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Samsung Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Kit - 4300mAh - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 going for longer with this extended battery kit comprising of a 4300mAh battery and replacement back cover in black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 49655
$26.35 inc VAT
 3.8 stars from 13 customers

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This product last long
It last long so i can keep up with my emails. Talk for hours and play games.
Replacement for Faulty product
I bought this item to improve the time between battery charging and it definitely does that. The downside is that it makes the phone significantly thicker. The replacement back appears to be better made than the previous one I had. It is a glossy black and looks quite stylish. It remains to be seen whether the clips that hold the back on the phone break as the previous one did after less than a year.
Great battery
Love it. Last long when fully charged. Recommend to you.
Marginally better than the standard one
Expected my phone to last 2 days with this battery but it was only marginally better than the standard one
Good idea - but a bit rubbish
I bought this, after a bit of research, for a fading Samsung SIII battery. It lasts no longer than the old battery, no longer fits into my protective cover, and no longer fits into my SatNav holder. Just as well I didn't chuck the old battery out.
Having tired of less than 12 hrs battery life with the supplied (& second replacement) samsung battery, before replacing my phone, I thought for twenty quid I'd try this. Very impressed - now lasts for nearly 48 hrs on a charge with average use. Time will tell if this performance is for its lifetime but, so far, so good. Only adverse comment is, it now takes nearly 5 hours to charge from empty - not really a problem though given the super long life.
Very happy
it's great having a battery that lasts all day probably 2 days.
Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Kit
Enormous improvement. Even when new battery life was not great, and it had deteriorated over 2 years. Now it is far better than when new.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Kit - 4300mAh
The battery is OK, at least it lasts a whole day but the new back cover that came with it was of shocking quality. Its clips broke within about a minute when I tried to attach it even though I was being as gentle as possible
Certainly good for 24hrs. I doubt a 4300mAh battery would last 48hrs as reported on some websites. I set my to charge for a 3hr period at night.
many hours use
I am happy with this product because I get many hours of use from the battery without charging
Samsung Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Kit - 4300mAh - black
I was having real trouble with my old battery showing 60% charge and then falling over leaving me without a phone at the most awkward times. This new double power battery is a godsend. My phone now lasts for two whole days whilst I text, make calls, pick up e-mails and search the web. It is a little heavier and somewhat thicker than the original, but it comes with a new phone back which just fitted straight on to my phone and it has made me a very happy person.
glad to recieve my battery although i did'nt realise it was coming from G.B. until after i had ordered it but alas it beats getting it from the east coast of aussie which can take up to 28 day's for delivery what a joke about 3,000klm from my dwelling i could walk there and back twice in a month i am however pleased with your service and attitude to your customers maximum waiting time 2 weeks good effort from you and you staff pat them on the back for me looking forward to patronising your company in the future RICK BROWN FROM DOWN UNDER

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