It took 10 business days for it to come in (which comes out to 2 weeks, including weekends). The tracked mail service is not worth the $12 that it costs because I am not able to track it when it gets to the United States. Once the shipping is better I will order from mobilefun.com again.

Let me sum this up:
Great product
Great price
Terrible shipping

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