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Samsung Galaxy S3 / Note 2 MHL HDTV Adapter - EPL-3FHUBEGSTD Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Connect your S3 or Note 2 to any HDMI MHL TV or Monitor.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35119
$39.82 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 76 customers

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Product as-advertised; prompt delivery
Recommend product if you need this technology.
Product as-advertised; prompt delivery
Recommend product if you need this technology.
This adapter was very easy to connect and start using straight away. It works perfectly with our Panasonic TV, and does exactly what it says it should do. I was slightly concerned by some of the reviews, but most people with problems seem to be using it with the wrong equipment. For my Samsung S3 it works perfectly well.
waste of money
First time I used it the picture was only a 3rd of the size of the tv. Tried to adjust settings but nothing would change the picture size. Now it doesn't work at all, worst money I have ever spent.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Stuart

Either you have a faulty unit or there is a problem with your phone's settings / connector. As you can see from the other reviews, this item has been very popular and highly regarded.

If you believe the adapter is faulty, please consider r
Being of an older generation I wanted a plug & play bit of kit and this ticks all the boxes.
Quality, Branded Name & Very Simple to use.
Note: you need to use mains power while using this otherwise it won't work.
I plugged everything in and it worked 1st time.
10/10 to MobileFun - super fast delivery and a quality piece of kit
works great
Bought this for my "non-connected" mom to watch netflix on. It has been a blessing.
This is the second one I've bought one for tab 3 and one for the note 2 they work great
As Advertised
I received my on time as advertised and the Samsung mhl cable works great. Picture quality excellent. In short I will be doing future business with mobile fun. Thanks a lot for great service
good little adapter
Adapter didn't work with my galaxy s4 but works perfectly with my galaxy tab 10.1 and as I'm using a samsung tv I can use the remote to control it bonus!.
perfect, quality product and works great
tried other cheap mhl to hdmi cables from the usual online shopping websites such as amazon, ebay and all say they will work with the galaxy s3 but none seem to work correctly, either flicker or doesn't even recognise it, the pin configuration is different on the galaxy phones so only an original samsumg product can guarantee satisfaction, and this product from mobilefun does exactly that, now watching movies straight from my phone onto my flatscreen tv with no loss of picture quality. would definetly recommend, don't bother with inferior rubbish and by original, it will pay for itself in the end.
Does the job perfectly
Feel sturdy works perfectly with my S3. I can connect my phone to the TV and it mirrors the picture in perfect quality. I can stream Movies without any loss of speed and quality. So simple to use and to connect. Really happy with the product and i'm glad I brought the original rather than the knock off
Very good product. does exactly what it says. Only downside is that content meant for a small mobile screen is stretched to fit the large television screen which reduces the picture quality but this is to be expected and is still very wacthable. The home screen looks great on the big screen so does the games. No setup needed. Delivery was also very good.
Works brilliantly
Having an "old" flat screen TV, I have HDMI, but no direct internet access; using this to connect my phone to the TV works really well.
Received this item in perfect condition,it was all packaged and glad to say it works perfectly,would have no hesitation in doing business with this firm again.
solved the problem
connected this device between my phone and the hdmi socket on my old hd ready tv, and was able to watch bt sport, which i subscribe to, on the tv immediately. it automatically displayed the picture full screen. previously i had to connect my laptop to the tv which was a pain. this is so easy.
Does exactly what it says it does
I was looking for a genuine company that was selling genuine products and MobileFun are them.
Anyone wanting to watch catch up tv or use their tv as the screen for their note 2, this devise does it. Watch the video, it is as easy as that. My tv is 6 yrs old but does have an hdmi port. If your tv does not bring the picture up instantly, just press one of the colour buttons to bring up the correct hdmi port you have put your devise in and the image will be there, including sound.
Definitely worth spending the extra on genuine Samsung accessories
Perfect if, like me, you don't want to keep taking your phablet out of its protective case to plug it into a docking station.
Unlike an unbranded version that didn't work - this Samsung adapter really is plug'n'play. Don't forget you'll also need an HDMI cable!
Why wont it work
followed instructions but unable to get picture on tv comes up no signal resigned to watching sky sports on mobile phone forever not a happy bunny
amazing product!!!
This item is something else the quality is excellent ive had others but this is by far the best. Ive had a few things from here now and never been disappointed! Only gonna shop with these now!
Just make sure you order the right version...
Previous posters have quite correctly praised this high quality, effective and inexpensive piece of kit, so I'll just leave it at that.
Super a bargain !!
This adapter works perfect on my 46 " Panasonic plasma HD-screen.
Now I can watch videos, pictures and steam films on my TV in a perfect HD quality.
And the price ??
A bargain.
The delivery time to Denmark was 4 work days.
Super as always from Mobile-Fun not my first and certainly not my last purchase.
works like a treat 5*
Mhl adapter works fantastic. Very quick response/delivery from mobile fun highly recommended 5* & a+
just what I needed
fast delivery grate bit of kit and this one works well.mobile fun is the best...
Just do it
I got exactly what I paid for and in a timely fashion. The price was good too. Enough said!
Great accessory
It works just fine. iplayer output is excellent (as good as our 2mb connection will allow!) Definition on apps such as Chronica is awesome. Now my wife wants to use it but she is angry because she has an S2 and has to buy one of her own. "Why is that", she says,"why won't the same cable work with both phones?" I tell he it's progress and stuff changes. It's like inventing the petrol-motor-driven stagecoach and then wondering where the horses are going to go. (What is the answer?!!) PS It wont work with my surround sound.
Flickering and No sound
100's of people plagued with problems with these including me! but oddly nobody here.

Ok I have discovered the flickering and intermittent output is due to poor quality HDMI cables. These are the thin cables that have poor shielding resulting in either interference or crosstalk. To test cables bend them in the fingers of one hand, the low quality ones are more flexible compared to the more rigid higher quality ones.
Your probably be more restricted on length with low quality HDMI cable.

Ignore suggestions that your charger or PSU is not outputting enough current or your TV is not 1080P and only 720.

I still haven't managed to work out why their is no sound output though.

Their is some talk of their being 5pin and 11pin MHL versions but i am unable to see how many pins their are in my plug. It is a 2012 version and appears to be genuine Samsung.
The MHL plug is very sloppy fit in my S3 though.
...and it also makes phone calls!
Very happy with this product, the Galaxy S3 is already such an amazing smartphone, but with this adapter it raises the bar once again. It plays 1080p HD movies flawlessly. Add a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and you can turn the phone into a full blown PC and surf the net on a 50 inch screen. Watching movies on your phone, playing Youtube videos, showing your friends some funny sites, it's all easy.

Do bear in mind you have to have the charger connected to it, this can make handling the phone a bit cumbersome, but this minor inconvenience is worth being able to connect any screen to your phone. Well worth the money.
Samsung galaxy s3 hd product transfer
The only product suitable for the galaxy s3 phone. I used it on a 32inch telly and it is brilliant to transfer films from phone to telly. I am impressed very well with it.
It works!!!
I bought a generic MHL adapter from maplins but it didn't work...u need an 11 pin one on the note2 & the s3. I bought this one after speaking to the mobile fun guy over the phone & researched what he said. Guess what... it works!!!
Works fine :) Its genuine hardware Thanks mobilefun
Great Job ... It works great

Im waiting for the OTG cable as well... hope that mobilefun can get the genuine too...
Sleek and functional
I've seen 3rd party MHL adapters before, which tended to have the power socket at 90 degrees to the other cables, making life difficult if you want to hide the adapter away, this has the power socket next to the HDMI out, so runs nice and unobtrusively along the cable. It's also quite small, which helps with discretion.

This is marked up as being the S3 version of the adapter and works perfectly for the Note II; I would be very dubious about 3rd party versions at the moment, a lot of sellers are flogging those which are not compatible with the S3/Note II pinouts.

The video and audio are fine and the product simply does what it says on the tin.
Hdmi adapter for noye2
Bought a cheap one felt crap and would not work, bought a genuine samsung adapter and you could feel the quality
It worked first time, I was streaming netflix from my note2 to my tv it works great,the only thing to remember is you will need a power adapter to connect to the adapter which no one says when buying this priduct
Great Product
Nice and small, works perfectly.
Shut up
Being over 40 this device is a revelation ~ combined with the BBC iPlayer or TVcatchup apps this is truly amazing, TV from a phone ... whatever next, (you'll be telling me you can use it to play games as well !!!)
I used this on my lg50pk350 tv and it works as expected. There is a little lag on the menu but videos plays fine, audio is in sync and subtitles work fine too. I've tried a few games and they seem to work okay aswel although with a wire attached I didn't feel like it was comfortable to play games on the telly for an extended period, I suppose this is where the all share cast dongle would be better or perhaps rooting the phone and using a ps3 pad. The lead and my standard charger that came with the phone in combination tend to keep the phone level charge at a steady percentage, I don't know what effect this would have on the battery health again perhaps the the dongle would be better, allowing the battery to run out. my telly is 1080p 50inch plasma and it worked as expected, I did try it on an old Sony bravia 720p 42inch led (I think) and it surprisingly worked, the only issue I had was the aspect ratio. All in all a good product but I think I would prefer the dongle because the wires are a bit to much clutter to be anything other than an occasional use item.
Exceeded Expectations
The Samsung Galaxy S3 hdmi adapter arrived in under 24 hours from time of order, and is everything, and more, than I expected. My photos and videos taken on the phone's camera look stunning on my HDTV and streaming video from Netflix is really great. Well worth the money and highly recommended.
Must have accessory for Galaxy S3
I bought this device back in June and have used it constantly to watch movies and video content from my S3 directly to my HD TV. Easy to use and excellent HD picture. No need for media box any more.

just what i needed
Very fast delivery and works like a charm with my Sony tv.do what really says.
just what i needed
Very fast delivery an works like a charm!!! Fits very well in my car.I recommend this car charger!!!
Great product and shipping service
I was vedry satisfied with the product and the shipping. No issues whatever. Would shop again.
Fantastic connection to HDTV
Now you have a use for those visualizer apps in the Play Store and can view the resulting graphics on your HDTV!

This handy device allows you to connect to a HDTV with a standard HDMI cable. Anything on the phone (including the home screens are displayed. Best used in a landscape or horizontal position, the GS3's will shift the bottom tray's icon's to the right side and the bottom row of icons to the left. Audio is also output along with the HDMI signal.

Anything on the screen is displayed, so if you're watching YouTube or your own videos in HD, you'll get to seem them on your 'big' screen. If you don't have fully compatible HDTV or other streaming device for the built-in DLNA player or AllShare function, this is a much faster working way to watch. I like it! (And you can slowly charge at the same time, power adapter MUST be connected when using.)
Does what it says on the box
No other adapter works with the S3, this product does exactly as described, only issue is a slight drop in picture quality when watching video,other than that excellent product at a great price.
Does exactly what it says on the Tin
Well pleased with it. Great for streaming movies from netflix, lovefilm or Catch up TV...etc.
The Picture is as good as streaming from any laptop or desktop PC.
Also good for playing music.
I just plugged in and play with no problems at all.
Well worth the buy.
Also..yet again the service from Mobile fun was excellent..ordered on Tuesday and received wednesday morning, can't ask better than that!
Perfect companion
Wow !!! just got this today plugged into tv figured out you need to power it ... dead easy just plug your charger cable into usb on tv or dvd player or pop your charger into a plug socket .... played a movie clip and the output is stunning even old music clips from the 50's look top class, i'm totally amazed grab one for your sammy now and don't chance those dodgy cables on ebay ...
It's a great add on, you can view what's on you phone to your tv. and I use to watch a movie from Netflix on my tv. It's a easy as 1 2 3
Great product & simple to use
Simple plug and play to output your content to any HDMI display. Image quality is excellent as is the sound. Use it to view video with no restrictions, unlike the I phone!

Play games on a big screen using your phone as the controller. Asphalt 6 is awesome.

Usual great service from Mobile Fun. Arrived next day. :-)
BODY GLOVE Protective Cover prevents proper connection!
Samsung Galaxy S3 MHL HDTV Adapter - EPL-3FHUBEGSTD is a fabulous device once I got its cable properly and FULLY INSERTED into my Samsung SIII phone. All previous attempts had not worked for the simple reason that connection hole in the Protective Cover made by Body Glove was just enough too narrow to allow the adapter's connector to fully penetrate into the phone to make a proper connection! But I didn't realize it wasn't going in far enough since it seemed to have. So now I either have to cut open the hole to make it a smidgen wider or connect ONLY with the cover OFF. PLEASE PASS THIS ON... ESPECIALLY TO OTHER BODY GLOVE USERS.
mhl cable is amazing
This cable delivers an awesome display mirroring every aspect of the functions used on my mobile straight on to any tv with a hdmi port it's the the only cable that works with my Samsung s3 and the delivery of this product was second to none no hitches are all delivery was also quick thankyou mobile fun
works on the us galaxy s3
I was concerned that this device wouldn't work on the us version of the galaxy s3. It works as advertised
Samsung Galaxy S3 MHL HDTV Adapter
This is a great product and it is worth having, the quality is great. I use it to watch films and music videos on. You can fool people into thinking that you're watching a film from Sky movies HD channel.
There must be a power cable plugged in to HDTV Adapterbe to be able to watch what's showing on the phone.
The picture that is showing on the phone will be exactly as it will be showing on the TV, vertical or horizontal as the same as the phone is in.
Great unit
This is my first time using any sort of adapter to out put to my samsung full hd tv. the quality of the out put is great, I downloaded two movies to watch one HD and one SD, both looked great, the play back was super smooth, colours good and audio good.

I would recommened this product without reservation.
Perfect on an HD TV
The Samsung Galaxy S3 MHL HDTV adapter is a great companion to the S3. Giving clear output to the TV, I can now watch films, games, photos, indeed any screen content on my TV with crystal clarity.
Another unexpected feature is that when this device is plugged into the S3, the screens suddenly allow landscape and portrait mode where this does not normally occur.
I've also used this adapter with an Optoma DLP projector with excellent results.
Basically, if you want video out from your Galaxy S3, dont risk buying any other than the real Samsung one!.
Super quick delivery speed from Mobile Fun as well.

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